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Those managers of yours – they’re the backbone of the company, the link between the C-Suite and the vital on -ground employees. Got motivated, inspired managers? Then you’ve a productive, satisfied workforce. So that annual event for team building for management. Yeah, it’s not all ice breakers, tired-old trust exercises and name tags – it’s actually about war dancing, game show buzzes and drum rolls… who knew? Let’s enlighten you with five fresh ideas when it comes to team building for management.

team building for management

Learn the HakaForget a well-oiled machine, get your management working like an army of ancient New Zealand warriors. Led by an authentic team of Haka masters your team will stamp their feet, slap their thighs and scream their own war cries.

Perfect for? Newly formed management teams, or those with a few new recruits (heck, the Haka is the ice breaker of all ice breakers). This team building for management event is also pretty awesome for creating focused teams that get back to the office, and take on challenges with the grit of ancient troopers.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 8 -2000
Duration: Flexible (from 30 to 90 minutes)
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoors and outdoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice – including your office

Waewae takahia kia kino, Ka mate! Ka mate! Yeah, that’s right – your competitors should be scared!

Apprentice corporate event

The Team Apprentice HuntYou know the one – where the teams rush around London or some far-flung Middle Eastern marketplace bartering, getting lost, and being generally hapless as they confuse things like black soap with soup. Fools. The lot of them. Right? Your management team would trounce it. Surely?

The Team Apprentice Hunt will put that certainty to the test, as your team’s communication, time management and negotiation skills are put through their paces. Every second counts and each penny matters when it comes to the showdown and count-up in the boardroom.

Perfect for? Gelling teams together as if they were stuck together with no more nails, this event will push your team to their limits of performance – collaboration is key.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 12 – 400
Duration: Flexible (from 1 hour to 1 full day)
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Who’ll be hired and who’ll be on the sharp end of Lord Sugar Rush’s pointy firing finger?

Company fortunes

Company FortunesAhhhh Family Fortunes – Les Dennis, Eh-errs and good ol’ family primetime telly. Only now, there’s Company Fortunes – a game show focused on you – your company, your message, the way you do, the things you do.
An entire conference audience can play along at the same time – fostering heated discussions over answers and getting people involved in the concepts of your conference.

Perfect for? This conference icebreaker and team building event can fit neatly into your conference or team day – customised around your company and your message.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 – 100
Duration: Flexible (from 40 to 90 minutes)
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any European venue of your choice

Fingers on buzzers please.

Drumming corporate event

Drumming WorkshopsGet your teams making sweet music together with this unique team building for management. Both leadership and collaboration will take centre stage, while your facilitator for the day will make sure your company message is communicated throughout.

Perfect for? From small to humongous groups, this drumming event gets your team working together without words. Through gestures alone they’ll be feeling the vibe and creating solid beats – ideal for every level of management, from any department or industry.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 -5000
Duration: 45 to 3 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Drum roll please…

Animation team building events

Movie MakingGot a Martin Scorsese somewhere in your marketing management? A Steven Spielberg amongst your sales leaders or an Alfred Hitchcock over in finance? Movie Making team building for management unleashes undiscovered creativity, as your management teams get behind and in front of the camera, to take on the roles of scriptwriter, actor or actress, location experts and film director.

Perfect for? Teams that will dive headfirst into an event that relies on planning, creativity, communications and time management.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 12 – 100
Duration: 2 – 4 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoors and outdoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Annnnnnnd action!

Whether recreating One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, banging their drums or going head to head in that tense boardroom, these events are the ultimate events for management team building.

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