If you’re looking for Fun Team Building Games, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. In the Accolade Corporate Events office, we have a rule – if we would’t want to talk part in an event or if we don’t think it would be fun, then the event doesn’t get into our portfolio! So you know right from the start that any events we suggest are going to be a lot of fun but they are also going to do the important job of building your teams. Take a look around our website and you’ll see we’ve a massive range of exciting options.

Team building events are about allowing teams to bond and strengthen working relationships.  Fun team building games help to do this in many ways, but primarily they serve to improve communication skills and aid people to listen better to their colleagues as well being able to express themselves clearly.

Possessing good communication skills is vital in any workplace. Being able to give direct instructions without any ambiguity, but do so in a way that will show respect to each other helps any business to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Fun Team Building Games for Work

Here are some of our favourite fun team building games that focus on communication:

Crystal Maze – Based on the popular 90s television show, the Crystal Maze will allow everyone their chance to shine and also take turns in leadership.  Communication is key if people are to complete the tasks within the given timeslot.  This fun team building game also relies on thinking outside of the box, problem solving and logic.

Team Apprentice Buying Task

Again, taking the recent TV series as inspiration, teams need to compete against each other to buy a list of random items in an allotted time.  Bartering, time management and a real necessity for good communication is in order if your team want to come back with all the items and having spent the least amount of money.

Communication within the workplace is a fundamental building block to success. Paul Meyer, a leadership guru, has said that, “Communication–the human connection–is the key to personal and career success.” Within any organization good communication is a direct determinate of success. Fortunately, a business that is struggling with communication can improve upon it with some quick team building activities.

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Team building has been rising in prominence in the last five years as companies struggle within this new economic world. As giants in tech continue to set the pace for innovation smaller companies have to climb their way through the trail already set. Of course, tech sector continues to skyrocket with each new quarter. What about other areas? What about medical, education, mechanical services or retail? There are superstars in each of these sectors too. Brand names that are household terms. Some are even verbs for what we do. The key to all this success in all of these areas is team building and team challenges.

Quick Team Building Activities Lead to Better Communication

In order to use this “key”, as Meyer puts it, to personal and career success you must first learn how. There are plenty of great team building games that can be found online today. Many companies use these to some success. The problem is that without any specialized knowledge of what makes good communication, these games are just games.

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Stronger, more trusting, communication should be the goal. At Accolade Corporate Events we have many great quick team building activities that help to drastically improve and enhance communication within the workplace.

1. Investors Den – This quick game has been modeled after the popular game show, Dragons Den. In this team game, teams battle to gain investment from a panel of successful ‘venture capitalists.’ As teams, your group has to decide on the product, then develop it so it’s ready to present to the investors.

The beauty of Investors Den is that it can be either related specifically to your company or have a general business focus – whichever you choose; the results can often surprise you. Creativity, communication, time management, team work and presentation skills are all needed if your team is going to be successful in the den.

2. Deadline – This great communication game inspires the hidden reporter in us all. Deadline is a fun creative event in which teams compete to see which newspaper will make the first edition and which will go straight to chip paper!

The game consists of official press conferences which teams will have to piece information together about ‘celebrities’ that are in the area. The question is, can your teams track them down and can anyone get a scoop about them? Opportunities will be short lived and your teams need to be able to react fast!

3. Storytelling – Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling itself has a natural and organic ability to change attitudes and behaviour. With this quick team building activity your teams can harness the most powerful, most motivational and most cost effective communication tool available. Through the 90 minutes of this activity, teams harnesses the power of storytelling so their stories are the ones that are listened to and passed on to others.

Quick team building activities can be very powerful when used with a goal. To enhance and improve upon communications within your company, or organization, these team challenges are the tools needed.

There is no mistaking the power of executive team building activities within an organization. Drastic changes in the overall performance and productivity are common results when a team building philosophy is initiated within an organization. Games, challenges, weekend retreats and other team building events are all a great investment in the overall health and success of a corporation or organization. Team building simply works.

Two of the biggest misconceptions about executive team building activities is that they have to cost a lot of money and need to be done in a remote, exotic location. Team building is more than just over the top “Survivor” type games. Team building is, in essence, activities that are used to strengthen and improving team performance. To do this, several different types of games, challenges and events are used to build skills including communications, leadership, problem solving and creativity. Rather than being done in some tropical jungle, or mountain hideaway, team building activities can be easily done during company wide conferences.

Either as simple icebreakers, conference long challenges, or breaks between speakers, conference team building – most notably known as energizers – help to bring together then entire audience rather than individuals who are waiting for the time to go. These team building activities do not have to cost much, but can be very effective.

Executive Team Building Activities to Energize Conferences and Build Stronger Organizations through Music

1. Boomwhacker Energiser – This simple, 10 minute team building challenge is full of fun, sound and laughter. Boomwhackers are a favourite with organisers as they are so easy, highly visual, and create a wonderful sound but aren’t too loud and the way we use them lends itself perfectly for team work metaphors that incorporate the organization’s overall goal. With this simple instrument teams can make music while becoming a highly tuned orchestra.

2. Drumming Workshop – Another quick energiser for your conference involves a lot of drumming and 45 minutes of all out fun. One of the benefits of using Drumming as an activity with emerging leaders on leadership events is that within the format, there are many interactive sections where selected members of the group will have the opportunity to lead the group.

This is a perfect activity as there are no barriers to overcome. You simply work within a team to produce a cool beat, have fun and compete in a musical symphony.

