Your Song

Singing team building event

This is a truly inspiring icebreaker, it’s the kind that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and has reduced delegates to tears when they hear just how sensational they can be. Your Song will be legendary.

Singing conference icebreakers

Usually people are fearful about singing, but this session uses their fear to your advantage, it grabs hold of opportunities in a hugely positive way and it shows that you can achieve spectacular results outside of your teams comfort zone.

Singing conference icebreaker

We can cleverly build your company message, ensuring your values, your objectives are focused on throughout the session.

Our success with this wonderful energiser lies firmly in the vocal coaches that we carefully select to host your event. Each one is experienced in performing and coaching in the West End, on tour or on the TV, this is how they effortlessly command the respect and attention from your delegates and how they ensure your group has a positive attitude to the session, which then transforms to success.

Singing team building

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What type of team is Your Song suitable for?

Singing is a great leveller which means that Your Song is an ideal energiser for groups of split job levels from junior to senior.