Communication within the workplace is a fundamental building block to success. Paul Meyer, a leadership guru, has said that, “Communication–the human connection–is the key to personal and career success.” Within any organization good communication is a direct determinate of success. Fortunately, a business that is struggling with communication can improve upon it with some quick team building activities.

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Team building has been rising in prominence in the last five years as companies struggle within this new economic world. As giants in tech continue to set the pace for innovation smaller companies have to climb their way through the trail already set. Of course, tech sector continues to skyrocket with each new quarter. What about other areas? What about medical, education, mechanical services or retail? There are superstars in each of these sectors too. Brand names that are household terms. Some are even verbs for what we do. The key to all this success in all of these areas is team building and team challenges.

Quick Team Building Activities Lead to Better Communication

In order to use this “key”, as Meyer puts it, to personal and career success you must first learn how. There are plenty of great team building games that can be found online today. Many companies use these to some success. The problem is that without any specialized knowledge of what makes good communication, these games are just games.

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Stronger, more trusting, communication should be the goal. At Accolade Corporate Events we have many great quick team building activities that help to drastically improve and enhance communication within the workplace.

1. Investors Den – This quick game has been modeled after the popular game show, Dragons Den. In this team game, teams battle to gain investment from a panel of successful ‘venture capitalists.’ As teams, your group has to decide on the product, then develop it so it’s ready to present to the investors.

The beauty of Investors Den is that it can be either related specifically to your company or have a general business focus – whichever you choose; the results can often surprise you. Creativity, communication, time management, team work and presentation skills are all needed if your team is going to be successful in the den.

2. Deadline – This great communication game inspires the hidden reporter in us all. Deadline is a fun creative event in which teams compete to see which newspaper will make the first edition and which will go straight to chip paper!

The game consists of official press conferences which teams will have to piece information together about ‘celebrities’ that are in the area. The question is, can your teams track them down and can anyone get a scoop about them? Opportunities will be short lived and your teams need to be able to react fast!

3. Storytelling – Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling itself has a natural and organic ability to change attitudes and behaviour. With this quick team building activity your teams can harness the most powerful, most motivational and most cost effective communication tool available. Through the 90 minutes of this activity, teams harnesses the power of storytelling so their stories are the ones that are listened to and passed on to others.

Quick team building activities can be very powerful when used with a goal. To enhance and improve upon communications within your company, or organization, these team challenges are the tools needed.

Team building is the new corporate buzz word that is sweeping the world. Most often associated with big retreats, “Survivor” type challenges or softball tournaments, team building is much more than novelty games and sports. Fun team building games energize your organization, help people feel a part of a common goal, and provide a time for people to relax and be themselves.

Incorporating fun team building activities into an organization’s yearly calender will shine a bright light upon many improved skills within the workforce. Typically, team building is about providing a way for team members to form tighter relationships, improve communications, heighten acute problem solving and define leadership principles and practices. All in all, team building events and challenges are not only a great way to blow off steam and enjoy a day out of the office, but is a healthy return on investment.

But, is that all you can expect from fun team building games?

Bonus Benefits of Fun Team Building Activities

A bonus is something that has been gained through a particular activity that was not originally intended, but organically worked out. While improving skills, defining leaders and building stronger relationships are the three major benefits there are several bonus benefits that naturally happen as a result of the former skills improvements.

1. Creativity – Best selling author Stephen Covey once said, “Interdependent people combine their own efforts, with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.” One of the ideas behind this quote is that as people combine their efforts with others they naturally step into a more creative mode. Problem solving, working through obstacles, making decisions and communication are all heightened because of this bonus.

2. Intelligent collaboration – There may be a lot of smart people within a department, but they will never be as intelligent as they are together. Ken Blanchard has said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” When a collaboration of team members get together to work through a shared challenge, they can do much more than just one who shoulders the burden alone.

3. Fun workplace – Fun team building activities lead to a more fun work environment. As people share laughs together during a time of fun, they can begin to associate that same fun when around the same people. It is a matter of mind and association.

4. Increased productivity – This can be both a required goal and a bonus. The goal is always to have increased productivity through fun team building activities or corporate retreats. However, a bonus is when that productivity is sustained without having to have a big push to do it.

5. Innovative input – You could make a case that this is the same as being more creative, but with one difference. This input is not just for the team, but for the organization as a whole. A team that endures games together can then put that towards finding new ways for the organization to forge ahead in the marketplace.

As you can see, fun team building activities have a tremendous place within the workplace. By taking on a team building philosophy and spending time fostering this within your workforce, there are plenty of bonus benefits that begin to kick in.

Team building. It is being talked about by the most influential CEO’s in the world today. Team building is starting to become more prevalent as corporations strive to pull ahead of their competition and maintain success. Team building training is therefore not something to take lightly. In a world where attention is focused on making the client happy, businesses often forget about their most valued asset — the employees. Team building training and specially planned activities are not just for morale. These times are important for continued success and are too important not to do.

Team Building Training Motivates

It is important to realize that team building training is not just about fun and games. While this is the “means” of team building it is not the goal. Team leadership and team performance go hand in hand. Through challenging games, fun times of bonding, and reaching levels of success can motivate a workforce and instill a greater depth of confidence.

