The phrase “team building games” is something that many people in the corporate world like to opine about. There are plenty of books, websites, and magazine articles dedicated to the concept and the philosophy of the importance of team building and using team building games in corporate life for continued success. What is important to realize about team building games is that they are simply tools used to reach desired goals.

Anytime an organization decides to implement team building into their corporate structure there are plenty of questions that need to be asked as part of an overall plan. Some questions that should be asked are:

  • What is the overall goal of the team building games?
  • Who should be on specific teams?
  • What type of activities will lead to required results?
  • How should teams interact together/with each other?

These questions are not just things to fill up a team information meeting, but questions that are incorporated into an overall strategic goal. Team building games are a lot of fun when done right. However, the games are just a means to an end. The goals that are reached are the gauges of success.

Use Team Building Games Within Strategic Goals

Having a strategy in place to improve the skills needed to reach the top, or stay atop, the corporate world is the limiting factor in success or failure of the initiative in team building.

Typically corporate team building exercises are used to build relationships, break down barriers and to get people to engage with each other in different ways and through different means. A strategy in place for how these things happen can lead the team building hosts in making better choices for games and challenges.

What should your teams look like? What goals should you be strategic about? Here are a few tips to help you answer those questions.

Choose the right team – One part of your strategy is to make sure the right people are on the right teams. Different skills sets and relational abilities make up any team. Putting a right mix of these attributes into a team will help the entire team succeed.

Observe weaknesses – A long term team building initiative requires that your goals include building up weaknesses. This can be done through observing the team members through normal work days and adversities. Incorporate team building games to work on these weaknesses.

Communicate corporate goals – A strategy is only as good as the communication of it. Every team within the corporate structure should know of the overall corporate goals. This means the individual teams that are working in each department, office, or region. Team building games that also incorporate means to work towards an overall goal (while doing their own separate part) will help communicate the corporate goals in a much more practical way.

Strategy is the foundation of any organizational success. The use of team building games within that strategy multiplies that success incrementally. As you develop team building events, or work with team building hosts, develop an overall strategy through key questions and the above tips. You’ll soon see measured success as each goal is met.

In every organization there is the need for stronger communications, enhanced critical thinking and a strengthening of the relational bonds between those who work together. With group activities, such as fun indoor games and problems, competitive outdoor games and engaging conferences, your organization can grow in these skills while having fun at the same time.

Group activities can come in a lot of different types, engagements, competitiveness and skill. However, each of the activities has plenty of cross-benefits in which the people participating can learn from and incorporate into everyday life.

Your Organization Needs Group Activities

These skills that can be learned are plentiful. Some of these would include;

  • better communications skills
  • enhanced leadership
  • critical thinking skills
  • problem solving
  • greater creativity
  • trusting others within a team

Because of these important skills organizations need to incorporate some sort of group activities or team building philosophy in your day to day work. The reasons are plentiful, but for the sake of brevity we can focus on four major ones.

1. Loyalty within Corporation – As people work together, which is a part of group activities, they begin to have more interest in corporate goals rather than individual acclaim. As they see the organization succeed, and recognition merited, they start to be more excited about the company as a whole.

2. Individual Recognition – While the premise of teamwork is to move away from individual recognition, individuals to start to shine. Group activities give people the opportunity to learn new skills and “practice” new ways of doing things. They can then use these ideas and skills within the team to enhance the overall work and progress, thus bringing recognition to their efforts.

3. Self Esteem is Improved – People like winning. There is a natural, inherent joy that comes from success. Teams that work together and everyone lives up to their responsibility success naturally occurs. This motivates the people to not only work harder, but to be much happier with their work and their lives.

4. Creativity and Innovation Flows – Group activities, by their nature, require a lot of creativity and thinking “outside the box”. This action is carried forward into their individual roles in their work. Goals are reached and problems are solved in an easier way because people are thinking in a more forward direction.

It has been said that success comes to those to are prepared for it. Team building events, group activities, and corporate retreats are all excellent ways to be prepared.

When your organization starts to incorporate a team environment within the office, there are many great benefits that are a natural result. Through group team building, however, you can enhance those natural results to benefit both the organization and the individual.

Encouraging your workforce to come together in teams, or groups, within the office will have a positive effect. Colleagues begin to bond together in stronger relationships, problems are solved must faster – and with less trial and error, and goals are met in faster periods of time.

Group Team Building Enhances Natural Benefits

These improved skills are a result of not only a decision to work as a team, but going through group team building activities as a team. Normally, the office environment is one that is non-conducive to building relationships as individuals work for their own advancement or personal goals. As the personnel begins, and continues, to work as a team, these individual desires begin to give way to team success. Naturally, each team member begins to communicate better, listen and trust each other and work towards a common goal.