3. Clap Happy – Another favorite among team building activities is this simple, 10 minute, conference energiser that uses no other equipment except for hands and feet. In a very short span of time, facilitators of this activity can completely harness the energy in a room and release it in a fun, engaging and musical way. Clapping and stomping out a musical beat quickly engages everyone in the room for a great way to improve leaders, listening skills and creativity.

As you can see, there are team building activities that can quickly transform a company conference into a fun, engaging and energetic time. With little in the way of extra expense, or specialized equipment, these musical energisers can be quickly done, but have long lasting improvements.

A quick look at the corporate world today and it is quickly apparent that the age old philosophies do not work any longer. New innovation requires a new way of looking at the interior structure of the workplace. For this reason, team building activities have become a very popular way to build individual skills which directly attribute to overall company success.

Perhaps the largest benefit to team building activities is that they can be tailored to your organization’s needs and timetable. Team building is the process by which individuals can come together as a team that works together, using various skills, in order to meet the corporate goals. They do this through working on skills like communications, leadership, and problem solving. Team building activities that are focused on these skills can be done at any time.

Team Building Activities At Any Time

Many who hear about team building activities believe that they have to be these energetic outdoor games, or multi-day activities that require a lot of time and money. However, there are many different team building games that can be done in an hour, indoors, or even in a company lunchroom.

This type of activity gives the corporation a great deal of flexibility when it comes to incorporating team building as to its return on investment. Here are 3 great team building activities that can be done anytime to help build up individual and team skills.

The Big Picture – A team building activity that can be done with few, easy to find, resources, the Big Picture is also a great metaphor for working together towards larger goals. Working in teams, each team has to paint a different section of a big picture painting, which when put together will reveal the big picture.

The Balloon Identity – Who doesn’t like making balloon models? This highly creative energizer allows teams to flex their creative muscle with balloons! Teams could recreate famous paintings, balloon sculptures of famous landmarks, balloon hats, film icons, table centres and a whole host of creative options. Once all of these are completed, judging takes place as balloons are identified.

Dancing Team – Another very powerful, but short duration, team building activity is called Dancing Team. In this easy to do anywhere activity, your teams come up with a dance routine to different songs and then perform them. This is a great leveler and it relies on individuals willing to learn something new, while working in a team supporting and encouraging each other.

As you can see team building activities do not need to be large events that require a lot of time and money. You can do these with just a few hours of time and very few resources, if any. Give your organization a competitive edge by incorporating a team building philosophy into your corporate life. You’ll see immediate results.

Proactivity and hard passionate work are two of the amazing benefits of incorporating team building activities into the normal workflow of an organization. Through these team building activities, department managers and other leaders can help their respective teammates improve on their skills, work better together, and move towards common goals. This, of course, is not easily achieved in the general office space. For this reason, a “focus room” is the perfect solution.

Create a Focus Room For Team Building Activities

A focus room is a place where the unique personalities of each team member can come out because of the relaxing, non-threatening, comfortable setting. This is more than just using a break room when no one else is in the area. A focus room is a place designated, and dedicated, to team building activities, interpersonal relations, and critical thinking/problem solving skills.

The room should be large enough to groups of several different sizes in order to do different types of team building activities. These do not have to be “over the top” type activities, but simple games, or problems to be solved, for both small and large groups.

Benefits of Focus Room for Team Building

Team Spirit – There can be a strong case made that the same principles at play within a sports franchise are also those within the corporate world. One of those is team spirit. A winning team is always the team whose members love being a part of the franchise. Their spirit is high and kept high because of the stated goals and relationships. A focus room helps to build this team spirit as people are more relaxed and comfortable.

Define Roles – Through using a focus room within your organization, and consistent team building activities, team members have a great opportunity to work on, and know, their individual roles. Roles are essential to team building and team sustaining. Athletic teams all have positions where each player knows where they need to be, what they are to do in certain situations, and how to work within a common play. A focus room helps team members “focus” while they are working on these roles.

It was once said that the “whole is better than the individual”. That is quite a statement that shows the importance of consistent team building activities and a dedicated focus room. If your business does not have adequate space think outside the box for other venues such as restaurants during slow hours, vacant shops, or a weekly meeting in a home. The important thing is to begin using a focus room to see bigger improvements in skills and production.

There is a great deal of emphasis on large corporate team building activities where the employees go away on a multi-day retreat. While these are great to begin a team building philosophy within a corporate entity, there is also the need for ongoing team building activities within the weekly work routine.

Adding in weekly team building activities throughout the regular work week has tremendous results in many areas for continued corporate success. The many benefits to these weekly activities vastly outweigh any type of negatives that may result.

Common Goals

Team building activities are great for getting the entire company traveling towards the same goals. The company as a whole is much more productive when everyone knows that needs to be accomplished and works together to achieve it. Incorporating quick team building activities will continue to build this type of cohesion.


Weekly team building games and events within the office environment is great for building long lasting trust. Through trusting each member of a team to do their respective jobs and perform at their best companies can get the best effort of everyone.


Problem solving challenges are a part of many team building activities and should be a part of the normal life of an office. Through working together on quick challenges the team members begin to think more creatively in solving problems and brainstorming.


A well done corporate wide team building philosophy involves rewards and recognition of excellent teams. The individuals within the team have great pride in the work that they can accomplish and are motivated by being recognized for it. This motivation is then transferred into their work and their personal lives.

Team building activities do not have to be big elaborate retreats and conferences. They can be simple weekly opportunities to work together on a project, solve a problem, or play some games for a more cohesive team. These activities can take up to an hour or three depending on what you want to devote to them. The point is to adopt team building as a part of corporate life rather than just a major event each year.

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