Lawyer Lauren Bites off More Than She Can Chew In the Big Apple

It was difficult to tell who had the biggest grin on their face when sneaky old Lord Sugar last night told his would-be millionaire Apprentices that they were on their way to the Big Apple – or at least half of them were. But as stoney-faced Karen Brady sarcastically announced later: “Let’s be honest, there was no way James wasn’t going.”

Actually Karen had quite a bit to say in last night’s episode. Take for instance, her uncharacteristic praise of Summit team leader Bianca when she announced in the board room that her US pitch came across as “very engaging” and “with great personality.” Praise indeed!

Distilling the ‘Piers Morgan of Drinks’

From Lord Sugar praise – or rather criticism – was replaced by puns (lots of them). Some of his best were when he described Summit’s energy drink as “less Big Dawg and more Chihuahua,” or his comparison of Tenacity’s dreadful product (which bombed in the US) as “the Piers Morgan of drinks” before adding: “Yes, it really was that bad.”

The rather challenging task on episode seven was to come up with a soft drink and advertising campaign over a period of four days, and which would then be pitched to the great and good of New York City (the 30-strong audience consisting of representatives from Britvik and some of the trendiest branding agencies in the world). So it was pretty amazing that Bianco was so cool and confident in her pitch. Could she be a late contender for the final?

And talking of potential finalists, Riosin played another blinder last night. She and moaning-face Sanjay came up with the branding and billboard design for Big Dawg in London. At the same time, her colleagues James and Solomon had the ‘difficult’ task of auditioning gorgeous young aspiring actresses in New York. We’ve no idea how Bianca managed to keep smiling throughout. She must have just tuned out and started reciting to herself the winning Apprentice’s mantra “£250,000, £250,000, £250,000.”

Mark’s impressive management skills

Mark, who project-managed Tenacity last night was a pretty good team leader, we thought. And so did Nick who happened to pipe up exactly that point in the board room to Lord S. Mark excelled in his willingness to give others responsibility and assure them he had faith in them to do the job. He also showed he trusted them to get on with it by not interfering too much. Well, until it came to Felipe that is. The lawyer’s ambition to be the next Tarantino saw him getting a tad “over-excited” and losing his rag during filming of the advert. In fact, he was pretty much all over the place last night, even shedding a tear on viewing the Tenacity billboard in Times Square. Awwww. Here’s hoping it’s not the pre-curser to a breakdown. Maybe the adrenalin thrill of getting out the office and not having to read legalese all day is getting a bit too much for him?

And it’s goodbye from Lauren

The only other lawyer – Lauren – also had a tough time last night. So much so that she was fired. Her problem wasn’t getting ‘overly-involved’ but rather overwhelmingly “under-involved.” Mark was sure to tell LS over and over again that Lauren had contributed nothing to their team’s effort and in doing so ensured it was her name the taxi driver asked for when he entered reception.

And so James survives another week. But then so does Daniel, Solomon and Sanjay.

Find out about how to host your own Apprentice event with our fun team building exercises here at Accolade Events. How will your employees react under such pressure? Freak out like Felipe or display the management mastery of Mark?

The Apprentice: A forerunner to Fisticuffs?

Sparks were certainly flying on the Apprentice last night – and it wasn’t anything to do with the fire that Lord Sugar believes market trader Daniel has in his belly.

Fall out number one

It all came to a head between Summit project leader James and cool Bianca when the male motor mouth accused her of being “too big for her boots.” We’d already received an inkling of what was to come when, in an aside to camera, he announced that he would “soon put her in her place.” During their argument James reminded Bianca he was project leader and refused to listen to anything she had to say. So she talked over him. Children, children…


Fall out number two

The other big fall-out last night – and one we can’t wait to see come to a head in a forthcoming episode – is between Daniel and suave Aussie Mark. Daniel took a few deriding swipes at Mark’s constant football analogies while back at the team house Mark had a good old bitch about Daniel in his absence. Don’t know about you but we think there’s just something too smooth and goody two shoes about Mark. Could he be a secret sociopath?

Party’s over for Pamela

The Queen Bitch of last night’s episode though was Pamela – who was rightly fired. She constantly grumbled about half her team’s failures to sell and managed to ostracise them completely. Actually we were pretty surprised they did manage to offload the board game to anyone considering the crap product they were landed with. This was one, incidentally, that Pamela had given the go-ahead for.  Not only that but she refused to accept an iota of blame for its failure – despite being the one making all the executive decisions. And boy were those decisions wrong.