Through group team building events and games these naturally occurring effects gain side benefits.

1. Strengths and Weaknesses are Compensated for – A group team building game that requires everyone to have an input is a representation of the normal work day where each person has a job to complete. As people work together, and talk, they see where strengths and weaknesses are in the team. As these are found each person then compensates with their own talents and skills.

2. Office Has Better Atmosphere – Sharing experiences together creates a strong bond between people. As successes are shared there is a lot more joy and happiness within the group that succeeded. This is not only found in competitive group team building events, but transferred into the office environment.

3. Responsibility is Shared – In many group team building games there is a built in aspect in which every member of the team shares the responsibility with completing a task. As people go back to the office, this same lesson stays with them. As the teams continue to work together they naturally share the tasks and the responsibilities of meeting goals and solving problems.

Group team building is a major part of business success today. Some of the top companies in the world like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, 3M, Royal Caribbean and Audi take their personnel through different team building events on a consistent basis. The result are the above great benefits and higher levels of success.

It is that time of year again. Many corporations and organizations are looking to getting outside with their personnel for team bonding activities, games, and retreats. The long winter is giving way and the push to do something fun is on. Most business professionals agree that good team building is a vital element of a productive company. However, there are those leaders that do not have a high opinion of team building and bonding. What these leaders do not understand are the many benefits that a properly functioning team can provide.

Benefits of Team Bonding Activities

Like any type of training, whether it be personal exercise, athletic training or training in the arts, business can benefit a great deal through team bonding activities. Here is a description of just some of these benefits.

1. – Goals and accomplishments are often met on a more consistent basis through teams and the way that they can work together. The reason for this is found through the dynamics of teamwork and team bonding. As people engage through a common goal they naturally begin relying on each other and filling in the gaps as far as skills are concerned.

2. – There is great support found within a team. Team members and leaders work together as they know that they are all working for the same goal. No longer is there a focus on individual recognition, but team members can celebrate together for the work they have done.

3. – When problems arise in projects, team members are able to rely on each other, communicate, and solve problems much faster through collaboration than through individual thinking. Because of this there is a lot less failure as people are no longer forcing ideas, but working through them.

4. – Through team bonding activities the members are able to not only bond relationally, but they are able to have fun creating, solving, and competing. Because of this fun motivation is at a high level. In this motivation, members are inspired to achieve goals and maintain high levels of productivity. This motivation tends to be infectious and filters through the team, encouraging every member to perform to maintain the standard.

Team bonding activities lead to many different benefits that the organization can gain from. However, the actual members of the team benefit also through principles that can be transferred over to everyday life. Communication, solving problems, working with others, trusting decisions and other benefits can help both personnel and the organization succeed.

Games for team building are important for allowing teams to bond together and strengthen their working relationships. When these games are fun, creative, and outdoors these things are only multiplied. These games, while are a lot of fun and help people de-stress from a hectic workload, primarily serve to improve communication skills and allow for much better conversations between personnel, departments and regions.

Being a part of a team is important on many levels. However, this does not mean that the process of becoming a team has to be tedious, boring and bland. Games for team building should be a combination of fun with a big mix of creativity thrown in.

Fun and Creative Games for Team Building

There are plenty of great games ideas floating around on the internet. Our favorites include the creative, the fun, and the memorable.

1. It’s A Knockout, Total Team Wipeout – The excitement that an It’s a Knockout total wipeout team building event creates is huge! You’ll be competing in teams and tackling inflatable obstacles – with a huge dose of water and foam – racing to be the fastest team. You will find that the teams are left on a high and the company spirit is taken back into the work place after the event.

2. Knights Unite – Whisk your team back to medieval times with Knights Unite! This is a fantastic team focused multi activity event that see’s your teams taking part in some fun activities that test communication, creativity and team work. Teams will build their own castles, construct a real suit of armour, take part in a space hopper jousting competition, design a team flag and other team focused tasks. Sounds like the perfect games for team building.

3. Spooks
– There are times when creative outdoor games for team building can be more intellectual than physical. Cracking safe codes, reading invisible messages, making contact with undercover agents, recreating photo fits, Spooks is an exciting, highly interactive, fast paced team building event. Guaranteed to intrigue and excite your team, this challenging MI4 secret agent themed event will really put your teams through their paces!

4. The Great Adventure – Want something that includes checking out the sights and sounds of the city? The Great Adventure is very much a team focused event, your teams will have to communicate, prioritize, work as a team and be resourceful to pass through passport control and become the group that has visited the most countries.

Read more about games for team building.