Team Building Training Breaks Barriers

Any workplace is bound to have personality conflicts and trust issues. That is the nature of human interactions. Through team building challenges and fun, interactive games, trust begins to build and interpersonal relationships reach new plateaus. In essence, the barriers that are put up begin to crumble down. Team building training is also important as far as leadership and employee go. By competing together through various games the leadership is seen as a colleague rather than an enemy.

Team Building Training Promotes Creativity

Innovation is the driving force of success. The tech sector is a great example. Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to try and “outdo” each other through new devices and new features. The force behind this is the innovative and creative flair of the employees. Team building games, problem solving challenges and high energy energisers during conferences can all contribute to improving, or learning, creativity.

Moving your organization ahead during economic ups and downs is made much easier through time of team building training and skill development. The benefits vastly outweigh any of the investment.

Creating a team building event from nothing is an insurmountable task that can quickly overwhelm any human resource department. Hiring a team building company can alleviate these pressures and make the process a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Planning one of these major corporate events is a massive undertaking. Finding the venue to host the event, a caterer to provide the food, the supplies for each event, speakers for motivation, and choosing the right games for building cohesion and improve necessary skills is a large task to put on anyone. This all takes a great deal of knowledge and time.

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A Team Building Company Takes Care of Everything

That is the major benefit of working with a team building company. Companies like Accolade Corporate Events have the knowledge and the time to produce and host team building events. Not only do these team building companies host events, but they also deliver recommendations based on the measurable qualities of the events.

A team building company has everything that your organization needs to make a successful beginning, or sustaining, or a team building philosophy. These companies have the contacts needed for securing venues, caterers, speakers, specialists, and entertainment. They take care of everything needed to run a successful event.

However, they are not all created equal. There are certain aspects of a team building company that you must look for in order to trust them and have confidence in what they can produce for you.

Success with different companies – Team building is an important foundational item that is present in every successful business today. A team building company that can show success with a wide range of companies, in different industries, will know the broader needs for success. They will also have a wide variety of contacts, resources and skill builders to lead your organization through successful events.

Fun but challenging events – Most companies that provide services for team building weekends, events and retreats will have a catalog of fun, engaging and “over the top” games. As nice, and culturally relevant, many of these games are (some being fashioned after major television game shows) they should be challenging. Not challenging to the point where people can not physically do them. Challenging enough to lead the members of teams into a fun way of learning new skills.

Observations and recommendations – A team building company should be on the front line with the organization as a whole in terms of helping to improve various skills within the different departments, divisions and regions. Through observing the different team building games, measuring success/failure, making recommendations for further events, and helping to sustain a team building environment a team building company gives the highest return on investment.

When the decision is made to look for a team building company to host events make sure that you look at these major points of who they are and what they can do for you. Team building is not just a way to have fun as a corporation, but to instill life long skills that can move your company towards higher plateaus of success.

A quick look at the corporate world today and it is quickly apparent that the age old philosophies do not work any longer. New innovation requires a new way of looking at the interior structure of the workplace. For this reason, team building activities have become a very popular way to build individual skills which directly attribute to overall company success.

Perhaps the largest benefit to team building activities is that they can be tailored to your organization’s needs and timetable. Team building is the process by which individuals can come together as a team that works together, using various skills, in order to meet the corporate goals. They do this through working on skills like communications, leadership, and problem solving. Team building activities that are focused on these skills can be done at any time.

Team Building Activities At Any Time

Many who hear about team building activities believe that they have to be these energetic outdoor games, or multi-day activities that require a lot of time and money. However, there are many different team building games that can be done in an hour, indoors, or even in a company lunchroom.

This type of activity gives the corporation a great deal of flexibility when it comes to incorporating team building as to its return on investment. Here are 3 great team building activities that can be done anytime to help build up individual and team skills.

The Big Picture – A team building activity that can be done with few, easy to find, resources, the Big Picture is also a great metaphor for working together towards larger goals. Working in teams, each team has to paint a different section of a big picture painting, which when put together will reveal the big picture.

The Balloon Identity – Who doesn’t like making balloon models? This highly creative energizer allows teams to flex their creative muscle with balloons! Teams could recreate famous paintings, balloon sculptures of famous landmarks, balloon hats, film icons, table centres and a whole host of creative options. Once all of these are completed, judging takes place as balloons are identified.

Dancing Team – Another very powerful, but short duration, team building activity is called Dancing Team. In this easy to do anywhere activity, your teams come up with a dance routine to different songs and then perform them. This is a great leveler and it relies on individuals willing to learn something new, while working in a team supporting and encouraging each other.

As you can see team building activities do not need to be large events that require a lot of time and money. You can do these with just a few hours of time and very few resources, if any. Give your organization a competitive edge by incorporating a team building philosophy into your corporate life. You’ll see immediate results.

The world of business is changing.

No longer can the major corporations continue to be world leaders on the charisma of the CEO alone. This was true a few short years ago as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt began dominating their respective sectors through their sheer will alone. However, through the changing climate another force has emerged to be the determining factor between success and failure; team building. More and more organizations are starting to implement corporate team building days into their yearly schedule in order to assess, improve, and create skills required in a teamwork atmosphere in order to maintain continuity and integrity within a fast moving economy.

