Communication within the workplace is a fundamental building block to success. Paul Meyer, a leadership guru, has said that, “Communication–the human connection–is the key to personal and career success.” Within any organization good communication is a direct determinate of success. Fortunately, a business that is struggling with communication can improve upon it with some quick team building activities.

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Team building has been rising in prominence in the last five years as companies struggle within this new economic world. As giants in tech continue to set the pace for innovation smaller companies have to climb their way through the trail already set. Of course, tech sector continues to skyrocket with each new quarter. What about other areas? What about medical, education, mechanical services or retail? There are superstars in each of these sectors too. Brand names that are household terms. Some are even verbs for what we do. The key to all this success in all of these areas is team building and team challenges.

Quick Team Building Activities Lead to Better Communication

In order to use this “key”, as Meyer puts it, to personal and career success you must first learn how. There are plenty of great team building games that can be found online today. Many companies use these to some success. The problem is that without any specialized knowledge of what makes good communication, these games are just games.

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Stronger, more trusting, communication should be the goal. At Accolade Corporate Events we have many great quick team building activities that help to drastically improve and enhance communication within the workplace.

1. Investors Den – This quick game has been modeled after the popular game show, Dragons Den. In this team game, teams battle to gain investment from a panel of successful ‘venture capitalists.’ As teams, your group has to decide on the product, then develop it so it’s ready to present to the investors.

The beauty of Investors Den is that it can be either related specifically to your company or have a general business focus – whichever you choose; the results can often surprise you. Creativity, communication, time management, team work and presentation skills are all needed if your team is going to be successful in the den.

2. Deadline – This great communication game inspires the hidden reporter in us all. Deadline is a fun creative event in which teams compete to see which newspaper will make the first edition and which will go straight to chip paper!

The game consists of official press conferences which teams will have to piece information together about ‘celebrities’ that are in the area. The question is, can your teams track them down and can anyone get a scoop about them? Opportunities will be short lived and your teams need to be able to react fast!

3. Storytelling – Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling itself has a natural and organic ability to change attitudes and behaviour. With this quick team building activity your teams can harness the most powerful, most motivational and most cost effective communication tool available. Through the 90 minutes of this activity, teams harnesses the power of storytelling so their stories are the ones that are listened to and passed on to others.

Quick team building activities can be very powerful when used with a goal. To enhance and improve upon communications within your company, or organization, these team challenges are the tools needed.

Business leaders have come to realize the power, and the benefits, of team building exercises within the corporate world. At the same time, other organizations also benefit from the many ways that team building strengthens the bonds within the workforce or volunteers. Schools, hospitals, fire departments and churches have all practiced team building and realized healthy returns.

While team building exercises are great for the workplace, there are also many lessons that can be found that can be taken into everyday life. A heavy focus on communication, problem solving, and leadership are the hallmarks of team building exercises. These skills are essential to a strong corporation. However, the lessons learned while participating in a team building game, or event, are essential to life.

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Team Building Exercises Develop Life Lessons

Team building exercises are planned to be very similar to a changing work environment. There are many unknowns and risks involved as team members try to identify the correct answer or develop something from nothing. Here are a few key lessons participants discover about dealing with change and uncertainty that you can use to help develop within your own life as well.

1. Effective Planning for Life

Team building exercises are great for pulling a team together to strive for a common plan. However, this same principal is also a foundational aspect of family life. Having everyone share a common goal, or plan, will create a home environment of peace and generosity. As teams plan how to accomplish the goal, you can take this same concept into everyday life to plan as a family, or plan for retirement, or plan for reaching individual goals.

2. View Failures As Beneficial

A major obstacle to success – in life or business – is fear of failure. When failure is feared, it is avoided at all costs and kept secret when it occurs – only serving to harm the organization. There is a story about Thomas Edison that shows the importance of failure. A reporter once questioned Thomas Edison, “Mr. Edison, I heard you failed nearly a thousand times before inventing a light bulb that worked.” Edison replied, “I did not fail 1000 times. I learned 999 ways a light bulb will not work!”
When your team begins to view failure as a lesson, individuals can take that same lesson into their own life to try new things or have bigger ambitions.

