It is that time of year again. Many corporations and organizations are looking to getting outside with their personnel for team bonding activities, games, and retreats. The long winter is giving way and the push to do something fun is on. Most business professionals agree that good team building is a vital element of a productive company. However, there are those leaders that do not have a high opinion of team building and bonding. What these leaders do not understand are the many benefits that a properly functioning team can provide.

Benefits of Team Bonding Activities

Like any type of training, whether it be personal exercise, athletic training or training in the arts, business can benefit a great deal through team bonding activities. Here is a description of just some of these benefits.

1. – Goals and accomplishments are often met on a more consistent basis through teams and the way that they can work together. The reason for this is found through the dynamics of teamwork and team bonding. As people engage through a common goal they naturally begin relying on each other and filling in the gaps as far as skills are concerned.

2. – There is great support found within a team. Team members and leaders work together as they know that they are all working for the same goal. No longer is there a focus on individual recognition, but team members can celebrate together for the work they have done.

3. – When problems arise in projects, team members are able to rely on each other, communicate, and solve problems much faster through collaboration than through individual thinking. Because of this there is a lot less failure as people are no longer forcing ideas, but working through them.

4. – Through team bonding activities the members are able to not only bond relationally, but they are able to have fun creating, solving, and competing. Because of this fun motivation is at a high level. In this motivation, members are inspired to achieve goals and maintain high levels of productivity. This motivation tends to be infectious and filters through the team, encouraging every member to perform to maintain the standard.

Team bonding activities lead to many different benefits that the organization can gain from. However, the actual members of the team benefit also through principles that can be transferred over to everyday life. Communication, solving problems, working with others, trusting decisions and other benefits can help both personnel and the organization succeed.

Games for team building are important for allowing teams to bond together and strengthen their working relationships. When these games are fun, creative, and outdoors these things are only multiplied. These games, while are a lot of fun and help people de-stress from a hectic workload, primarily serve to improve communication skills and allow for much better conversations between personnel, departments and regions.

Being a part of a team is important on many levels. However, this does not mean that the process of becoming a team has to be tedious, boring and bland. Games for team building should be a combination of fun with a big mix of creativity thrown in.

Fun and Creative Games for Team Building

There are plenty of great games ideas floating around on the internet. Our favorites include the creative, the fun, and the memorable.

1. It’s A Knockout, Total Team Wipeout – The excitement that an It’s a Knockout total wipeout team building event creates is huge! You’ll be competing in teams and tackling inflatable obstacles – with a huge dose of water and foam – racing to be the fastest team. You will find that the teams are left on a high and the company spirit is taken back into the work place after the event.

2. Knights Unite – Whisk your team back to medieval times with Knights Unite! This is a fantastic team focused multi activity event that see’s your teams taking part in some fun activities that test communication, creativity and team work. Teams will build their own castles, construct a real suit of armour, take part in a space hopper jousting competition, design a team flag and other team focused tasks. Sounds like the perfect games for team building.

3. Spooks
– There are times when creative outdoor games for team building can be more intellectual than physical. Cracking safe codes, reading invisible messages, making contact with undercover agents, recreating photo fits, Spooks is an exciting, highly interactive, fast paced team building event. Guaranteed to intrigue and excite your team, this challenging MI4 secret agent themed event will really put your teams through their paces!

4. The Great Adventure – Want something that includes checking out the sights and sounds of the city? The Great Adventure is very much a team focused event, your teams will have to communicate, prioritize, work as a team and be resourceful to pass through passport control and become the group that has visited the most countries.

Read more about games for team building.

Tailored to your company each team receives a personalised world guide and passport to complete, some holiday clothes and a camera for their holiday photos. It’s not as easy as just visiting the country though, each team is asked to take a holiday snap, pick up a souvenir and answer destination questions.

As you can see there are plenty of great games for team building that are fun and creative. Everything from sports to intellectual to solving problems to just enjoying the sights and sounds. Give your organization a boost in morale and build stronger bonds through relationships by using these or any other team building games at Accolade Corporate Events.

Team building events and corporate games are those moments in the life of an organization where the workforce can learn essential skills for success. The business world today is highly competitive and the need for team training through different games and activities will help to raise essential skills to higher levels.

At Accolade Corporate Events our corporate games are created with these essential skills in mind. From large outdoor team building games to fun game show type events, your employees are learning valuable business and leadership skills.

Corporate Games Improve Communication

Communications between team members and other corporate divisions is the utmost importance. Learning how to speak to others, how to listen to what is being said are valuable skills that make the difference between goals being reached and keeping happy customers. Good communication leads to much better trust between all principles involved as well as faster innovation and problem solving.

