A successful company today is one that continues to push the boundaries of innovation, remain at the front of technology, and provide stellar service to both the customer and the employee. Team building courses can deliver these results through the benefits of motivating your employees and creating personal spirit within.

Team building courses are an investment a company makes within their organization, but also in their personnel. This investment can look like a day of team building games, a weekend retreat, or Christmas themed party. The important thing about team building courses or a day of fun is that your workforce is getting away from the stress of “work” while having fun and learning a few things in the process.

Through different events, games, and activities any type of conference or retreat day can be turned into a learning experience. This learning experience is not only a time of bonding and strengthening working relationships, but also a time to allow your workforce to concentrate on vital workplace skills that may need some attention will help to vastly improve motivation and personal spirit.

In any team environment, whether it be in sports or business, there is the need for using certain skills which keep that motivations and spirit high. These include things like communicating together, leading others, solving problems that are outside the normal parameters of work, and thinking critically and creatively in many instance. Through all of this there is also the need for teams to like each other. Participating in team building courses, games and fun outdoor activities helps to forge these lasting relationships and creates a highly motivated and spirited individual.

Within a business environment morale and motivation can be tough to maintain through the day to day activities. With team building courses and games these things can be kept at a high level so that teams can reach corporate and personal goals.

In any workplace there is the need for strong relationships and personal bonds within the office or work environment. Anytime you have people working within an office, warehouse, worksite, or other area where they must work together and communicate with each other, there is the need for teambuilding.

While people do have a natural tendency to build relations with co-workers they can be strained through different problems or misinformation. With a steady practice of teambuilding within your organization there is the opportunity for each team member to build stronger relationships bonds that will not only stay in the office, but into their own personal lives.

Teambuilding Goes Beyond Work

One of the fallacies that has been a part of corporate thought is that if people work beside each other they will grow to like each other. While they may have a working relationship, that does not translate into a personal relationship. Attending teambuilding events and games which focus on different areas of relational building will help personnel – and the teams – flourish.

Through events like Catwalk Challenge, Team Apprentice, and Investor’s Den team members must work together and use their talents together while learning new skills. These games are perfect for building relationships and better ways to communicate. It doesn’t hurt that these create outlets also help people to laugh together.

Teambuilding Through Repetition

Through the different teambuilding events and games people begin to learn how to work together in a different way. It is important to realize that after just one game or retreat, your workforce is not going to be magically changed into better friends. It takes a sustained effort on the part of the corporation to continue these types of events and office structure.

The more people work together as a team and begin to put their lessons to real world use they start to communicate with each other and a stronger relationship begins to develop. Increased trust and confidence between colleagues leads to the working day being more productive and positive.

Teambuilding Leads to Better Trust

Through the different aspects of teambuilding (games, activities, office parties, conferences, retreats, etc.) a dynamic within the workforce begins to happen. Through the growing relationships between colleagues means they are able to better understand what each other needs to achieve success and reach personal and corporate goals.

Choosing the teambuilding games for a fun time of bonding, learning, and competing is essential to the success of any team event. Taking time throughout this process will greatly multiply the success.

When it comes to success in the business world there are a lot of different philosophies and strategies taught in schools and corporate conferences. While many of these strategies do have a place and can help with success, the most fundamental and powerful is working as a team.

Through a paradigm shift of leaning on individual performances and embracing a team concept within the corporate structure, many businesses have found greater heights of sustained success. Teamwork is not a new philosophy. It has been around since the ancient of times when all you had was the person, or persons, around you to help you in life. Business is not much different than sports, war, marriage or politics. You need people working together to meet a collective goal. Not only working together, but excited to meet said goals.

Working as a Team Requires Practice

A dedication to working as a team is not something that comes naturally. The typical businessperson operates through a desire to reach individual recognition and “move up” within the company. This does not mean that being a part of a team does not lead to these things. They do. The difference is that the individual is now a part of a team that succeeds, or fails, according to the collective use of skills and relationships.

