Alternative ideas office Christmas party that really do rock!

It's that time again, you are the person who has been asked to organise your office Christmas party, no pressure then! You've had some good parties in the past but this year, you want your Christmas party to be the best ever; well you've come to exactly the right website as we've got a whole host of alternative ideas office Christmas party!

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Alternative ideas office Christmas partyBut before we show you some fantastic party ideas, let's think about 5 crucial elements to consider before arranging your office party.

  1. Booking the venue - sounds silly to say this but the best venues on the best dates get booked up months in advance, sometimes in January - so you'll need to get your skates on!
  2. Accommodation - will your company need any and if the answer is a yes, then again, bedrooms in December are like gold dust!
  3. Location really does matter, if you want the maximum amount of your workforce to come along, it's got to be centrally located.
  4. Entertainment or party theme - well to be honest that's why you're here, looking for alternative office Christmas party ideas, so we don't have to tell you that it's very, very important to get right!
  5. Invitations - as soon as you have your date booked then send out the invites, don't wait for your team to accept invites to other parties, get them booked in and committed NOW

Ok, so that's five critical elements to consider, now let's see what we have to offer as alternative office Christmas party ideas!

German Beer Festival - It's incredible how well this relaxed and ever so fun party theme goes down at Christmas. It's totally different, interactive and a whole lot of fun! Straightened those plaits, slap those thighs, tonight's party is going to be Wunderbar!

Back to the 80's
- Grab your Rubik's cube, put on those cool 80's shades and get ready to strut your stuff to the best of the 80's music! This is a larger than life party theme that is guaranteed to release the inner Adam Ant or Toyah Wilcox in you!

The Speakeasy - if we tell you too much about our fabulous Speakeasy themed party we'd have to kill you. Think secret passwords to gain entry, gangsters and molls, sultry jazz and of course drinking your favourite tipple out of a teacup because when the cops arrive (and they will arrive) you don't want to be caught!

So there we have it just three alternative ideas office Christmas party - pretty cool huh? Don't think that's all we have as we are oozing with creativity and spectacular party ideas! Ready to take the leap and want to find out more? Call us on 0800 083 1172.

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