When a client approached us needing help finding a venue for a two night stay for 300 people for an anniversary family celebration, we jumped at the chance to use our expertise! They also wanted us to help them with a little outdoor team building which was also a lot of fun for all involved. We suggested many different options to them and it was decided that our It’s a Knockout Total Wipeout style event would be the ideal solution for them!

So the day came for the event and we arrived nice and early onsite – we always like to arrive within plenty of time so there is a stress free set up and we can snag any problems should they arrive. We unloaded the truck full of inflatables much to the delight of the guests that were gathering in eager anticipation.

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Everything was set up and it was time to start the show! With guests split into teams we set them off on a series of inflatable games. The excitement was high as they started competing, each one wanting to beat the other!

We warmed the teams up on the dry inflatable games, this is a very physical activity, so you have to be careful with people, you don’t want to start with the wet games straight away because people can get cold and tired, luckily as you can see from the photos this was a glorious day!

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The scores were kept top secret throughout the whole event, which ensured that teams gave it their all right the way through to the end but with the final game completed it was time for our compare to announce the winning team. The tension was high as the scored were announced in reverse order and when the winning team was announced they went berserk! What a great event! Our client was delighted and said everyone was talking about it and saying what a brilliant time they had had!

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If you’d like more information on how to host the perfect outdoor team building event then please fill in our contact us form and we’ll call you straight back or give the Accolade team a call on 0800 083 1172.


Corporate Days Out are a great way to revitalise and rejuvenate your team or renew and strengthen your relationship with your clients. Whatever your reason for organising a corporate day out, you can be certain that we can help you – why not fill in our quick contact form and we’ll call you back within an hour.

Take a look at our five most popular events for Corporate Days Out.

Corporate days out ideas

Total Wipeout is always a popular summer team event. There’s nothing more invigorating than bouncing your way over the inflatable games and of course getting a good soaking from all of the foam. Always popular and always producing lots of laughter and a huge surge of team spirit.

Company fun days

Company Fun Day’s reward not only your employees but their families too and is a fantastic day out. With fun and interactive activities available for the children and adults, this day out really does produce the feel good factor and enhances relationships with your employee’s families.

Treasure hunt corporate event

Treasure Hunts are a firm favourite and with the ability to host our treasure hunts virtually anywhere in the world, we’re pretty confident to say that we can definately write one for you. None of our treasure hunts are off the shelf, they are all written just for you and your company, so they are fresh, vibrant and of course, FUN!

Thriller energiser

Thriller, we are thrilled, excuse the pun, to host this fabulous Thriller dance event. We’ve hosted it all over the country in hotels, conference centre and even at Pineapple Studios. Learning the Thriller dance can be as short as an hour right up to a full day. Brilliant, you’ll find however, there’s a lot of zombie dancing going on when you’re back in the office.


Team Apprentice, still a firm favourite and when you think, you could host Team Apprentice anywhere in the UK, or if you fancy a little further afeild, how about completing a task in the Souk at Marrakech or racing around New York City – they’d be pretty cool destinations for your day out!

Case Study

We love Corporate Days Out and the great outdoors and even with the unpredictable great British weather, we always seem to be lucky with our events and so that’s why we were excited to host an outdoor Country Pursuits team building event for a client we know and love.

Crystal maze 3

Working with their team over many years has helped us have a real understanding of what makes their lovely team tick and what we can suggest to maximise their corporate days out events potential.

So, we helped them find a venue and decided on Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire as the perfect location to host the event. The day arrived and as usual there was an excited anticipation of what the group was going to be doing, so when we announced that they were going to be competing in laser clay shooting and archery, and then racing against each other in our exhilarating Honda Pilots and on Quad Bikes, the team were thrilled.


We split the group up into teams and rotated them around the different activities and everybody threw themselves into the competition with a sheer determination to be the winning team – there was also quite a bit of banter of who were the better drivers, the men or the women and we are not going to cast any judgements on that front!

Fun Corporate Days Out

Our experienced instructors ensured that everybody was safe and had full instruction so they could really attempt the challenges successfully and we discovered some surprising talents. Our Events Director Jane Chapman was overseeing the whole event, making sure the guests were happy, encouraging them and generally enjoying herself because the event was running so smoothly.


Then it was over to the results and to announce the winning team, the tension was high, there were groans from the unsuccessful teams but sheer delight from the winning team and they instantly won office bragging rights!

Feedback was terrific, with our client saying many said it was the best event that they had been on – they are definitely looking forward to the next one which is already booked but we can’t tell you what that is because it’s a secret but we are looking forward to more corporate days out with them!



If you’d like to find out more about our wonderful corporate days out, then why not give us a call. We’ve got a wide range of different activities to suit all types of people and personalities, so you can guarantee that there will be something for everyone.

If you’re trying to decide which summer team building event is right for your people, you may want to consider an outdoor active team building event.

Getting your team outdoors for some wet and inflatable fun could be just the thing to reignite some company passion and increase team morale.

Whilst there are occasions where business-led team building events are more useful and serve to improve vital skills required in any company, there is also a time for some fun and frolics without a serious agenda or trying to impress anyone.

Active team building is fantastic for building confidence, increasing trust and allowing everyone to let their hair down in a neutral setting, where for once rank and management level are not important.

This level playing field allows bridges to be built between colleagues and helps to break down any perceived barriers.  If you mix up the teams with people from different parts of the company, active team building events can help to improve working relationships between different departments.  If you choose to have departments form their own teams, then a little bit of healthy competition will add some spice to the occasion.

Choose from retro favourites such as It’s A Knockout or Battle of the Superstars, or take yourselves way back with our School Sports Day inspired active team building event.  Whichever event you choose you can be guaranteed that everyone will have a blast, and most will probably get rather wet!

To get even more out of your summer team building event, why not insist that everyone comes in fancy dress, or better still, link the occasion with a chance to raise money for your favourite charity.

The British summer is short and sweet so you need to act fast if you want your teams to participate in an outdoor team building event this year.

Whilst many of our outdoor team building event focus on improving vital workplace skills such as communication or creative thinking, we do also specialise in outdoor team building events which are there purely for fun.

Work life is serious, but we firmly believe that a team who can really let their hair down with each other and enjoy some silliness, will be a happier and more productive team.

We use giant inflatables for some of our team building events coupled with water and foam for an extremely high-spirited, fun day out.  With the emphasis firmly on laughter, your teams will get the chance to unleash their inner child and jump around with wild abandon.

Read more about outdoor team building.

Of course our inflatable outdoor team building events still have a competitive element, which adds to the occasion as the marketing department try their best to perform on some of our amazing courses and beat the finance gang.

Inflatable outdoor team building events are some of our most popular events for the summer, with employees relishing a day out of the workplace and into the sunshine.  They also make great events for family fun days, where employees can invite their partners and children and everyone can feel like one big family.

Outdoor team building with inflatables cannot fail to improve team spirits and morale, which will be taken back into the workplace the next day.  A superb way of really getting your people to bond and create a shared experience that will be talked about at the water cooler for months after the event.

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