In our opinion her biggest mistake was completely dissing the market research. She didn’t seem to bat an eyelid when the adult male board gamers announced Tenacity’s dating game was sexist, boring and even offensive to women. One participant said that were it to be brought out at a party he’d go home! Red flag anyone?

Lord Sugar needs sweetening

But the best fun was to be found in the board room. Lord Sugar Lump is getting tough and taking no prisoners. Daniel was told he was a “fantasist” and a “loose cannon.” For Mark “the jury was out” on his abilities to lead a team and poor Lauren was told in no uncertain terms that if she doesn’t stop “playing the game” then there wouldn’t be a game for her to play anymore. Lauren’s tension in the boardroom was almost audible while Daniel’s left ear twitched of its own accord on a few occasions.

Surprisingly, even though he was named “a dictator” by Bianca, James came off well last night, leading Summit to a superb victory. Lord Sugar only had to tell him off once for gabbing but he did so beautifully, announcing that it was a shame James hadn’t chosen Charades as his game for then no-one would have to listen to him.

So who’s your favourite to win? We’re still backing ‘sensible’ Roisin this week.

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Ice breakers for Large Groups

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team Building Icebreakers

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Junk Funk Energiser

Team building icebreakers to get your message heard

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Singing conference icebreakers
Team building icebreakers are important at a corporate event, they help people to settle much quicker and aid networking. They can also be used as a quick, yet powerful tool to further enhance your company’s mission statement or simply build team morale in a fun and memorable way. At Accolade Corporate Events, we understand what makes a really successful icebreaker and we ensure that your event is a huge success!

If you are planning a large corporate event this year, you may be wondering about entertainment.

Striking the right balance is important when it comes to corporate entertainment.  You need to cater to the masses and ensure that your corporate entertainment ideas will please everyone.

Tastes vary considerably, particularly when comparing age groups, so what would please a younger crowd of employees may not be to the liking of older team members.

However, there are ways to ensure that your corporate entertainment packages hits the spot.  Choosing tried and tested corporate entertainment ideas from an established event management company will go a long way to securing a great event that will be enjoyed by all.

Some of our best corporate entertainment ideas are actually fairly simple.  Whilst some would love a disco blaring with all the latest chart sounds, a workforce with a varied age group would see the majority leaving the corporate event early for a bit of peace and quiet.

Deciding upon events such as classic quiz and game shows means that everyone can take part and be thoroughly immersed in the event.  You don’t have to have been born at the time The Generation Game or Bullseye were first shown on TV to understand and enjoy the formulas and newer quizzes and TV formats such as Millionaire or Britain’s Got Talent are popular with young and old alike.

You can use quiz and games shows as your sole source of corporate entertainment or run them as a side line to a more traditional DJ and disco set up, so that everyone has a choice and can feel really included in the event.

In every organization there is the need for stronger communications, enhanced critical thinking and a strengthening of the relational bonds between those who work together. With group activities, such as fun indoor games and problems, competitive outdoor games and engaging conferences, your organization can grow in these skills while having fun at the same time.

Group activities can come in a lot of different types, engagements, competitiveness and skill. However, each of the activities has plenty of cross-benefits in which the people participating can learn from and incorporate into everyday life.

Your Organization Needs Group Activities

These skills that can be learned are plentiful. Some of these would include;

  • better communications skills
  • enhanced leadership
  • critical thinking skills
  • problem solving
  • greater creativity
  • trusting others within a team

Because of these important skills organizations need to incorporate some sort of group activities or team building philosophy in your day to day work. The reasons are plentiful, but for the sake of brevity we can focus on four major ones.

1. Loyalty within Corporation – As people work together, which is a part of group activities, they begin to have more interest in corporate goals rather than individual acclaim. As they see the organization succeed, and recognition merited, they start to be more excited about the company as a whole.

2. Individual Recognition – While the premise of teamwork is to move away from individual recognition, individuals to start to shine. Group activities give people the opportunity to learn new skills and “practice” new ways of doing things. They can then use these ideas and skills within the team to enhance the overall work and progress, thus bringing recognition to their efforts.

3. Self Esteem is Improved – People like winning. There is a natural, inherent joy that comes from success. Teams that work together and everyone lives up to their responsibility success naturally occurs. This motivates the people to not only work harder, but to be much happier with their work and their lives.