Corporate Games Improve Time Management

Many of the games and team building activities that Accolade puts your teams through are timed or have some sort of time limit imposed on them. This means that the participants must learn how to prioritize and work with that time they have. Transferring into the office, good time management skills learned through the games leads to less stress and better overall production.

Corporate Games Improve Problem Solving

On any given day there can be a myriad of different problems that can come up. Problems with manufacturing, a problem with a product line, a problem with distribution or delivering of a product are just a few of the critical events that can be a part of a typical day. Team building games that focus on problem solving is a great way to instill brainstorming and critical thinking skills to work logically, and quickly, through routine or unexpected problems.

Looking out over the corporate battlefield today you can see that there is a lot to lose if left behind. Corporate games are a tool that must be used to lead teams through the training needed to improve, and heighten, essential business skills. As your teams learn communication, time management and problem solving skills they are also becoming more productive and committed to overall corporate goals.

Perhaps you have heard that team building and team activities are important for the future of your corporation or organization. This new business trend has been sweeping the world for the last 20 years, but has recently begun to enjoy a new rebirth as companies like Facebook, Google and Apple dominate the headlines. Teams are thus brought to the forefront as they are proven to be an important part of their overall success.

In fact, Steve Jobs has said about teams, “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.”

Creating opportunity, space and freedom within team activities and other organizational building events and tools is something that every corporation should invest in.


Why are team activities, corporate team building events or weekend retreats of racing go-carts, Survivor type events or running through watery obstacles so important to success?

Team Activities for Success

The answer to that question is three-fold. There are three important foundational skills that every business – successful business – are built on. These three skills are often taught in colleges and institutes of higher learning, but when put into practice – through engagement and fun – the principles remain intact and established within the person’s mindset.

Whether through large outdoor games, conferences with game show energisers or themed events for Christmas or other holidays, team activities play a major role in corporate success.

1. Personal and Corporate Communication – This is a skill that can be taught but not successfully implemented. The reason is because as much as we like to put labels on skills like communication, there are still humans that have to exercise these skills. Team activities put humans into a position where they must communicate, but not in an overwhelming or intimidating way.

This one skill can transform a failing corporation into a successful one – or on its way to success – quickly. Through personal communications within the “team” environment comes the corporate communication through divisions and regions. This then trickles into the customer/organization relationship where communication is the priority and naturally exercised.

2. Leadership – Team activities and games are perfect for building leadership skills and helping emerging leaders step up. Through problems and challenges these leaders can learn – through practical, yet fun games – how to navigate a group to a successful solution. Again, leadership can be taught but the principles must be learned through practice.

3. Creativity – Innovation is the sustaining life source of any organization. For those who continue to push the envelope and develop new ways to do things and new products to enlighten everyday life, they become the known top brands. Names like Samsung, Google, Apple, BMW, 3M and a host of others are well known, and stay at the top of their sectors, because of the innovation they strive for. This innovation is multiplied when born through teamwork.

Team activities that are challenging, introduce problems and require a lot of critical thinking are those games that develop high capacity of creativity and innovation. Many games that use art, music, and dance are not only fun and engaging, but also develop creativity within the skill sets of the people involved.

Corporate success is more than just luck. While some CEO’s like to think that their charisma and will alone can move mountains within the corporate world, it is really all about teams and the way that they work together in communicating, leading and creating. Team activities are pivotal in corporate success today for these reasons.

Team building. It is being talked about by the most influential CEO’s in the world today. Team building is starting to become more prevalent as corporations strive to pull ahead of their competition and maintain success. Team building training is therefore not something to take lightly. In a world where attention is focused on making the client happy, businesses often forget about their most valued asset — the employees. Team building training and specially planned activities are not just for morale. These times are important for continued success and are too important not to do.

Team Building Training Motivates

It is important to realize that team building training is not just about fun and games. While this is the “means” of team building it is not the goal. Team leadership and team performance go hand in hand. Through challenging games, fun times of bonding, and reaching levels of success can motivate a workforce and instill a greater depth of confidence.

Team Building Training Breaks Barriers

Any workplace is bound to have personality conflicts and trust issues. That is the nature of human interactions. Through team building challenges and fun, interactive games, trust begins to build and interpersonal relationships reach new plateaus. In essence, the barriers that are put up begin to crumble down. Team building training is also important as far as leadership and employee go. By competing together through various games the leadership is seen as a colleague rather than an enemy.

Team Building Training Promotes Creativity

Innovation is the driving force of success. The tech sector is a great example. Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to try and “outdo” each other through new devices and new features. The force behind this is the innovative and creative flair of the employees. Team building games, problem solving challenges and high energy energisers during conferences can all contribute to improving, or learning, creativity.

Moving your organization ahead during economic ups and downs is made much easier through time of team building training and skill development. The benefits vastly outweigh any of the investment.