Tailored to your company each team receives a personalised world guide and passport to complete, some holiday clothes and a camera for their holiday photos. It’s not as easy as just visiting the country though, each team is asked to take a holiday snap, pick up a souvenir and answer destination questions.

As you can see there are plenty of great games for team building that are fun and creative. Everything from sports to intellectual to solving problems to just enjoying the sights and sounds. Give your organization a boost in morale and build stronger bonds through relationships by using these or any other team building games at Accolade Corporate Events.

corporate team building ideas

We all like to blow off a little steam. Running, jumping, playing crazy games, laughing and just being something other than formal are all ways we like to let go of the stresses of the day and enjoy life. Team building is a concept in business that not only strengthens the organization, but also allows the actual workforce to bond through “blowing off steam”. There are many corporate team building ideas that allow people to have fun, get a little crazy and enjoy their time together. These team building ideas also help to improve on vital skills like communicating, leadership, problem solving and creativity.

When you think about corporate team building ideas usually the first things that come to mind are things like walking on coals, eating disgusting foods (or bugs) and being dropped off in a remote jungle and having to make it back alive. Sure, those types of team building events are available, but those are the extreme of the extreme. There are plenty of other great corporate team building ideas that have nothing to do with eating bugs, but plenty to do with having fun.

Corporate Team Building Ideas for Over the Top Fun

There are plenty of great ways that the people within a certain organization can have fun, bond, learn new skills and participate in “adventurous” and over the top type games. Most notably are the corporate team building ideas that mimic popular television game shows.

Team building game ideas like Wipeout, Survivor and Spooks are all a lot of fun, model game shows, and inject a lot of running, jumping, laughing and team bonding.

These over the top games are always great for corporate picnics, weekend retreats and even worker appreciation days. Researchers have noted that team games in which there is a lot of energy bring people together in a stronger bond than low impact games. Here are three over the top games which can build that bond, but also lead team members into improving various business skills.

Inflatable Team Building Activities – Who doesn’t like the thrill of bouncing on an inflatable? Who doesn’t like sliding through a waterfall and bouncing out the other end? Inflatables are a lot of fun, and they are perfect for letting off steam and having a ton of laughs. Obstacle courses and other inflatables can be used for learning how to set goals, solve problems and persevere as a team.

Battle of the Superstars – A take off from the vintage US television game show Battle of the Network Stars, this team game is a fast paced, team focused event where all of your teams compete at the same time, ensuring maximum engagement and a fantastically competitive atmosphere! For groups as large as 250 people, the Superstars will be put through their paces with a series of specially designed ‘sporting’ events to compete in and as you’d expect from the team building experts, each event has an unusual difference. An afternoon could put teams of Superstar through a variety of different games including water based, track and field games and even tailored games specific to your company.

Motorized and Shooting Games – Among the many different corporate team building ideas that are high action, games that have racing or shooting are always the most popular. Games like turning powerturns, shooing laser clays, riding Honda Pilots, archery, axe or knife throwing, obstacle courses with Segways, and driving blind in 4X4’s can really turn an afternoon from blah to wow very quickly.

Corporate team building ideas do not have to be low-key indoor games that involve balloons and paint. These team building opportunities do not have to involve baseball or camping over a weekend. They can involve Segways, laser guns, obstacle courses, inflatables, water and a lot of high octane energy.

Maybe your next team building weekend could use some over the top corporate team building ideas if your workforce needs to blow off some steam.

With summer not too far away, it is time to start thinking about team building games that your people can enjoy outside.   Outdoor team building games are great fun for all, they are also ideal opportunities to get not only all of your staff together, but also invite their families along for a family fun day.

Read more about team building games.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite team building games for summer:

School Sports Day

A trip down memory lane and a chance to get dressed up, our School Sports Day has all of the classic races involved such as the egg and spoon race, sack race and three-legged race.

This outdoor team building game is great for charity events and family fun days.

It’s A Knockout Total Wipeout

Water, inflatables and foam create a fast-paced and hilarious outdoor team building game which will have your people talking about for years to come.

This event can be held anywhere in Europe if you’d rather part-take in the event in a sunnier clime.


Battle of the Superstars

This adrenalin-packed event is perfect for large groups where several teams can compete against each other, brilliant for adding a healthy dose of inter-departmental competition.

Teams will undergo a series of unique sporting tasks including water, track and field events.

Game of Knights

Watched the TV show Game of Thrones and love the thought of Knights battling? Then this hugely popular outdoor team building game inspired by the show will be right up your street.

Teams will need to be able to build their own castle, create their own standard and suit of armour and then defend their territory against each other.

If you’d like more information on which outdoor team building games would be best suited for your particular group then fill out our contact form and we’ll call you back or call us on 0800 083 1172 to speak to our events team immediately.

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