4. Creativity and Innovation Flows – Group activities, by their nature, require a lot of creativity and thinking “outside the box”. This action is carried forward into their individual roles in their work. Goals are reached and problems are solved in an easier way because people are thinking in a more forward direction.

It has been said that success comes to those to are prepared for it. Team building events, group activities, and corporate retreats are all excellent ways to be prepared.

Building a strong corporate team is paramount to the success of any business.  Corporate team building helps to strengthen bonds between colleagues and evoke a real sense of pride in the company.

Feeling an integral part of a corporate team brings confidence to the individuals and also a sense of loyalty.  They want the company and their fellow colleagues to succeed and achieve their set goals just as much as they want to personally succeed.

Investing in corporate team building is a shrewd business move.  Team building can be used in various ways—to improve on workplace skills or simply as a reward or an incentive—but the emphasis on informal, yet challenging events cannot fail to bring your people together, helping them to forge lasting working relationships and raise team spirits.

Morale and motivation is heightened when a team works well together.  Success is contagious and wanting to achieve, excel and surpass expectations is much more evident in a corporate team who have a real passion for their work.

Corporate team building works well because everyone is taken out of their comfort zone. Delegates get to experience a fun and unique occasion where they can showcase some of the skills that their day to day jobs doesn’t call for.

Because everyone starts a team building event on an even footing, management levels, length of service within the company and experience are all irrelevant.  What matters is what people do on the day.  This leveller helps to break down perceived barriers and allows people to be much more open and approachable.  This will then be taken back into the workplace where relationships will have improved because trust and confidence has grown.

There are many benefits from working in teams, for both the business at large and the individuals within the team. Encouraging working in teams where appropriate helps colleagues to bond and increases the working relationships between the team members, making them more likely to want to help each other achieve goals and have a pride in each other’s success.

Here are some more benefits of working in teams:

Shared Pools of Talent

Having a diverse team of people usually means that different team members will excel at different things. Bringing together the talents of individuals into a collective can only help to reach those goals sooner.

Happier Work Environment

A team which works well together and enjoys each other’s company equals a happier workplace. If people like their colleagues and enjoy working with them, they are less likely to want to leave and find a job elsewhere

Employee Cover

Working closely in a team means that people can pick up on each other roles. This is important if you need cover in the event of absence due to holiday or illness.

Learn from Each Other

Working in teams often means that members will be teaching each other new skills. Sharing best practices and learning new skills can occur for all members, with those with experience being able to show newer members of the team how to do things.

Being Able to Look at Things From New Perspectives

Often newer members of a team can suggest new ways of tackling problems, as they will be able to see things through fresh eyes, rather than just do something a certain way because that’s how it’s always been done.

Shared Responsibility

Because responsibility for a task is shared amongst the whole team, individual members will feel more obliged to really give their all. Also, team members will rally round and help those who may be struggling.

Using popular quiz and game shows for team building is a fantastic way to bring people together and enjoy a shared experience. Because everyone already knows how to play the quiz and game shows, they are extremely inclusive and a guaranteed way of making everyone feel at home.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use a team building quiz:

During Courses at an Evening Event

Large formal dining events such as Christmas parties or annual balls usually have mixed tables. Mixing tables makes sense as it give people a chance to meet and mingle with new people, a team building quiz between courses is a great tool to help break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

Entertainment for an Evening Event

A disco or karaoke as evening entertainment may please some people, but equally it will fill many people with dread and horror. Some folk just don’t want to dance or embarrass themselves by killing off a popular chart hit.

A different approach to entertainment after a meal could be a team building quiz or game show.  Because they include everyone, they have broader appeal than other methods of entertainment and give the unique chance for colleagues to bond in a way that a disco wouldn’t.

As a Conference Energiser

Conferences and seminars tend to be rather passive events for the delegates. Even the most polished and professional public speakers will struggle to hold onto the crowd once lethargy sets in. Breaking up the day with a team building quiz will make the event more interactive and help to keep those droopy eyes at bay. The team building quiz can be used to further emphasis the content of the conference or reinforce the company mission statement.

When it comes to success in the business world there are a lot of different philosophies and strategies taught in schools and corporate conferences. While many of these strategies do have a place and can help with success, the most fundamental and powerful is working as a team.

