When it comes to success in the business world there are a lot of different philosophies and strategies taught in schools and corporate conferences. While many of these strategies do have a place and can help with success, the most fundamental and powerful is working as a team.

Through a paradigm shift of leaning on individual performances and embracing a team concept within the corporate structure, many businesses have found greater heights of sustained success. Teamwork is not a new philosophy. It has been around since the ancient of times when all you had was the person, or persons, around you to help you in life. Business is not much different than sports, war, marriage or politics. You need people working together to meet a collective goal. Not only working together, but excited to meet said goals.

Working as a Team Requires Practice

A dedication to working as a team is not something that comes naturally. The typical businessperson operates through a desire to reach individual recognition and “move up” within the company. This does not mean that being a part of a team does not lead to these things. They do. The difference is that the individual is now a part of a team that succeeds, or fails, according to the collective use of skills and relationships.

This type of paradigm shift requires training. This is best done through team building events and games that teach valuable business, and life, skills. Fun and engaging games offer a great deal of opportunity for any organization to bond together, reach goals and build strong relationships.

Reasons for Working as a Team

Working as a team is not just about the fun and games. While games are a great way to “train” people to work as a team, they are not the reason to think this way. Everyone likes to have fun, but the benefits of working as a team extend far past having a few days of games.

1. Stronger Relationships – As people come together in a “teamwork” type of environment a common phenomena begins to happen. They work better. Not because they feel like they have to, but because they like the people they are working with and want to see each other succeed. These relationships extend past the individuals within a team. Managers, departments and regions begin to communicate better because now the entire organization is traveling in the same direction.

2. Stronger Skills – Through a regular routine of team building games and activities team members learn valuable skills which they can then use together. Improved communications, greater leadership, faster critical thinking and problem solving are all skills that are not only learned but celebrated.

3. Stronger Commitment – As the corporate personnel begin working as a team they also begin to share the same commitment to reaching goals. Combined with better relationships and improved fundamental skills goals are more clearly defined and embraced by the teams.

4. Stronger Innovation – The lifeblood of any business – whether it is a large corporation or a small non-profit, is innovation. Being able to continually move ahead with new products, better designs, improved services and healthier customer relations is how the top brands remain among the top. Team building and working as a team has direct results in the way that companies continue to innovate on a regular basis.

The reasons for working as a team within a corporate structure are not just limited to these four. However, as a bigger picture of corporate life, these reasons can be broken down into a myriad of other, natural occurring benefits. You do not have to hold large corporate retreats or hire the top entertainers, but a commitment to team building and practicing teamwork will lead to better overall successes.

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Games for team building are important for allowing teams to bond together and strengthen their working relationships. When these games are fun, creative, and outdoors these things are only multiplied. These games, while are a lot of fun and help people de-stress from a hectic workload, primarily serve to improve communication skills and allow for much better conversations between personnel, departments and regions.

Being a part of a team is important on many levels. However, this does not mean that the process of becoming a team has to be tedious, boring and bland. Games for team building should be a combination of fun with a big mix of creativity thrown in.

Fun and Creative Games for Team Building

There are plenty of great games ideas floating around on the internet. Our favorites include the creative, the fun, and the memorable.

1. It’s A Knockout, Total Team Wipeout – The excitement that an It’s a Knockout total wipeout team building event creates is huge! You’ll be competing in teams and tackling inflatable obstacles – with a huge dose of water and foam – racing to be the fastest team. You will find that the teams are left on a high and the company spirit is taken back into the work place after the event.

2. Knights Unite – Whisk your team back to medieval times with Knights Unite! This is a fantastic team focused multi activity event that see’s your teams taking part in some fun activities that test communication, creativity and team work. Teams will build their own castles, construct a real suit of armour, take part in a space hopper jousting competition, design a team flag and other team focused tasks. Sounds like the perfect games for team building.

3. Spooks
– There are times when creative outdoor games for team building can be more intellectual than physical. Cracking safe codes, reading invisible messages, making contact with undercover agents, recreating photo fits, Spooks is an exciting, highly interactive, fast paced team building event. Guaranteed to intrigue and excite your team, this challenging MI4 secret agent themed event will really put your teams through their paces!

4. The Great Adventure – Want something that includes checking out the sights and sounds of the city? The Great Adventure is very much a team focused event, your teams will have to communicate, prioritize, work as a team and be resourceful to pass through passport control and become the group that has visited the most countries.

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Tailored to your company each team receives a personalised world guide and passport to complete, some holiday clothes and a camera for their holiday photos. It’s not as easy as just visiting the country though, each team is asked to take a holiday snap, pick up a souvenir and answer destination questions.