Why Corporate Team Building Days?

As the business world continues to evolve every few generations, there are more specialized skills, better equipment, and highly advanced technology in which corporations must take advantage of. All of this advancement means that the corporation itself must also advance, but it is severely limited when only one man runs the show. For this reason, teams have emerged in the workplace. These teams form a strong cohesive bond in which the continuing changing goals of the company are their focus.

Team building days, that are a consistent part of the yearly calendar, are non-threatening times of challenge, problem solving, and fun interactions that develop communication, creativity, and critical thinking. However, one benefit to corporate team building days outshines any of the latter. Leadership.

Leaders Benefit Through Corporate Team Building Days

Corporate team building days are typically thought of as a day in which big over the top activities like Total Wipeout and jousting events are held. Those activities are sometimes a part of the team building day, however, they are not a main staple.

Most of the events included within these type of team building events are focused on the development of new leaders, better communications, and better ability to solve problems. Leaders, both established and new emerging leaders, are those who benefit the most from corporate team building days.

Improved Leadership Skills Benefit Everyone

When you look at the big picture of the corporate world there is always a strong component of leadership. Before it was placed squarely on the shoulders of those men who, by their immense will, could lead people to do the things they needed. In the days of Rockefeller and Carnegie this worked because there were not many opportunities to go to other corporations. Today, this is no longer valid as opportunities abound for people to jump from company to company, startup to startup.

Teams are the building blocks of organizations today. Peter Drucker probably says it best when he wrote, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”

As you look at each of the areas in which corporate team building days elevate leaders, improve their performance and build their personality then it is easy to see how the entire corporation benefits. Everyone within the team benefits, the corporate division benefits and consumers benefit as the leaders continue to strengthen through corporate team building days.

Proactivity and hard passionate work are two of the amazing benefits of incorporating team building activities into the normal workflow of an organization. Through these team building activities, department managers and other leaders can help their respective teammates improve on their skills, work better together, and move towards common goals. This, of course, is not easily achieved in the general office space. For this reason, a “focus room” is the perfect solution.

Create a Focus Room For Team Building Activities

A focus room is a place where the unique personalities of each team member can come out because of the relaxing, non-threatening, comfortable setting. This is more than just using a break room when no one else is in the area. A focus room is a place designated, and dedicated, to team building activities, interpersonal relations, and critical thinking/problem solving skills.

The room should be large enough to groups of several different sizes in order to do different types of team building activities. These do not have to be “over the top” type activities, but simple games, or problems to be solved, for both small and large groups.

Benefits of Focus Room for Team Building

Team Spirit – There can be a strong case made that the same principles at play within a sports franchise are also those within the corporate world. One of those is team spirit. A winning team is always the team whose members love being a part of the franchise. Their spirit is high and kept high because of the stated goals and relationships. A focus room helps to build this team spirit as people are more relaxed and comfortable.

Define Roles – Through using a focus room within your organization, and consistent team building activities, team members have a great opportunity to work on, and know, their individual roles. Roles are essential to team building and team sustaining. Athletic teams all have positions where each player knows where they need to be, what they are to do in certain situations, and how to work within a common play. A focus room helps team members “focus” while they are working on these roles.

It was once said that the “whole is better than the individual”. That is quite a statement that shows the importance of consistent team building activities and a dedicated focus room. If your business does not have adequate space think outside the box for other venues such as restaurants during slow hours, vacant shops, or a weekly meeting in a home. The important thing is to begin using a focus room to see bigger improvements in skills and production.

When it comes to successfully competing in today’s fast paced world of business there is a tremendous need for companies to begin operating as teams working together for a common goal. Corporate team building is the means through which any corporation, school, hospital, church, or other organization can learn new skills, build up weaknesses and come together through the many benefits of team dynamics. However, not every team building event is a success.

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Corporate Team Building Must Be Owned by Teams

There are plenty of examples where a team building philosophy has been brought into a corporate structure and the concept was not well received. The reason, experts have opined, is the overall business culture of individual recognition and reward. Within a team concept that individuality is not as well-recognized.

The successful team building efforts all have one common factor that can be found in every instance. The teams involved took ownership of the philosophy and gave a concerted effort, within the individuals of the team, to succeed. This ownership leads to a more organic, naturally growing, and dynamic team environment where all persons involved improve upon skills.

Ownership is Through Leader Communication and Involvement

Leaders within the organization are all a part of teams themselves. For this reason they are the cheerleader, to use a sports analogy, for the corporation’s goals, desires and philosophy. Through their communication, interpersonal, and team building skills, the corporate team building goal thrives.

For better interactions in teams, leaders must be deeply involved within the team life. Through this deep interaction and participation, the leader can then make recommendations on what corporate team building activities, events, or games can be used to meet any deficiencies in communications, problem solving, critical thinking, or relations.

It doesn’t matter if your company is staffed by 5 or 500, a corporate team building mindset, that is owned by the individual team members, can/does supply the tools necessary for company’s to achieve continued and sustained success.

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