Through a paradigm shift of leaning on individual performances and embracing a team concept within the corporate structure, many businesses have found greater heights of sustained success. Teamwork is not a new philosophy. It has been around since the ancient of times when all you had was the person, or persons, around you to help you in life. Business is not much different than sports, war, marriage or politics. You need people working together to meet a collective goal. Not only working together, but excited to meet said goals.

Working as a Team Requires Practice

A dedication to working as a team is not something that comes naturally. The typical businessperson operates through a desire to reach individual recognition and “move up” within the company. This does not mean that being a part of a team does not lead to these things. They do. The difference is that the individual is now a part of a team that succeeds, or fails, according to the collective use of skills and relationships.

This type of paradigm shift requires training. This is best done through team building events and games that teach valuable business, and life, skills. Fun and engaging games offer a great deal of opportunity for any organization to bond together, reach goals and build strong relationships.

Reasons for Working as a Team

Working as a team is not just about the fun and games. While games are a great way to “train” people to work as a team, they are not the reason to think this way. Everyone likes to have fun, but the benefits of working as a team extend far past having a few days of games.

1. Stronger Relationships – As people come together in a “teamwork” type of environment a common phenomena begins to happen. They work better. Not because they feel like they have to, but because they like the people they are working with and want to see each other succeed. These relationships extend past the individuals within a team. Managers, departments and regions begin to communicate better because now the entire organization is traveling in the same direction.

2. Stronger Skills – Through a regular routine of team building games and activities team members learn valuable skills which they can then use together. Improved communications, greater leadership, faster critical thinking and problem solving are all skills that are not only learned but celebrated.

3. Stronger Commitment – As the corporate personnel begin working as a team they also begin to share the same commitment to reaching goals. Combined with better relationships and improved fundamental skills goals are more clearly defined and embraced by the teams.

4. Stronger Innovation – The lifeblood of any business – whether it is a large corporation or a small non-profit, is innovation. Being able to continually move ahead with new products, better designs, improved services and healthier customer relations is how the top brands remain among the top. Team building and working as a team has direct results in the way that companies continue to innovate on a regular basis.

The reasons for working as a team within a corporate structure are not just limited to these four. However, as a bigger picture of corporate life, these reasons can be broken down into a myriad of other, natural occurring benefits. You do not have to hold large corporate retreats or hire the top entertainers, but a commitment to team building and practicing teamwork will lead to better overall successes.

If you’d like information on how Accolade can help you achieve effective teamwork, contact us today for a FREE consultation!

Thinking about teamwork corporate events is crucial as relationship building is paramount in any workplace.  Working in the same office or department will naturally start to build alliances, but it doesn’t always mean that people will gel and have a mutual respect for each other.

The way to really get the most out of relationship building is to embark on some team building activities.

Simply working alongside someone doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a good working relationship with them, that bond needs nurturing to grow and flourish.  Attending team building events will help speed this process up as the individuals are taken out of their usual comfort zone and placed into a neutral environment.  To accomplish the set tasks they must work together and pool their talents, rather than concentrate on their own roles.

The more people work together as a team and really start to communicate with each other, the stronger the working relationship will be.  Increased trust and confidence in your colleagues leads to the working day being more productive and positive.

Relationship building can help to break down barriers that may exists between team members, different departments and different management levels.   Having good working relationships with colleagues means a better understand of what each other needs to achieve success and wanting to help others to reach their goals.  All of which is excellent for the company as a whole, as well as the individual workers involved.

Choosing fun and informal team building events for relationship building means that the bond can start off on a great footing.  An exciting shared experience will break the ice for those who don’t know each other well, and serve as a way to increase communication between those who do work together.

We do not often think of the importance of team building ice breakers before a day of games and activities. We most typically think of ice breakers as the beginning of a conference to introduce everyone and set a tone for the day. However, ice breakers at the beginning of a team building day is also important for getting people to relax, begin to bond and be engaged rather than worrying about time wasted.

The very basic definition of ice breakers is that they are simple techniques used to reduce anxiety and get everyone excited and energized. Icebreakers can set a positive tone for the meeting, help build relationships and motivate people to participate. Team builders can help an established group learn more about how to work with each other, solve problems and be more effective.

The importance of team building ice breakers should not be overlooked. Without a good beginning to the team building activities of the day, your teams and participants can have a poor attitude throughout the day.