3. Celebrate Successes

When a team completes various team building exercises they have a moment to celebrate. High fives, congratulations and hearty laughs are all common elements of success. The corporation then takes this on a higher level and celebrates major breakthroughs, financial stability and name recognition. This same lesson of celebrating successes – especially after a set of failures – is something that can also be done in life. Each milestone that is reached, every goal that is realized and special family moments are all successes that are celebration worthy.

If your corporation is utilising team building exercises as a way to build stronger teams, develop leaders and propel your organization to higher levels of achievement, also understand that these same games and activities can develop into life lessons. Employees and volunteers also benefit from team building exercises as much as the company does.

There are plenty of different indoor team building games that can be utilised to bring people together, form stronger relationships, improve many essential skills and inject a lot of energy and fun into corporate life. Everything from musical games, art events and races are included in team building events. However, some of the more popular team building games are those that are fashioned after game shows.

The biggest reason that games after television game shows is so popular is because they do not exclude anyone from participating. Everyone has a fair chance regardless of age or physical condition. Plus, the rules to play these types of indoor team building games are already mostly known by the participants.

Take Part in Game Show Through Indoor Team Building Games

Many people have had that thought that they could win at one of their favorite television game shows if they only had the chance. Your next team building event can give them that chance. Many different television quiz and games shows can be easily made into a team building game where everyone can participate.

Team Apprentice – You may be quite familiar with the hit show The Apprentice. The premise of the show runs teams through different business building tasks to see which one succeeds. Then, Donald Trump, the “executive” fires the one person who had difficulties. Team Apprentice puts a bit of a spin on this where the team is hired rather than fired. Series of team challenges, which focus on communications, problem solving and leadership, make this a full team game.

Your Song – The most popular type of show on television now deals with singing as a competition. Shows like The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent are wildly popular because of the opportunity to win at singing. Your Song is a great game that not only uses singing for team building, but takes the fear out of singing. Usually people are fearful about singing, but this team building event uses their fear to their advantage. This game grabs hold of opportunities in a hugely positive way and it shows that they can achieve spectacular results outside of the teams comfort zone.

Team Millionaire – The Hot Seat is calling out and a team will win. This Millionaire game show will inject healthy competition and include an entire team. The game is not just about the one person that sits in the hot seat, the entire group will be playing all of the time. Team Millionaire really is a winning formula, it’s a great show and yes, it’s our final answer. It gets even better when you start asking specific company questions.

Indoor team building games do not always have to be about food races and balloon art. There are plenty of great ways to have fun, energise a conference and lay a foundation of business skills that everyone benefits from.

Read how our corporate event ideas can enhance your next event. An event such as a dinner, retreat, or special holiday celebration can be meaningful, as well as productive times. During these events, however, there is some apprehension and tension within the attendees. This is typically attributed to stretching comfort zones and meeting new people. Incorporating special times of team building, fun, and engagement within the corporate event can bring some life to the event, was well as helping others unwind and de-stress.

As you take a look at the entire event, whether it is a dinner, rewards presentation or Christmas party, there are special moments where fun and engaging “games” and some terrific corporate event ideas, that can be used to break down barriers and pave the way for a much livelier time. During these times people get to know others and form stronger relationships. A large corporation can start to feel smaller as there is more familiarity among the employees and volunteers.


Start Corporate Event with Icebreakers

The beginning of a corporate event can be nerve wracking for anyone who is not use to large crowds. This is true of any corporation that has large functions and have 100 to 500 attendees all in one place. The beginning of the event is a perfect time to start with some easy, but fun, icebreaker type games. Games that are fashioned after popular game shows will draw more engagement as people are more familiar with the concepts.

