When it comes to choosing the right team building tasks for your people, you need to know exactly what you want everyone to get out of the occasion. If the event is just for fun or a reward, then the actual team building tasks only matter in as far as everyone attending should enjoy them. But, if you want to concentrate on certain areas then different team building tasks will allow for this.


Most companies would like to improve communication between its employees. Good communication is at the heart of every business and without things would quickly disintegrate into chaos.

Almost all of our structured team building events rely on communication skills to achieve the set goals. But those where problem solving features highly are particularly good for this purpose.

Getting a team of people together to discuss the best way forwards and who would do best assigned to each role is paramount – get this wrong and the team loses the challenge.

Creative Thinking

Sometimes however, problem solving isn’t always logical. Thinking outside of the box and creative thinking are useful skills for anyone to have, regardless of what business they are in.

Creative team building tasks take people out of their comfort zones and get them to look at things in a whole new perspective. This can then be taken back into the workplace for people to come up with new and innovative ways of doing their own roles.

Trust and Confidence

Trust and confidence are vital elements of a good team. Without these two firmly in place, bitterness and resentment can quickly take hold. Music and dance themed team building tasks need people to be able to trust one another and have confidence not just in their own abilities, but that of the group in general.

Increasing the confidence of an individual by getting them to do something truly unique and different will help them to realise that anything is possible if you have your team behind you.

Team building events and corporate games are those moments in the life of an organization where the workforce can learn essential skills for success. The business world today is highly competitive and the need for team training through different games and activities will help to raise essential skills to higher levels.

At Accolade Corporate Events our corporate games are created with these essential skills in mind. From large outdoor team building games to fun game show type events, your employees are learning valuable business and leadership skills.

Corporate Games Improve Communication

Communications between team members and other corporate divisions is the utmost importance. Learning how to speak to others, how to listen to what is being said are valuable skills that make the difference between goals being reached and keeping happy customers. Good communication leads to much better trust between all principles involved as well as faster innovation and problem solving.

Corporate Games Improve Time Management

Many of the games and team building activities that Accolade puts your teams through are timed or have some sort of time limit imposed on them. This means that the participants must learn how to prioritize and work with that time they have. Transferring into the office, good time management skills learned through the games leads to less stress and better overall production.

Corporate Games Improve Problem Solving

On any given day there can be a myriad of different problems that can come up. Problems with manufacturing, a problem with a product line, a problem with distribution or delivering of a product are just a few of the critical events that can be a part of a typical day. Team building games that focus on problem solving is a great way to instill brainstorming and critical thinking skills to work logically, and quickly, through routine or unexpected problems.

Looking out over the corporate battlefield today you can see that there is a lot to lose if left behind. Corporate games are a tool that must be used to lead teams through the training needed to improve, and heighten, essential business skills. As your teams learn communication, time management and problem solving skills they are also becoming more productive and committed to overall corporate goals.

Sending your team to attend a team building event, means they can concentrate on areas which need improving upon. Our team building events focus on important key skills which are required in any type of business:


Communication is an area which can always be improved upon. Learning how to both be heard and listen effectively is a core skill which can only benefit an individual. Good communication leads to better trust and confidence within a team.

Read more about team building skills.

Time Management

A lot of our team building events are against the clock or a race against another team, so planning and effectively using your time is essential if you want to win. Good time management in the workplace leads to less stress and better productivity.

Creative Thinking

Focusing your team’s attention on being creative in a team building event will them to think more outside of the box when back in the workplace. Whilst not all roles within a company require people to be creative, it is incredibly useful to be able to visualise and look at things from different angles.

Problem Solving

Problem solving usually needs a combination of various skills, such as communication, creative thinking and time management to achieve set goals. Brainstorming, delegating and logical thinking are all required as well as be able to trust each other.

Leadership Skills

Because all of our team building events have everyone as an equal, this gives different people a chance to show off their leadership skills. Delegating, decision making and communication are key if you want to be the best leader possible.

In today’s business world, many of the thinkers and business leaders believe that team building, through team games, corporate retreats and fun-filled activities, is a vital element to productivity and longevity. There is no doubt that today’s economic climate is volatile at best. The ups and downs come in greater frequency with larger trends either way.

With that said, there are still those who shy away from incorporating a team building philosophy in their organizations because of the assumption that team games take away from productivity due to time loss. What these leaders fail to recognize is that a team that works better together, produces at a much more rapid – and innovative – pace.

Team Games Equals Better Productivity For 3 Major Reasons

As any professional sports team knows, good teamwork is the foundation for better seasons. It has been said that championships are built on defense. However, a close look at the great sports franchises in the last 100 years shows clearly that the team that works together celebrates the most. The same idea is found in the corporate world today. Team games play a major part of corporate success because of three major reasons.

1. Goal Setting and Accomplishing – Every successful championship team has set a series of goals that they wish to reach during the season. The same goes for every successful organization today. Goals are the rungs of a ladder that keep a company innovating and improving. Through team games, members learn the fundamentals – and put into practice – of reaching goals and how to pursue them. Contrast to this, individuals who are given a set of tasks often resist meeting the goal as there is no personal incentive. A team with the same tasks work together for the vested interest of each other and the company.

2. Problem Solving – Many team games that are used within team building events utilize a problem solving element. Because of this problem solving becomes far more effective as all the team members can offer ideas from their own expertise. Several people have said, “Two heads are better than one.” While this may be an old adage, it holds a lot of truth.

3. Disciplined Work Ethics – In traditional corporate structure has been around building the individual. Team building, on the other hand, focuses on the recognition of team achievement based on individual skills coming together for a collective goal. This team focus creates a better disciplined work ethic as more people hold each other accountable. This team discipline spills over into the other areas of corporate and persona life.