Reasons Your Team Building Ice Breakers Fail to Engage

Not enough time – Many times facilitators can simply run quickly through the ice breakers in order to get to the “meat” of the day. This is a major mistake. Remember, ice breakers are all about setting the stage, getting the participants ready for more intensive games and helping each team member engage in the activities. Rushing through the ice breakers can set a stage of hurrying everything rather than engaging, thinking, communicating and bonding.

Uninspiring Ice Breakers – The internet is a wealth of knowledge. The busy assistant who is given the task of putting together a day of team building games and events can find a lot of different team building ice breakers to use. However, the converse it also true; the same assistant can find a lot of bad ice breakers to use.

A good rule to follow when it comes to choosing team building ice breakers for any event is to test them out first. Take some time to assemble some small teams to test out different ice breakers to see how they are received and if people are engaged throughout. Of course, you could also hire team building experts to plan out your entire event for the highest level of success.

Not appropriate for participants – One of the biggest criteria anyone planning a team building event should take into consideration is the people who will be participating. Ages, health status, gender, and other personal concerns must be taken into account when planning any type of team game. This goes for ice breakers also. Having a high energy ice breaker that requires fast motion and twisting and bending for an elderly group may not work so well. The converse is also true; a low key ice breaker may bore a lot of younger personnel.

Team building ice breakers are an important part of any event. Setting the right tone through a well thought out plan, enlisting the right ice breakers, having all the required materials and paying attention to how people are engaging can mean success or failure of your next conference or corporate retreat.

Activities for team building are used by many corporations around Europe and North America to increase morale and boost productivity. These events, when planned and executed with a high degree of attention to detail and focus, can be very effective in improving many essential business skills.

When done poorly, however, activities for team building can be seen as a waste of time. In fact, poorly run team building games and events can have an adverse effect on business skills, productivity, relationships and reaching goals. Improving upon the way that activities are planned and implemented should be a part of the team building routine.

Improving Activities for Team Building

Each time your corporation holds a team building event there must be some recording of results for continued determination of what needs to be worked on, what needs to be changed and how to improve the events. These observations will lead to creating better experiences for your workforce while also developing new resources and ways to build teams.

Here are a few ways to improve your activities for team building to make the most out of every event, conference or corporate retreat.

1. Keep Competition Low – Competitive spirits can run strong in many people. Games that rely on competition and winning can bring out the worst in some of the team members and work against the goals which you want to achieve. Choosing activities that can help people feel good about themselves, foster teamwork and pride in a finished product will drastically improve team building days.

2. Be Productive – One of the great ways to incorporate both the business side of things and the fun of games is to incorporate a little bit of productivity into the mix. Have teams do some role reversal as members take on new tasks such as brainstorming marketing tactics or creating new services. This exercise not only gets people out of their mundane day to day activities, but instills a spark of creativity and communications.

3. Hand Out Shirts – This may seem like a small thing, but providing employees with custom team shirts is a great way to boost morale and remind everyone that they’re all part of the same team. This should be made fun with creative designs or team names. Giving the employees themselves input into their colors, design, logo or other aspects of the shirts can also inspire more production.

4. Be Regular – Activities for team building are only successful if they are done on a regular basis. Sports teams know the value of regular practice for continued improvement, building unity, and learning how to interact with each other. The same holds true for businesses and individual offices. These team building events do not have to be a major cost or drain on personnel. A simple one to two hour activity during the regular work week can help maintain what is learned in major corporate retreats.

Activities for team building are a major tool to use in improving team cohesiveness, communication, innovation, and leadership. If your organization is looking to improve in its specific field, start to incorporate more team building and team events into the corporate life.

In the world of business team building and team development has become one of the foundational vehicles of success. However, team effectiveness is enhanced by a team’s commitment to reflection and on-going evaluation. This means that there must be an evaluation of accomplishments in terms of meeting specific goals, working well together and producing higher skilled leaders for continued innovation. For teams to be high-performing in this manner it is essential for them to understand team development as an organic corporate lifestyle.

Read more about how Accolade can help you with team development.

Understanding team development, and the different lifecycles, is important for any corporation, whether you put together your own team building program, or enlist a team and corporate consultant. The most commonly used framework for a team’s stages of development was developed in the mid-1960s by Bruce W. Tuckman, now a psychology professor at Ohio State University. Initially, there are five concepts to this philosophy. However, many corporations are only concerned with four of them while they do a “rinse and repeat” action.