Use Mid-Event Entertainment for Change of Pace

A corporate event is more than just a time to dress up or eat fancy foods. These times should be memorable moments where the attendees are able to take memories, shared experiences and valuable lessons with them. That does not mean that the dinner has to be team building event. However, some simple mid-event entertainment can instill simple concepts while having fun.

Game shows are always a great way to provide a fun change of pace that have both a participant and spectator characteristic. While not everyone is actually a part of the “game show” they are a part of the experience. Games like Team Millionaire and Company Fortunes are fun, lively, and have a “thinking” aspect to them that pulls audience and participant into the thrill of answering the question correctly.


After Dinner Games

Leaving a corporate event on a high note is something that is highly beneficial for everyone involved. Not only do people leave the event satisfied, they will be willing to attend more in the future. Simple games like the Casino Tables can be done after each course in the meal or at the end of a dinner. These games are fun little races that involve eating jello with chopsticks, spinning plates and other crazy, but fun, races. A great way to laugh and unwind after a dinner or conference that does not have to involve everyone.

During a major corporate event, there are specific times in which the organisation can use games, entertainment and a bit of craziness so attendees leave feeling more comfortable with the people they work with, stronger relational skills and great appreciation for the organisation as a whole.

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In today’s economic world, there is the need for stronger organizations that can navigate the stormy waters of business, continue to innovate, and be leaders within their industry. Weaker businesses tend to fall away and dissolve as the competition passes them by. The difference maker is team building. Through a weekly team building game, or quarterly team building events, many different skills can be improved upon which contribute to the overall success of the company.

But, how does one team building game, or a day of team building events, help?

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Benefits of a Team Building Game in Workplace

There are many different team challenges, games, and activities that can be used to give your organization the competitive edge in the marketplace. The key to team building success is not continually use a team building game within the work week in order to keep your teams moving forward.

A weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly schedule of having each division, department or region go through a team building game, or series of events will prove to be incredibly beneficial for the entire organization. Skills that were lacking will be strengthened and new ones will be learned. But, what skills can be learned through a team building game?

Communications – Every business is built on the solid foundation of the communication processes and relations of the individual employees and management. A team building game that emphasizes communication will develop this skill to a great degree.

Problem solving/Decision making – A great asset to any organization are teams that can independently solve problems and make decisions based on furthering the corporate agenda. Events that challenge the team members to make decisions with much great speed and clarity. Participating in problem solving games will help already established teams to break out of their usual moulds and develop their own business skills, often with very surprising and successful results.

Planning and Leading – Another great foundation to business is the way that leaders can develop and implement plans to meet goals. Through a team building game that focuses on maintaining clear goals, adapting for new requirements and being able to inspire others will help to develop existing leaders while grooming new ones.

Trust – While communications, and solving problems, and leadership skills are all very important to an organization’s success, trust binds them all together. An organization that struggles with trust within their different departments (teams) is one that will struggle in the marketplace. Team building games can help to develop trust, but they must be done on a consistent basis.

The benefits of just one team building game a week, or a day of team events every few months will not only develop these essential and foundational skills, but also create a much tighter bond between the workforce, the management and the customer.

Team build events encourage guests to get to know each other and break down barriers. In many cases this will not be enough to create a better team. There may be deep-rooted issues that need a more focused approach.

There are plenty of organizations that sign up for team building weekends and retreats in the hope that they will find the missing ingredient, or the “Holy Grail”, that will solve all of the problems within their workplace. While there is no special ingredient, team build events can help an organization rise above their current level and become leaders within their industry.

Common Problems Highlighted Through Team Build Events

One of the problems in thinking that team building is the perfect solution is that teams have problems too. Therefore, while team build events are not the “Holy Grail” of business solutions, they are the one aspect that highlights the weak areas that need to be worked on. Things like:

  • Ineffective team communications
  • Lack of experience within teams
  • No confidence in team members
  • Inefficient leadership

Most events that focus on team building incorporate many different activities that put these weaknesses into the forefront of desired goals. These events are even more powerful when run by outside personnel, or team building specialists, who can bring a more objective look into what weaknesses need to be addressed.