This type of paradigm shift requires training. This is best done through team building events and games that teach valuable business, and life, skills. Fun and engaging games offer a great deal of opportunity for any organization to bond together, reach goals and build strong relationships.

Reasons for Working as a Team

Working as a team is not just about the fun and games. While games are a great way to “train” people to work as a team, they are not the reason to think this way. Everyone likes to have fun, but the benefits of working as a team extend far past having a few days of games.

1. Stronger Relationships – As people come together in a “teamwork” type of environment a common phenomena begins to happen. They work better. Not because they feel like they have to, but because they like the people they are working with and want to see each other succeed. These relationships extend past the individuals within a team. Managers, departments and regions begin to communicate better because now the entire organization is traveling in the same direction.

2. Stronger Skills – Through a regular routine of team building games and activities team members learn valuable skills which they can then use together. Improved communications, greater leadership, faster critical thinking and problem solving are all skills that are not only learned but celebrated.

3. Stronger Commitment – As the corporate personnel begin working as a team they also begin to share the same commitment to reaching goals. Combined with better relationships and improved fundamental skills goals are more clearly defined and embraced by the teams.

4. Stronger Innovation – The lifeblood of any business – whether it is a large corporation or a small non-profit, is innovation. Being able to continually move ahead with new products, better designs, improved services and healthier customer relations is how the top brands remain among the top. Team building and working as a team has direct results in the way that companies continue to innovate on a regular basis.

The reasons for working as a team within a corporate structure are not just limited to these four. However, as a bigger picture of corporate life, these reasons can be broken down into a myriad of other, natural occurring benefits. You do not have to hold large corporate retreats or hire the top entertainers, but a commitment to team building and practicing teamwork will lead to better overall successes.

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Team building is the new buzzword that is circulating through corporate offices and regional meetings. However, without a solid team building definition many corporations find themselves spinning their wheels as they try to lead their workforce through different games, events and retreats.

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In order to find a true team building definition we must look beyond the games and the Survivor like retreats. At its very essence, a team building definition must be refined to the point where the goal is not hindered because of the process. Team building is about the people rather than the games.

A Simple Team Building Definition

Team building refers to the concept of organizing groups of employees into manageable units for meeting various corporate, or organizational, goals and continued innovation for meeting demands of new economies. Building teams is an important part of any organizational structure for several reasons. Working as a cohesive team creates a positive business culture that is essential to continued profitability, sustained innovation and customer retention. Building better teams is easier to do when you fully understand the purposes of teams and how they contribute to your organization.

Purpose for Team Building

With a simple team building definition in hand then you can move your workforce towards this concept. However, there is still the casting of the purpose of team building to the personnel so they catch the spirit of it. Of course, at the CEO level, the purpose is to get a group of people moving towards a more collaborative effort in meeting corporate goals. At the team level the purpose, while still the same, means that through working as a team there is a stimulation of creative thinking within the company environment. This leads to new ideas to increase productivity without adding more burdens.

Benefits of Team Building

A team building definition must also include the benefits associated with it. As corporations realize the success of team building, they can see that a team philosophy can create an environment where team members support one another to help each individual reach his/her goals. As each team member brings their experiences and expertise to the team, the company is able to maximize its human resources. As a juxtaposition, they also share in the successes and failures of other individual team members. In the long run though, this combination works well for a more productive and innovative organization.

Creating a corporate structure around team building and competing in games and attending retreats is a great way to build a strong organization. However, a solid team building definition must be the foundation of this structure. Keep this definition in mind as you navigate the waters of team building and corporate events.

In today’s business world, many of the thinkers and business leaders believe that team building, through team games, corporate retreats and fun-filled activities, is a vital element to productivity and longevity. There is no doubt that today’s economic climate is volatile at best. The ups and downs come in greater frequency with larger trends either way.

With that said, there are still those who shy away from incorporating a team building philosophy in their organizations because of the assumption that team games take away from productivity due to time loss. What these leaders fail to recognize is that a team that works better together, produces at a much more rapid – and innovative – pace.