Team Development Starts with Forming

Tuckman brought forth the idea that team development begins with actually forming teams. While this may sound elementary it is a crucial first step. The forming stage of any team is important because this is where the members of the team get to know one another, exchange some personal information, and make new friends.

There is something to be said about team chemistry. Many times corporations leave this beginning step to chance. They base teams on departments, offices, and the way that desks are arranged. However, that is not necessarily the best way. The forming stage should take some time before you finalize members. A few, simple team building games can help solidify final team members.

Team Development Continues with Storming

This stage in the lifecycle of team development is much like that of storming a beachhead in times of war. In the storming stage the team now addresses issues head-on such as what problems they are really supposed to solve, how they will function independently and together, and what leadership model they will accept.

There is a tendency after the forming stage for teams to be left a little dazed and confused when problems arise. In many cases they revert back to their “old” thinking and trying to force issues and rely on individual performances. The storming stage does not allow for any of this confusion to set in. This is where team members open up to each other and confront each other’s ideas and perspectives. However, it is also left up to strong leadership to move the team through this storming.

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Team Building Brochure

Norming Becomes the Norm

As teams begin to be familiar with each other they can now start to set goals and make plans for how they work together and what needs to be accomplished. There is no longer any type of leadership issues or questions about how to combat problems or be involved in the overall work process.

Performing at High Levels

The final outcome of any team development is a high level of performance. Tuckman puts forth that this is the stage in development where, “Commitment to the team’s mission is high and the competence of team members is also high.”

Performing at high levels is achieved through the evaluations the team goes through, but also the team exercises and problem solving games they “practice” with. As new skills are learned and skills known are improved levels of performance are escalated to high levels.

Goals, plans, innovation, accomplishments and pride are all hallmarks of this stage in team development. They should be celebrated and recognized.

Team Development Does Not Stop

Any corporation that takes on team building and the team concept should realize that team development is ongoing. After you have reached this fourth stage a “rinse and repeat” action is necessary. Continued commitment to your personnel can only mean continued success in your business sector and their personal lives.

Strengthening working relationships, improving communication skills and rewarding employees are just a few reasons to team build, here are a few more that you may not have thought about before:

Promotes Loyalty

Showing your employees that you care about their working life and want them to be happier by investing in team building will promote loyalty. Not only will they be loyal to their team and want to help their colleagues and succeed with them, but they will be more loyal to the company and be much less likely to look elsewhere for employment.

Gives People Chance to Shine

Giving people the opportunity to have a go at different things such as leadership, creative thinking and problem solving can often yield surprising results. Unearthing hidden talents in your people and giving them a chance to showcase their skills can only be a win-win situation.

Increases Self Esteem

We all know that team build events can increase morale and motivation, but achieving something together as a team will also increase the self esteem of the individuals involved. The realisation that anything is possible if they pull together is powerful and that positivity can be taken back into the workplace.

Encourages Creative Thinking

Because our team build events encourage people to think outside of the box to achieve the set goals, the momentum of creative thinking can be carried forwards and implemented into their roles, encouraging people to look at their own jobs in a different light and think what can they do better, how can they work smarter?

Team building events and corporate games are those moments in the life of an organization where the workforce can learn essential skills for success. The business world today is highly competitive and the need for team training through different games and activities will help to raise essential skills to higher levels.

At Accolade Corporate Events our corporate games are created with these essential skills in mind. From large outdoor team building games to fun game show type events, your employees are learning valuable business and leadership skills.

Corporate Games Improve Communication

Communications between team members and other corporate divisions is the utmost importance. Learning how to speak to others, how to listen to what is being said are valuable skills that make the difference between goals being reached and keeping happy customers. Good communication leads to much better trust between all principles involved as well as faster innovation and problem solving.

Corporate Games Improve Time Management

Many of the games and team building activities that Accolade puts your teams through are timed or have some sort of time limit imposed on them. This means that the participants must learn how to prioritize and work with that time they have. Transferring into the office, good time management skills learned through the games leads to less stress and better overall production.

Corporate Games Improve Problem Solving

On any given day there can be a myriad of different problems that can come up. Problems with manufacturing, a problem with a product line, a problem with distribution or delivering of a product are just a few of the critical events that can be a part of a typical day. Team building games that focus on problem solving is a great way to instill brainstorming and critical thinking skills to work logically, and quickly, through routine or unexpected problems.