Practical Team Build Events

Weekend retreats, multi-day conferences, one day games, or simply an afternoon with different challenges can all be incorporated into a full team building calendar. Each of these have their place, but it is always best to choose/plan team build events that are based on weaknesses you want to tackle first.

Practical events, that address any weaknesses, can reap many more rewards than those that are built on popular game shows or “over the top” adventures. Using a series of short problems will allow a team to be observed a number of times. An experienced facilitator will be able to pick out problems and provide feedback to the team after the task.

Plan Events With Care

Efficient teams are not born, they are created through great attention to the different events in which they take part in, bond through, and achieve goals and solve problems. For this reason, the team build events that are planned must be done so with great care.

There are several things to think about that will lead to an overall successful event. They include:

  • Venue – The actual place where the event is held can create either a winning or depressed attitude.
  • Duration – How long the event takes places is a major factor, especially if people are not completing the tasks.
  • Challenge difficulty – Challenges that are best suited for young athletic types are not going to go well for middle-aged office workers. Keeping in mind the abilities of your teams, and challenging them slightly beyond that, is the best way to improve skills.
  • Focus on skills – The games are fun, but not the main focus of team build events. The facilitators should always keep in mind the goals set and skills needed to improve.

As you can guess, trying to do all of this in-house can be a bit overwhelming for any human resources department. This is the reason that companies, like Accolade Corporate Events, are a vital addition to any corporation. They have the expertise (maybe not a “Holy Grail”) to help move an organization in the right direction in order to accomplish goals and strengthen the weaknesses that are found.

There are plenty of businesses, organizations, and top corporations in the world today that consistently use team building weekends as a way to build the strength of their workforce. Whether it is beginning to scale a cliffe, repel from a high building, long weekend retreat where office mates work together to build a shelter or a group building a robot with just a few components team building weekends can be a powerful tool in your corporation’s toolbox.

Team Building Weekends Begin (and End) With Strong Leadership

Team building is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around from the beginning of time, we just didn’t call it by that name. This process can be easily defined as a time when co-workers come together to build communications, leadership and problem solving skills through the use of games and other challenging activities. The one problem that stands out within team building is not the activities themselves, but the follow through.

Strong leadership is needed for successful team building weekends. As the weekend winds down and employees make their way back to their homes – and subsequently into the office – the weekend is only thought of within memories, jokes or sharing of good times. The principles begin to fade away, unless there is a consistent following up of these principles within the work week. A leader should be working to maintain this “team” philosophy so that the skills learned are skills retained.


The biggest mistake that most leaders make after the team building weekends is failing to communicate after work resumes. The ability to share goals, enlist new thoughts, encourage others to think creatively, and praising these teams is the work of a strong leader who values team building. This type of communication brings people together and helps to reach a common goal.

Weekly Team Building

Team building weekends do not have to be the only time in which teams are worked on. Leaders should continue to build teamwork into the normal work flow of the week. For example, before starting a new project call a team conference in order to share, define and refine goals. Regular team meetings should be incorporated into the work day to share triumphs, area where the project is stuck and brainstorm for new ideas.

Recognize Achievements

Individuals like to be rewarded and recognized for their efforts. This recognition within a team does the same thing. These recognitions to not always need to be formal events, but simple “Well done” and “Great job!” can go along way to bringing together a more cohesive and energetic team.

Have Fun

As a part of most team building weekends there are a lot of fun moments when the members of a team can laugh, let loose and be themselves. This same concept should also continue to be a part of the work week through “fun” times together. Set aside a lunch time as a picnic, hold birthday parties for team members, give “secret” gifts at different times throughout the year. The amount of “fun” things a leader can develop is unlimited. The point is not to have large times or feel overwhelmed. Sometimes the most fun times are those that come about naturally through teams organically growing together.

Leadership is important to team building weekends. However, they are also important for the office environment too as the skills learned during the weekend need to be continually used, sharpened and improved.