Team building, through team games and other team-based activities, is directly related to overall productivity and success within any organization. As teams come together, solidify with stronger bonds, communicate and relate to each other, the organization as a whole benefits. Team building and productivity go together seamlessly. Building strong teams means building a strong company.

Team build events encourage guests to get to know each other and break down barriers. In many cases this will not be enough to create a better team. There may be deep-rooted issues that need a more focused approach.

There are plenty of organizations that sign up for team building weekends and retreats in the hope that they will find the missing ingredient, or the “Holy Grail”, that will solve all of the problems within their workplace. While there is no special ingredient, team build events can help an organization rise above their current level and become leaders within their industry.

Common Problems Highlighted Through Team Build Events

One of the problems in thinking that team building is the perfect solution is that teams have problems too. Therefore, while team build events are not the “Holy Grail” of business solutions, they are the one aspect that highlights the weak areas that need to be worked on. Things like:

  • Ineffective team communications
  • Lack of experience within teams
  • No confidence in team members
  • Inefficient leadership

Most events that focus on team building incorporate many different activities that put these weaknesses into the forefront of desired goals. These events are even more powerful when run by outside personnel, or team building specialists, who can bring a more objective look into what weaknesses need to be addressed.

Practical Team Build Events

Weekend retreats, multi-day conferences, one day games, or simply an afternoon with different challenges can all be incorporated into a full team building calendar. Each of these have their place, but it is always best to choose/plan team build events that are based on weaknesses you want to tackle first.

Practical events, that address any weaknesses, can reap many more rewards than those that are built on popular game shows or “over the top” adventures. Using a series of short problems will allow a team to be observed a number of times. An experienced facilitator will be able to pick out problems and provide feedback to the team after the task.

Plan Events With Care

Efficient teams are not born, they are created through great attention to the different events in which they take part in, bond through, and achieve goals and solve problems. For this reason, the team build events that are planned must be done so with great care.

There are several things to think about that will lead to an overall successful event. They include:

  • Venue – The actual place where the event is held can create either a winning or depressed attitude.
  • Duration – How long the event takes places is a major factor, especially if people are not completing the tasks.
  • Challenge difficulty – Challenges that are best suited for young athletic types are not going to go well for middle-aged office workers. Keeping in mind the abilities of your teams, and challenging them slightly beyond that, is the best way to improve skills.
  • Focus on skills – The games are fun, but not the main focus of team build events. The facilitators should always keep in mind the goals set and skills needed to improve.

As you can guess, trying to do all of this in-house can be a bit overwhelming for any human resources department. This is the reason that companies, like Accolade Corporate Events, are a vital addition to any corporation. They have the expertise (maybe not a “Holy Grail”) to help move an organization in the right direction in order to accomplish goals and strengthen the weaknesses that are found.

The world of business is changing.

No longer can the major corporations continue to be world leaders on the charisma of the CEO alone. This was true a few short years ago as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt began dominating their respective sectors through their sheer will alone. However, through the changing climate another force has emerged to be the determining factor between success and failure; team building. More and more organizations are starting to implement corporate team building days into their yearly schedule in order to assess, improve, and create skills required in a teamwork atmosphere in order to maintain continuity and integrity within a fast moving economy.

Why Corporate Team Building Days?

As the business world continues to evolve every few generations, there are more specialized skills, better equipment, and highly advanced technology in which corporations must take advantage of. All of this advancement means that the corporation itself must also advance, but it is severely limited when only one man runs the show. For this reason, teams have emerged in the workplace. These teams form a strong cohesive bond in which the continuing changing goals of the company are their focus.

Team building days, that are a consistent part of the yearly calendar, are non-threatening times of challenge, problem solving, and fun interactions that develop communication, creativity, and critical thinking. However, one benefit to corporate team building days outshines any of the latter. Leadership.

Leaders Benefit Through Corporate Team Building Days

Corporate team building days are typically thought of as a day in which big over the top activities like Total Wipeout and jousting events are held. Those activities are sometimes a part of the team building day, however, they are not a main staple.

Most of the events included within these type of team building events are focused on the development of new leaders, better communications, and better ability to solve problems. Leaders, both established and new emerging leaders, are those who benefit the most from corporate team building days.

Improved Leadership Skills Benefit Everyone

When you look at the big picture of the corporate world there is always a strong component of leadership. Before it was placed squarely on the shoulders of those men who, by their immense will, could lead people to do the things they needed. In the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie this worked because there were not many opportunities to go to other corporations. Today, this is no longer valid as opportunities abound for people to jump from company to company, startup to startup.

Teams are the building blocks of organizations today. Peter Drucker probably says it best when he wrote, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

As you look at each of the areas in which corporate team building days elevate leaders, improve their performance and build their personality then it is easy to see how the entire corporation benefits. Everyone within the team benefits, the corporate division benefits and consumers benefit as the leaders continue to strengthen through corporate team building days.

Twitter is one of those corporations that have changed the rules of news, communications, and the way that people live. Last year, the social media giant went public and the spotlight has been shining on them ever since. That spotlight has revealed several team building benefits through a recent award given to the CEO, Dick Costolo.

During the 7th Annual Crunchie Awards, held in San Francisco this past week, Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, was given the “CEO of the Year” award. This is a great achievement for the social media leader as the company just went into the public sector a few months prior to that. What is of great significance in this award is that Costolo did not take the credit for himself as the leader of the company, but said that the award is actually a “team award.” He also went on to say, “it’s the people inside the company that make the company what it is, and I certainly wouldn’t be here without them.”