Looking out over the corporate battlefield today you can see that there is a lot to lose if left behind. Corporate games are a tool that must be used to lead teams through the training needed to improve, and heighten, essential business skills. As your teams learn communication, time management and problem solving skills they are also becoming more productive and committed to overall corporate goals.

Team building weekends work on two levels – firstly they serve as an excellent reward scheme and a chance for you to really thank your team for all of their hard work.

Secondly, team building weekends can be used to hone and improve skill sets of individuals whilst raising team spirits and morale and really inspiring your team to succeed.

By dedicating a whole weekend to team building, you are taking your people completely away from the workplace.  Most people will relish the chance to spend the weekend in a pleasant hotel in either a different city or a beautiful countryside location.

They will be given the chance to participate in events that they may have never done before such as country pursuits, as well as take part in fun and hilarious outdoor team building events such as our It’s A Knock, Total Wipeout.

Fun, foam and inflatables aside, team building weekends are a fabulous way for your team to really let their hair down and bond with colleagues new and old in an amazing setting, whilst improving upon skills such as communication, networking, problem solving and thinking outside of the box.

Team building weekends can be held anywhere in the country and with cheap flights available all year around, the world really is your oyster if you want to reward your team with an overseas trip.  We have the ability to organise team building weekends in any country and have contacts the world over to ensure that your event is something that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Perhaps you have heard that team building and team activities are important for the future of your corporation or organization. This new business trend has been sweeping the world for the last 20 years, but has recently begun to enjoy a new rebirth as companies like Facebook, Google and Apple dominate the headlines. Teams are thus brought to the forefront as they are proven to be an important part of their overall success.

In fact, Steve Jobs has said about teams, “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.”

Creating opportunity, space and freedom within team activities and other organizational building events and tools is something that every corporation should invest in.


Why are team activities, corporate team building events or weekend retreats of racing go-carts, Survivor type events or running through watery obstacles so important to success?

Team Activities for Success

The answer to that question is three-fold. There are three important foundational skills that every business – successful business – are built on. These three skills are often taught in colleges and institutes of higher learning, but when put into practice – through engagement and fun – the principles remain intact and established within the person’s mindset.

Whether through large outdoor games, conferences with game show energisers or themed events for Christmas or other holidays, team activities play a major role in corporate success.

1. Personal and Corporate Communication – This is a skill that can be taught but not successfully implemented. The reason is because as much as we like to put labels on skills like communication, there are still humans that have to exercise these skills. Team activities put humans into a position where they must communicate, but not in an overwhelming or intimidating way.

This one skill can transform a failing corporation into a successful one – or on its way to success – quickly. Through personal communications within the “team” environment comes the corporate communication through divisions and regions. This then trickles into the customer/organization relationship where communication is the priority and naturally exercised.

2. Leadership – Team activities and games are perfect for building leadership skills and helping emerging leaders step up. Through problems and challenges these leaders can learn – through practical, yet fun games – how to navigate a group to a successful solution. Again, leadership can be taught but the principles must be learned through practice.

3. Creativity – Innovation is the sustaining life source of any organization. For those who continue to push the envelope and develop new ways to do things and new products to enlighten everyday life, they become the known top brands. Names like Samsung, Google, Apple, BMW, 3M and a host of others are well known, and stay at the top of their sectors, because of the innovation they strive for. This innovation is multiplied when born through teamwork.

Team activities that are challenging, introduce problems and require a lot of critical thinking are those games that develop high capacity of creativity and innovation. Many games that use art, music, and dance are not only fun and engaging, but also develop creativity within the skill sets of the people involved.

Corporate success is more than just luck. While some CEO’s like to think that their charisma and will alone can move mountains within the corporate world, it is really all about teams and the way that they work together in communicating, leading and creating. Team activities are pivotal in corporate success today for these reasons.

As countless companies have discovered corporate event management is a job that requires a high degree or organization, attention to detail and knowledge of specific needs within a company. As team building weekends and corporate retreats become more prominent within the business world, more organizations are trying to tackle this event management in-house. In doing so, there are events that are not as successful as they could be.