Proactivity and hard passionate work are two of the amazing benefits of incorporating team building activities into the normal workflow of an organization. Through these team building activities, department managers and other leaders can help their respective teammates improve on their skills, work better together, and move towards common goals. This, of course, is not easily achieved in the general office space. For this reason, a “focus room” is the perfect solution.

Create a Focus Room For Team Building Activities

A focus room is a place where the unique personalities of each team member can come out because of the relaxing, non-threatening, comfortable setting. This is more than just using a break room when no one else is in the area. A focus room is a place designated, and dedicated, to team building activities, interpersonal relations, and critical thinking/problem solving skills.

The room should be large enough to groups of several different sizes in order to do different types of team building activities. These do not have to be “over the top” type activities, but simple games, or problems to be solved, for both small and large groups.

Benefits of Focus Room for Team Building

Team Spirit – There can be a strong case made that the same principles at play within a sports franchise are also those within the corporate world. One of those is team spirit. A winning team is always the team whose members love being a part of the franchise. Their spirit is high and kept high because of the stated goals and relationships. A focus room helps to build this team spirit as people are more relaxed and comfortable.

Define Roles – Through using a focus room within your organization, and consistent team building activities, team members have a great opportunity to work on, and know, their individual roles. Roles are essential to team building and team sustaining. Athletic teams all have positions where each player knows where they need to be, what they are to do in certain situations, and how to work within a common play. A focus room helps team members “focus” while they are working on these roles.

It was once said that the “whole is better than the individual”. That is quite a statement that shows the importance of consistent team building activities and a dedicated focus room. If your business does not have adequate space think outside the box for other venues such as restaurants during slow hours, vacant shops, or a weekly meeting in a home. The important thing is to begin using a focus room to see bigger improvements in skills and production.

The business world today can be best described at hyper-competitive. This competition is not just limited to companies, nor is it limited to the marketplace. One of the areas that many companies have a big problem is in the retention of good, qualified employees. This goes for corporations, hospitals, schools, and non-profits. The short term solution is to focus on team building and the different team building benefits within that philosophy. However, the long term solution requires people being happy.

One of the keys to keeping people within an organization is that they have to love what they are doing. They want to know, and like, the people they are working with, and they need to trust that the people they work with are doing the right thing for the company. They also like to be a part of the process. Through a team philosophy each member of the team has important skills that are used on a daily basis. They work hard to reach company goals, that they also feel are theirs.

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Keeping these people happy, therefore keeping the team happy, is how you realize the full range of team building benefits like stronger communications, emerging leadership skills, problem solving, and innovative creativity. But, how do you do that?

Realize Team Building Benefits Through Four “Happy” Thoughts

Keeping the members of a team happy is a matter of four very simple processes that anyone would want returned in their direction. In essence, they are normal human desires, but are often times missing within the corporate world.

1. Be Honest – If you want to realize the full string of team building benefits your leadership must be completely honest with their teams. Don’t pretend to be something that you are not and don’t lead people on in believing something that will never happen. Always have an open door policy and keep everyone in the loop.

2. Be Transparent – It is quite difficult to move a group of people towards an end goal if they do not know what that goal is. Each team member must be adequately supplied with the direction that the organization is heading and how they are helping achieve each of the different goals.

3. Be Accommodating – Workspace is a big issue when it comes to productivity. You can have the best team skills, but if the members of the team are not comfortable, productivity declines. Many companies enlist the individual team members to help with their workspace. Whether it is a cubicle desk, a standing desk or a small partitioned room finding what works propels a company more than it detracts.

4. Be Investing – Every company wants to enjoy the wide range of team building benefits, but there are those that do not show it in their investments. Investing within the team – through team building events, special corporate entertainment, special awards and recognition days and bonuses are all great ways to continually invest in your teams.

Keep your teams strong, and happy, while the company enjoys the many team building benefits through the use of these four simple keys. They do not require much more than simple communications, but they can lead to a much greater success.

