Corporate Entertainment - Location, location, location!

After debating, shortlisting and interviewing, finally, finally, you’ve chosen your corporate entertainment (and if you haven’t, you may want to read our guide: Corporate Entertainment – Four Top tips for Booking it Just Right).

Now? It’s time to consider venue. What’s on your tick list? The aesthetics? How far away it is? Whether they allow for your own caterers? Whilst these things are all important, you’ll also need to consider how your corporate entertainment will fit in. Here are some things you’ll want to think about…

Location – Consider your Guests First, and Entertainer a Close Second
Ideally, you’ll want a venue that’s in the middle of where your guests are travelling from. Then you should ask your entertainer about where they’re based and what their costs are for travelling. If they need to travel the length and breadth of the country, an entertainer may request that you cover their overnight costs.

 Ask about Insurance
First things first – your corporate entertainment should hold insurance, whoever they may be, whatever the act is. However, the venue should also have coverage, and both venue and entertainer alike should happily hand over their policy document upon request.

Remember – Your Corporate Entertainer is the Best Source of Guidance
Not sure whether the local hotel has a stage big enough? Thinking about the city centre conference facility, and whether it’s just a little too big? Before sourcing potential venues and shortlisting, ask the entertainer whether they recommend any particular venue. You could also benefit from looking through their portfolio – what forms of venue have they used? How big is the space they usually work with? Can you pick up hints and tips for theme, venue décor or hospitality?

Corporate Entertainment

Consider the Stage, Sound and Display Backdrops
Most forms of corporate entertainment require a stage, mic, sound system and background display, so who will it be that’ll provide these? Speak with the entertainment company in the first instance, and then you’ll have a few quick fire technical questions to be asked of any potential venue should it fall to them.

 Accolade Pro Tip: Venue’s Responsibility? Ask your Entertainment about a Tech Rider

A ‘Tech Rider’ is a one page doc that outlines all that your corporate entertainment needs in order to do their job. It may outline how a stage should be set up, where speakers should be placed, whether a display is necessary, and so on.

Setting the Tone – Matching Venue Ambiance with Corporate Entertainment
LED dancers aren’t going to work in a light filled room, while an elegant winter wonderland evening, complete with brass band, is hardly going to suit your local conference room without extensive dressing.

Considering ambience is key to matching venue, with entertainment, and can cut down on your backdrop dressing and décor costs.

Accolade Pro Tip: Ask your Venue About Décor
Some venues will provide room dressing as standard – ask about whether this is an option and whether this is included or comes at a premium.

Corporate Event Venue

Equipment and Access: Square Peg, Round Hole?
What equipment will your corporate entertainment bring? While our Haka Dancers bring themselves, their loin cloths and their tribal make up cases, our Team Generation Game arrive with plenty of tech under arm and more than a fair share of dancers.

Knowing what equipment your entertainers will arrive with is essential for judging what type of access into the venue they’ll need.

The Early Bird Books the Best Venue – Book Your Venue WELL in Advance
Good quality venues book up months in advance, so it’s advisable that you organise your corporate entertainment and venue at least 4 to 6 months in advance.

 Struggling to make a match between your corporate entertainment and a suitable venue? Perhaps you haven’t the faintest idea as to what type of venue should serve as the backdrop to your team building day or corporate dinner. Whatever you’re grappling with, we can help. Let’s talk.



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