Corporate Team Management Essentials

Every company wants to succeed. In fact, it would be safe to say that every company wants to be the top in their industry. As studies are starting to reveal, a company that has a practice, and philosophy, of building efficient teams are those that continue to be at the top of their respective industries. The reason for this is quite simple; people who work together in a team atmosphere are not only working for themselves, but they work together to reach team goals. Higher levels of creativity, innovation and leadership are all hallmarks of teamwork and team building.

The way that this happens is through corporate events, weekend retreats and times of team building games and challenges. The workforce comes together for these “fun” days of games, competition, and entertainment to not only learn, and improve, business skills, but leave with stronger relationships and commitment to success.

These corporate events require a lot of attention and cardinal tasks that must be attended to.

1. Venue – One of the first tasks of any corporate team management project is to locate a venue that in conducive to meeting required goals. If you want an outdoor team building event it does not good to hold it in the middle of a city without any space.

The venue should be large enough to hold all participants and attenders comfortably, but not so large that it seems like there is a low attendance. The space should also be good for entertainment and eating for a full day, or evening event.

2. Entertainment – After the venue has been secured there is the need for quality entertainment. This does not have to be a headlining act or popular music performer. However, you do not have to have amateurs or an act that is not relevant to your goals and needs. A combination of speakers, music and even some comedic elements, work together for a great event.

Professional emcees are also a valuable asset as they can keep the event going, make any announcements, host the games and add a different dimension to the time together.

3. Caterer – Every good event will be remembered for the food. That is something that organizations have been learning for years. Many believe that if they have great entertainment and a luxury venue that they can skimp on the food. After the event is over, the participants will talk about whether or not they liked the food. Choosing a caterer in any corporate event management project is essential to success.

4. Flow – While many corporate event management tasks center around the “major” tasks that need to be attended to the flow of the event is often overlooked. The “flow” of the event is how the different segments join together. For a successful event, a seamless transition between each aspect is most desirable. This is where an emcee makes a major impact and where attention to planning the event come into play.

Corporate event management is a job, or project, that requires a lot of attention and specialized knowledge. Knowing the right caterers, or finding entertainment, and planning activities are not something that management should arbitrarily hand off to someone. Hiring a corporate event specialist is the recommended path to take.

In order for your team building event to be a success, it is vital that you pick the right team building ideas for your people to attend.

Whilst many of our team building ideas can be tailored to suit all age groups, there are a few which will appeal more to a younger team.

Team building for young teams can be more physical than for teams with a wider cross-sections of ages.  Outdoor team building games such as our range of inflatable events are always popular with younger crowds and are a great way to let of steam whilst bonding with colleagues new and old.

Read more about Team Building Ideas.

If your team of people are a theatrical lot, then you may want to consider one of our singing or dancing team building ideas.   From recreating the iconic Michael Jackson’ Thriller routine to coming up with a new company song, we have a range of team building ideas that will stoke the creativity in your team and help them to realise just how important teamwork is within a successful business.

For the fashion divas and potential designers in your team, our Catwalk Challenge is a popular team building ideas for younger teams.  Your people will have to come up with a winning fashion outfit, create and market it and then model it on the catwalk.

Taking our cues from popular television, budding entrepreneurs can be tested in our challenging Team Apprentice and Investors Den team building ideas.  These fun and fast-paced events will really put your people through their paces as well as concentrating on improving vital workplace skills such as communication, decision making, time management, leadership and delegation skills.

Sending your team to attend a team building event, means they can concentrate on areas which need improving upon. Our team building events focus on important key skills which are required in any type of business:


Communication is an area which can always be improved upon. Learning how to both be heard and listen effectively is a core skill which can only benefit an individual. Good communication leads to better trust and confidence within a team.

Read more about team building skills.

Time Management

A lot of our team building events are against the clock or a race against another team, so planning and effectively using your time is essential if you want to win. Good time management in the workplace leads to less stress and better productivity.

Creative Thinking

Focusing your team’s attention on being creative in a team building event will them to think more outside of the box when back in the workplace. Whilst not all roles within a company require people to be creative, it is incredibly useful to be able to visualise and look at things from different angles.

Problem Solving

Problem solving usually needs a combination of various skills, such as communication, creative thinking and time management to achieve set goals. Brainstorming, delegating and logical thinking are all required as well as be able to trust each other.

Leadership Skills

Because all of our team building events have everyone as an equal, this gives different people a chance to show off their leadership skills. Delegating, decision making and communication are key if you want to be the best leader possible.