As you can see there are plenty of great games for team building that are fun and creative. Everything from sports to intellectual to solving problems to just enjoying the sights and sounds. Give your organization a boost in morale and build stronger bonds through relationships by using these or any other team building games at Accolade Corporate Events.

Team building is an effective strategy for achieving higher goals and making continued progress within specific projects and organizational success. Many companies today have embraced the team building philosophy and have realized many benefits from it. There are many free team building ideas on the internet today. While this is a great resource, you must be careful about the games and challenges you use for your team building days.

There are free team building ideas that can be used to teach, and to improve, a wide variety of skills. These skills range from communication, interpersonal relationships, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, trust, and creativity to just name a few. One of the biggest needs in business today for those organizations that want to stay on top of their particular sector is to be creative and innovate. Team building challenges that bring out more creativity within the individuals that make up teams will propel organizations into this direction.

Three Top Free Team Building Ideas for Better Creativity

Building individual creativity, critical thinking and innovation will be transferred into the overall team experience. Through free team building ideas that focus on better creativity the individuals are forced to develop these skills during the challenges and events. But, not all team building games are created equal.

To focus on creativity, you must offer challenges and team building games with a creative element to it. Not only do the participants have fun, but they are being creative through the event. Sometimes without even noticing it. Here are three great free team building ideas you can use in your next team building event.

1. Catwalk Challenge – If you are looking for a great way to energise your employees during a conference or retreat, the Catwalk Challenge is the answer. Your teams have to create the next big thing in the fashion industry and they have to do so with limited resources. In this team building exercise creativity is the key as good thought out imaginative ideas are essential. Teams have a very strict deadline to adhere to if they are going to meet the fashion deadline, as not only do they have to create a design, they have to allocate a model, go on a fashion shoot and promote their design on the catwalk.

2. The Big Picture – Right from the start of this great team building game, participants get into creative mode. At the start of The Big Picture teams complete a variety of different tasks in order to earn their paints but just like in business they soon realize that they must work together as a whole group if they are going to achieve the overall goal, which is a superb illustration of a ‘one team’ work ethic. As they work together to create “art”, they are learning how to be creative and what it means to receive input from other team members.

3. Junk Funk – Music and junk always make for a great time. Before anyone can say ‘I am totally unmusical’ the entire team on their feet and a funky orchestra is born. They will play brooms, dustbins, pipes and anything else they can lay their hands on in order to make beautiful music. Junk Funk is always a great to interject a lot of laughs into a corporate retreat, but also instills creative thinking and trying new things.

Use these free team building ideas for your next team building challenge. You will not only notice that your employees and volunteers have a lot of fun, but their creative muscles grow. This new creativity will be found within the overall productivity of your organization and its continued success.

In today’s economic world, there is the need for stronger organizations that can navigate the stormy waters of business, continue to innovate, and be leaders within their industry. Weaker businesses tend to fall away and dissolve as the competition passes them by. The difference maker is team building. Through a weekly team building game, or quarterly team building events, many different skills can be improved upon which contribute to the overall success of the company.

But, how does one team building game, or a day of team building events, help?

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Benefits of a Team Building Game in Workplace

There are many different team challenges, games, and activities that can be used to give your organization the competitive edge in the marketplace. The key to team building success is not continually use a team building game within the work week in order to keep your teams moving forward.

A weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly schedule of having each division, department or region go through a team building game, or series of events will prove to be incredibly beneficial for the entire organization. Skills that were lacking will be strengthened and new ones will be learned. But, what skills can be learned through a team building game?

Communications – Every business is built on the solid foundation of the communication processes and relations of the individual employees and management. A team building game that emphasizes communication will develop this skill to a great degree.

Problem solving/Decision making – A great asset to any organization are teams that can independently solve problems and make decisions based on furthering the corporate agenda. Events that challenge the team members to make decisions with much great speed and clarity. Participating in problem solving games will help already established teams to break out of their usual moulds and develop their own business skills, often with very surprising and successful results.

Planning and Leading – Another great foundation to business is the way that leaders can develop and implement plans to meet goals. Through a team building game that focuses on maintaining clear goals, adapting for new requirements and being able to inspire others will help to develop existing leaders while grooming new ones.

Trust – While communications, and solving problems, and leadership skills are all very important to an organization’s success, trust binds them all together. An organization that struggles with trust within their different departments (teams) is one that will struggle in the marketplace. Team building games can help to develop trust, but they must be done on a consistent basis.

The benefits of just one team building game a week, or a day of team events every few months will not only develop these essential and foundational skills, but also create a much tighter bond between the workforce, the management and the customer.

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