Teambuilding ideas

Creative team building events can uncover hidden talents and promote a channel of communication. We host our creative team building events in a relaxed environment that naturally encourages discussion, team work and creativity. Let’s take a look at three different creative team building events but look at our Creative Events page for more ideas or call us on 0800 083 1172 to speak to one of our creative team building experts or why not fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch within the hour.

Bake Off

Company Bake Off; Yes it’s a cooking event on the surface but as you’d expect, it’s different. Working as teams, your teams have to decide on a range of cakes to fulfil the Bake Off remit, which cookies will they make and how will they make them different? What will their showstopper be and will it win the judges over? Planning, communication and a huge amount of creativity are the ingredients for this superb event!

Apprentice style events UK

Team Apprentice: Still one of our most popular events when organisers contact us looking for creative team building events. The mixture of business links, along with fun and creativity always make Team Apprentice a positive and team bonding experience.

Creative team building events UK

Team Animation: The buzz of creativity that fills the room with Team Animation is immense. From planning their story board to modeling the characters out of plasticine, painting the backdrops and then directing the animation; all creative roles that have to be decided by the team. To bring the event to an uplifting conclusion we host the films with an Oscar style film showing – perfect!

Creative team building

Creative team building events that nurture confidence in creative thinking

So, how can you nurture creativity back in the workplace? We are all looking for ways to improve creativity in the workplace.  By improving upon this area people will be more fulfilled in their roles and the flow of ideas and initiatives will greatly increase, leading to better productivity and job satisfaction.

Here are some easy ways to increase creativity in your workplace.

Have a Buddy System for Roles

Most workplaces are quite fixed and rigid when it comes to who does what.  However, by job sharing and putting in place a buddy system, people will look upon things with a fresh pair of ideas and come up with new and interesting ways of doing aspects of the job that will increase productivity or make the job simpler and quicker.

Not only will buddying up roles enable people to start to think outside of the box and come up with new approaches to problems, it will also mean that your team learns new skills in the workplace, which is great for both them and the company as a whole.

Conference icebreaker for small groups

Brain Storming

Getting everyone in the team together to address any issues and come up with practical solutions is a great way to increase creativity.  Quite often the best ideas come from the most unexpected sources, so don’t overlook anyone because they haven’t worked in the team for very long or aren’t high up enough in the company.

Vary the places where you hold your team meetings.  A nice sunny day sat in a hot conference room isn’t going to stimulate creativity.  However, an outside meeting in the beer garden of a local pub (soft drinks only, obviously) may well provide the back drop needed to spark fresh ideas.

Fun Spy Catcher Event

Listen to People’s Ideas

The more you listen, the more people will be likely to approach you with ideas.  Having an open-door policy is crucial for the smooth running of most businesses, taking the time to really listen to people’s suggestions and ideas and try to take something from them even if you think they are unworkable will increase trust and make you seem more approachable, which in turn will lead to more creative thinking from your team.

Put Ideas into Practice

Unless there is a legal, safety or cost reason not to put a person’s idea into practice, allow the person a trial period to see if their idea can work.  Ask them to analyse and assess how the solution would work and hold a meeting at the end of the trial period to discuss whether the initiative should continue or needs any tweaking to succeed.

If an idea really does fall flat and doesn’t work, discuss what the pitfalls were and see if there is anyway the idea can be improved upon.

Allowing people to put their ideas into practice will increase your team’s problem solving skills, as well as improve communication and trust.

Dragons Den Team Building Event

Create a positive working environment

Having a happy and positive workplace is paramount to improving creativity.  When people genuinely love their jobs and are proud to work for the company they will be more involved and want to find creative solutions to problems.

Provide a bright and cheery working environment and space where people can get together and brain-storm ideas without feeling too formal and stuffy.

Reward creativity

Take the time to reward anyone who shows creativity and innovation within their role.   Publicly acknowledging a member of the team’s good idea will help to spur others on to get their creative juices flowing as well.

Rewards needn’t be expensive or grand gestures, quite often a small token of appreciation or an ‘employee of the month’ award will be enough to encourage people to start thinking outside of the box.

cooking team events

Go on a creative team building event

By sending your team on a creative team building event you will be aiding them to focus on bringing out their creative side in a neutral and fun environment.  Having to think on the spot and come up with practical and novel solutions to problems they meet on the way, a team building event will help to bring everyone together and work as a team to achieve the set goals.

There are many different creative team building events so, whether you choose a business-based team building event such as Team Apprentice or a fun designed based team building event such as Catwalk Challenge, you can be sure your team will have a great day whilst honing vital workplace skills.

Call our creative team of event experts on 0800 083 1172 or fill in our contact form and we’ll contact you at a time to suit your business.

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