Team Games Equals Better Productivity For 3 Major Reasons

As any professional sports team knows, good teamwork is the foundation for better seasons. It has been said that championships are built on defense. However, a close look at the great sports franchises in the last 100 years shows clearly that the team that works together celebrates the most. The same idea is found in the corporate world today. Team games play a major part of corporate success because of three major reasons.

1. Goal Setting and Accomplishing – Every successful championship team has set a series of goals that they wish to reach during the season. The same goes for every successful organization today. Goals are the rungs of a ladder that keep a company innovating and improving. Through team games, members learn the fundamentals – and put into practice – of reaching goals and how to pursue them. Contrast to this, individuals who are given a set of tasks often resist meeting the goal as there is no personal incentive. A team with the same tasks work together for the vested interest of each other and the company.

2. Problem Solving – Many team games that are used within team building events utilize a problem solving element. Because of this problem solving becomes far more effective as all the team members can offer ideas from their own expertise. Several people have said, “Two heads are better than one.” While this may be an old adage, it holds a lot of truth.

3. Disciplined Work Ethics – In traditional corporate structure has been around building the individual. Team building, on the other hand, focuses on the recognition of team achievement based on individual skills coming together for a collective goal. This team focus creates a better disciplined work ethic as more people hold each other accountable. This team discipline spills over into the other areas of corporate and persona life.

Team building, through team games and other team-based activities, is directly related to overall productivity and success within any organization. As teams come together, solidify with stronger bonds, communicate and relate to each other, the organization as a whole benefits. Team building and productivity go together seamlessly. Building strong teams means building a strong company.

Team building is an effective strategy for achieving higher goals and making continued progress within specific projects and organizational success. Many companies today have embraced the team building philosophy and have realized many benefits from it. There are many free team building ideas on the internet today. While this is a great resource, you must be careful about the games and challenges you use for your team building days.

There are free team building ideas that can be used to teach, and to improve, a wide variety of skills. These skills range from communication, interpersonal relationships, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, trust, and creativity to just name a few. One of the biggest needs in business today for those organizations that want to stay on top of their particular sector is to be creative and innovate. Team building challenges that bring out more creativity within the individuals that make up teams will propel organizations into this direction.

Three Top Free Team Building Ideas for Better Creativity

Building individual creativity, critical thinking and innovation will be transferred into the overall team experience. Through free team building ideas that focus on better creativity the individuals are forced to develop these skills during the challenges and events. But, not all team building games are created equal.

To focus on creativity, you must offer challenges and team building games with a creative element to it. Not only do the participants have fun, but they are being creative through the event. Sometimes without even noticing it. Here are three great free team building ideas you can use in your next team building event.

1. Catwalk Challenge – If you are looking for a great way to energise your employees during a conference or retreat, the Catwalk Challenge is the answer. Your teams have to create the next big thing in the fashion industry and they have to do so with limited resources. In this team building exercise creativity is the key as good thought out imaginative ideas are essential. Teams have a very strict deadline to adhere to if they are going to meet the fashion deadline, as not only do they have to create a design, they have to allocate a model, go on a fashion shoot and promote their design on the catwalk.

2. The Big Picture – Right from the start of this great team building game, participants get into creative mode. At the start of The Big Picture teams complete a variety of different tasks in order to earn their paints but just like in business they soon realize that they must work together as a whole group if they are going to achieve the overall goal, which is a superb illustration of a ‘one team’ work ethic. As they work together to create “art”, they are learning how to be creative and what it means to receive input from other team members.

3. Junk Funk – Music and junk always make for a great time. Before anyone can say ‘I am totally unmusical’ the entire team on their feet and a funky orchestra is born. They will play brooms, dustbins, pipes and anything else they can lay their hands on in order to make beautiful music. Junk Funk is always a great to interject a lot of laughs into a corporate retreat, but also instills creative thinking and trying new things.

Use these free team building ideas for your next team building challenge. You will not only notice that your employees and volunteers have a lot of fun, but their creative muscles grow. This new creativity will be found within the overall productivity of your organization and its continued success.