When it comes to successfully competing in today’s fast paced world of business there is a tremendous need for companies to begin operating as teams working together for a common goal. Corporate team building is the means through which any corporation, school, hospital, church, or other organization can learn new skills, build up weaknesses and come together through the many benefits of team dynamics. However, not every team building event is a success.

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Corporate Team Building Must Be Owned by Teams

There are plenty of examples where a team building philosophy has been brought into a corporate structure and the concept was not well received. The reason, experts have opined, is the overall business culture of individual recognition and reward. Within a team concept that individuality is not as well-recognized.

The successful team building efforts all have one common factor that can be found in every instance. The teams involved took ownership of the philosophy and gave a concerted effort, within the individuals of the team, to succeed. This ownership leads to a more organic, naturally growing, and dynamic team environment where all persons involved improve upon skills.

Ownership is Through Leader Communication and Involvement

Leaders within the organization are all a part of teams themselves. For this reason they are the cheerleader, to use a sports analogy, for the corporation’s goals, desires and philosophy. Through their communication, interpersonal, and team building skills, the corporate team building goal thrives.

For better interactions in teams, leaders must be deeply involved within the team life. Through this deep interaction and participation, the leader can then make recommendations on what corporate team building activities, events, or games can be used to meet any deficiencies in communications, problem solving, critical thinking, or relations.

It doesn’t matter if your company is staffed by 5 or 500, a corporate team building mindset, that is owned by the individual team members, can/does supply the tools necessary for company’s to achieve continued and sustained success.

There is no question that team building is a very powerful tool that a company can use to help them continue to grow and innovate even in the worst economic climates. As great as the philosophy of team building is, there are companies that have a hard time implementing it. The most limiting factor to the success of many team building efforts on the part of companies today is not whether they should focus on outdoor or indoor team building activities, but rather understanding which is the best approach for your personnel.

There is a great deal of emphasis on large corporate team building activities where the employees go away on a multi-day retreat. While these are great to begin a team building philosophy within a corporate entity, there is also the need for ongoing team building activities within the weekly work routine.

Adding in weekly team building activities throughout the regular work week has tremendous results in many areas for continued corporate success. The many benefits to these weekly activities vastly outweigh any type of negatives that may result.

Common Goals

Team building activities are great for getting the entire company traveling towards the same goals. The company as a whole is much more productive when everyone knows that needs to be accomplished and works together to achieve it. Incorporating quick team building activities will continue to build this type of cohesion.


Weekly team building games and events within the office environment is great for building long lasting trust. Through trusting each member of a team to do their respective jobs and perform at their best companies can get the best effort of everyone.


Problem solving challenges are a part of many team building activities and should be a part of the normal life of an office. Through working together on quick challenges the team members begin to think more creatively in solving problems and brainstorming.


A well done corporate wide team building philosophy involves rewards and recognition of excellent teams. The individuals within the team have great pride in the work that they can accomplish and are motivated by being recognized for it. This motivation is then transferred into their work and their personal lives.

Team building activities do not have to be big elaborate retreats and conferences. They can be simple weekly opportunities to work together on a project, solve a problem, or play some games for a more cohesive team. These activities can take up to an hour or three depending on what you want to devote to them. The point is to adopt team building as a part of corporate life rather than just a major event each year.

Twitter is one of those corporations that have changed the rules of news, communications, and the way that people live. Last year, the social media giant went public and the spotlight has been shining on them ever since. That spotlight has revealed several team building benefits through a recent award given to the CEO, Dick Costolo.

During the 7th Annual Crunchie Awards, held in San Francisco this past week, Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, was given the “CEO of the Year” award. This is a great achievement for the social media leader as the company just went into the public sector a few months prior to that. What is of great significance in this award is that Costolo did not take the credit for himself as the leader of the company, but said that the award is actually a “team award.” He also went on to say, “it’s the people inside the company that make the company what it is, and I certainly wouldn’t be here without them.”

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