There are a wealth of different team building events to choose from, from outdoor physical events to indoor business-led activities, so what benefit would you get from choosing a creative team building event?

In most cases, people tend to stick quite rigidly to their work roles, doing as they have been taught to do in the way that it has always been done.  Often however, these very same people probably feel that their work lives could be improved if they did things differently.

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The Big Picture

Having your team attend a creative team building event will help them to think more laterally, as well as logically, about their own roles. And will hopefully give them the confidence to try new things when back in their workplace.

Creative team building events allow people to think outside of the box and to draw upon their own and their colleagues’ creative skills. You don’t necessarily have to be able to paint, design or perform to be able to think creatively, but these type of team building activities will help open the door to new possibilities.

Because creative team building events are not generally business-led, the pressure is off to perform to a perceived level. Working together as a team, the creative team building events help people to see what can be achieved by working together and doing something completely new and different to their everyday roles, giving people the opportunity to showcase talents that would normally go unnoticed back in the office.

As well as raising team morale and motivation, a creative team building event has everyone on an equal footing which can help to dramatically break down any barriers between management levels or different departments.

Teams will still need to be able to effectively communicate and time manage to complete the tasks, but they will also be tapping into their own creative potential at the same time.

Teambuilding ideas

Creative team building events can uncover hidden talents and promote a channel of communication. We host our creative team building events in a relaxed environment that naturally encourages discussion, team work and creativity. Let’s take a look at three different creative team building events but look at our Creative Events page for more ideas or call us on 0800 083 1172 to speak to one of our creative team building experts or why not fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch within the hour.

Bake Off

Company Bake Off; Yes it’s a cooking event on the surface but as you’d expect, it’s different. Working as teams, your teams have to decide on a range of cakes to fulfil the Bake Off remit, which cookies will they make and how will they make them different? What will their showstopper be and will it win the judges over? Planning, communication and a huge amount of creativity are the ingredients for this superb event!

Apprentice style events UK

Team Apprentice: Still one of our most popular events when organisers contact us looking for creative team building events. The mixture of business links, along with fun and creativity always make Team Apprentice a positive and team bonding experience.

Creative team building events UK

Team Animation: The buzz of creativity that fills the room with Team Animation is immense. From planning their story board to modeling the characters out of plasticine, painting the backdrops and then directing the animation; all creative roles that have to be decided by the team. To bring the event to an uplifting conclusion we host the films with an Oscar style film showing – perfect!

Creative team building

Creative team building events that nurture confidence in creative thinking

So, how can you nurture creativity back in the workplace? We are all looking for ways to improve creativity in the workplace.  By improving upon this area people will be more fulfilled in their roles and the flow of ideas and initiatives will greatly increase, leading to better productivity and job satisfaction.

Here are some easy ways to increase creativity in your workplace.

Have a Buddy System for Roles

Most workplaces are quite fixed and rigid when it comes to who does what.  However, by job sharing and putting in place a buddy system, people will look upon things with a fresh pair of ideas and come up with new and interesting ways of doing aspects of the job that will increase productivity or make the job simpler and quicker.

Not only will buddying up roles enable people to start to think outside of the box and come up with new approaches to problems, it will also mean that your team learns new skills in the workplace, which is great for both them and the company as a whole.

Conference icebreaker for small groups

Brain Storming

Getting everyone in the team together to address any issues and come up with practical solutions is a great way to increase creativity.  Quite often the best ideas come from the most unexpected sources, so don’t overlook anyone because they haven’t worked in the team for very long or aren’t high up enough in the company.

Vary the places where you hold your team meetings.  A nice sunny day sat in a hot conference room isn’t going to stimulate creativity.  However, an outside meeting in the beer garden of a local pub (soft drinks only, obviously) may well provide the back drop needed to spark fresh ideas.

Fun Spy Catcher Event

Listen to People’s Ideas

The more you listen, the more people will be likely to approach you with ideas.  Having an open-door policy is crucial for the smooth running of most businesses, taking the time to really listen to people’s suggestions and ideas and try to take something from them even if you think they are unworkable will increase trust and make you seem more approachable, which in turn will lead to more creative thinking from your team.

Put Ideas into Practice

Unless there is a legal, safety or cost reason not to put a person’s idea into practice, allow the person a trial period to see if their idea can work.  Ask them to analyse and assess how the solution would work and hold a meeting at the end of the trial period to discuss whether the initiative should continue or needs any tweaking to succeed.

If an idea really does fall flat and doesn’t work, discuss what the pitfalls were and see if there is anyway the idea can be improved upon.

Allowing people to put their ideas into practice will increase your team’s problem solving skills, as well as improve communication and trust.

Dragons Den Team Building Event

Create a positive working environment

Having a happy and positive workplace is paramount to improving creativity.  When people genuinely love their jobs and are proud to work for the company they will be more involved and want to find creative solutions to problems.

Provide a bright and cheery working environment and space where people can get together and brain-storm ideas without feeling too formal and stuffy.

Reward creativity

Take the time to reward anyone who shows creativity and innovation within their role.   Publicly acknowledging a member of the team’s good idea will help to spur others on to get their creative juices flowing as well.

Rewards needn’t be expensive or grand gestures, quite often a small token of appreciation or an ‘employee of the month’ award will be enough to encourage people to start thinking outside of the box.

cooking team events

Go on a creative team building event

By sending your team on a creative team building event you will be aiding them to focus on bringing out their creative side in a neutral and fun environment.  Having to think on the spot and come up with practical and novel solutions to problems they meet on the way, a team building event will help to bring everyone together and work as a team to achieve the set goals.

There are many different creative team building events so, whether you choose a business-based team building event such as Team Apprentice or a fun designed based team building event such as Catwalk Challenge, you can be sure your team will have a great day whilst honing vital workplace skills.

Call our creative team of event experts on 0800 083 1172 or fill in our contact form and we’ll contact you at a time to suit your business.

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