In any company today there are talks and plans being made to host a team building activity or weekend retreat in order to improve overall team performance. Team building games have become an essential ingredient to any organizational success – no matter if it is a business, a religious organization, hospital staff or school. Team building can be directly attributed to more than half of an organization’s continued success.


The answer is both short and long. Simply put, a team building activity has several outcomes that create a highly effective, highly developed, team that can tackle problems, think innovatively, and communicate with ease. The more complex answer is found within the three essential outcomes that any team building activity must have.

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There are thousands of different games, events, tasks and challenges that can be placed under the moniker of ‘team building’. However, in order to truly be a team building asset there must be some essential outcomes; outcomes that are measurable, can be tracked, and can be built upon.

Team Building Activity Results

Holding a team building event is a lot of fun for everyone involved. The games can get crazy, people leave the event with memories, and hopefully new skills are learned. But, what skills? What are the desired outcomes of a team building activity?

Emerging Leadership Skills – The backbone of any organization is those who lead. Leadership guru John Maxwell wrote;

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

Team building activities and events are a tremendous breeding ground for strong leaders and grooming emerging leaders. A team building activity should always result in improved leadership ideas and skills.

Innovative Thinking – You really have to appreciated a mind like Albert Einstein’s. He once said, “We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” In essence, that is another outcome, or result, of a team building activity or game. There should be some work that goes into the game or challenge which leads to opening doors to innovative thinking. Coming up with new ideas is essential to continued success in a volatile economic world.

Interpersonal Communication – Communication is something that should never be taken lightly. And, it should always be worked on. People who communicate better, have better relationships and trust implicitly are going to be people who continue to meet every trial and succeed through it. Any organization that has a focused approach to building strong interpersonal communications will always rise to the top.

Build your company today through the results of team building. As you incorporate a team building activity into a work week, or host a full weekend of team games, measure the results of leadership, innovative thinking and communications to see if any improvement has been made.

Creating a team building event from nothing is an insurmountable task that can quickly overwhelm any human resource department. Hiring a team building company can alleviate these pressures and make the process a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Planning one of these major corporate events is a massive undertaking. Finding the venue to host the event, a caterer to provide the food, the supplies for each event, speakers for motivation, and choosing the right games for building cohesion and improve necessary skills is a large task to put on anyone. This all takes a great deal of knowledge and time.

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A Team Building Company Takes Care of Everything

That is the major benefit of working with a team building company. Companies like Accolade Corporate Events have the knowledge and the time to produce and host team building events. Not only do these team building companies host events, but they also deliver recommendations based on the measurable qualities of the events.

A team building company has everything that your organization needs to make a successful beginning, or sustaining, or a team building philosophy. These companies have the contacts needed for securing venues, caterers, speakers, specialists, and entertainment. They take care of everything needed to run a successful event.

However, they are not all created equal. There are certain aspects of a team building company that you must look for in order to trust them and have confidence in what they can produce for you.

Success with different companies – Team building is an important foundational item that is present in every successful business today. A team building company that can show success with a wide range of companies, in different industries, will know the broader needs for success. They will also have a wide variety of contacts, resources and skill builders to lead your organization through successful events.

Fun but challenging events – Most companies that provide services for team building weekends, events and retreats will have a catalog of fun, engaging and “over the top” games. As nice, and culturally relevant, many of these games are (some being fashioned after major television game shows) they should be challenging. Not challenging to the point where people can not physically do them. Challenging enough to lead the members of teams into a fun way of learning new skills.

Observations and recommendations – A team building company should be on the front line with the organization as a whole in terms of helping to improve various skills within the different departments, divisions and regions. Through observing the different team building games, measuring success/failure, making recommendations for further events, and helping to sustain a team building environment a team building company gives the highest return on investment.

When the decision is made to look for a team building company to host events make sure that you look at these major points of who they are and what they can do for you. Team building is not just a way to have fun as a corporation, but to instill life long skills that can move your company towards higher plateaus of success.

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