Alternative Ideas Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas Party is usually something everyone looks forward to. By and large, most office Christmas parties tend to be the same.  They usually comprise of a turkey based sit down meal and then a disco or pub crawl around the local town.  It’s no surprise to us that many employees would rather forego this annual event and stay in with their feet up in front of the TV.  However, with a little bit of forward planning you can ensure that your team will thoroughly enjoy rather than endure this year’s festivities.

Most businesses have a wide spread of ages within their company so it is important that they choose ideas for their Christmas party that will suit everybody.  Having a pub crawl or a disco may well please the younger crowd, but it is equally likely to bring torment and dread to older workers if they can’t escape, so you need to strike a balance and aim to please as many people as possible.

Consider separate entertainment

There are people who love to strut their stuff on the dance floor, and there are people who would rather gouge their eyes out with rusty spoons.  It is easy to please both sets, simply provide alternative entertainment for those who don’t want to get down with Beyoncé.  Simple ideas such as casino tables or game shows.

Don’t make it too Christmassy

Usually by December most people have had their fill of cheesy Christmas songs, mince pies and tinsel. Go against the grain and opt for a non-Christmas menu, or better still give your party an unseasonal theme where people can get dressed up if they like and the food and music can be matched to the theme (and not have to listen to East 17’s ‘Stay Now’).

By avoiding the Christmas theme altogether, you will also have the added bonus of not alienating employees of other religions or beliefs.

Make it a +1 event

Most office Christmas parties are for employees only, and whilst this may suit many people, there will also be a few employees who would rather have their partner by their side.  Whether it is because they would like to introduce their significant other to their colleagues or because they are a little bit introverted and prefer to stick to themselves, inviting partners changes the dynamics of the Christmas party and tends to make people more inclusive.

It is also more unlikely that any regrettable drink-fuelled incidents will take place.

Include a Team Building Event

Why not kill two birds with one stone this Christmas?  Incorporating a fun and informal team building event into your Christmas party can help colleagues to bond and interact whilst improving upon vital workplace skills such as communication, trust, time management and decision making.

You can either choose a business related team building event such as Team Apprentice or you could go for a non-business related event such as It’s a Knockout or Crystal Maze.  Either way, your employees will enjoy the challenge and get to know some of their workmates better.