Outdoor teambuilding

Motivation is an important element for any business. If a team isn’t motivated, then they will just plod along doing the bare minimum and clock watch until it’s time to go home. Ultimately, unmotivated people will be unhappy in their work and be much more likely to leave.

Conversely a motivated team go above and beyond their job description. They want to succeed and strive to be the best they can. They enjoy their jobs immensely and have great pride in what they do. However, all teams could use a little help from time to time to improve motivation. Whilst individuals may well be motivated, often team motivation needs a helping hand. Ideas for team building which focus on team spirit and working together towards a shared goal will help to motivate any team.

The best types of team building events for motivation should be enjoyable and fun. Importantly, they should be something that everyone in the team will be capable of and whilst challenged, not be so far out of their comfort zone that they participate in under duress.

Team Apprentice

Business-related team building events such as Team Apprentice or Investors Den help teams to hone vital work related skills as well as pull together to achieve the set task.

Motivational ideas for team building

Investors Den

Treasure hunts are fun and fast paced and require all team members to put their all into the event to be the winning team.

However, ideas for team building to improve motivation don’t need to be business related. Sometimes a little frivolity and silliness is just the ticket to get everyone motivated and increase team spirits. Our range of inflatable outdoor team building events offer a chance for everyone to get outside, race around like loons and embrace their inner child – perfect for raising motivation!

Outdoor teambuilding activity

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When it comes to team building activities that focus on selling, we emphasis that it isn’t just the end product you need to be able to sell, but also the team behind the product.  With this in mind, we’ve come up with our top three sales team building activities that will help to inspire confidence and creative thinking, as well as encouraging team spirit and working together to win the sale.

Team Apprentice Manufacturing Task

Can your team find a niche in the market and, more importantly, get people to buy it? Testing all the vital business skills, this sales team building activity will need everyone to pull their weight and bring their A-game if they are to succeed and outsell the other teams.

Cereals Wars

Will your team of people be able to put Mr Kelloggs and Mr Quakers on the back heel?  Marketing a brand new cereal, your team will be challenged on creative thinking, communication, presentation skills and of course, selling.  Coming up with new, ingenious ideas is the name of the game, as well as creating a delicious new breakfast.

Investors Den

Selling not just your product, but your whole company – that is what’s required if you want to succeed in the Investors Den.  Pitching their idea in front of genuine industry experts and venture capitalists, your team will need to ensure they have all their facts and figures on point and everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

Your team will need to master selling, communication, presenting and the ability to think on your feet if they want to impress and get the backing they want.