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You’ve been tasked with organising your corporate event. Now for the biggest, most imposing checklist of your life. Location? You have a selection of 50. Venue? Whittled down to a choice of 150. Theme, cuisines, entertainment? OK, this is getting complex. What about bedrooms, next day meals, facilities? Hmmm. You could really do with an event management company that’s right there, every, single, step of the way.

Yet event management companies are ten a penny, so how can you be sure that your winter wonderland gala dinner is more sparkling festive delight, and not drunk Santa in a muddy field? We’re can’t talk for our competitors, but we can tell you why it should be us, above all others, to help out with that list of yours (the one that grows by the day).

We are…
 …. crystal clear on what we can do for you

Manpower, time, budget, resources… we lay it all out as to just what we can do, within what timescales and for how much. From the very beginning you’re in the complete picture as to what we do (which is pretty much everything, from consultation, to venue sourcing to entertainment provision).

Fun days

We are…
… culinary master chefs, entertainment superstars, the Phil and Kirstie of the venue finding realm

It’s tough to summarise our role in a single sentence, but we’ll try anyway… we do daytime events, evening events, team building days and nights. We are crafters of conference icebreakers, designers of scenery and organisers of the party of the decade. We can help you find a venue, book talented hospitality teams, host a gala dinner, or put on a glitzy awards ceremony. So, that’s what we do, in a nutshell.

 We are…
 …there, by your side, WAY before the big day

Contrary to popular belief, event management companies can be there right from the get go – freeing you from the burden that is the to do list, or simply being next to you as you travel from site to potential site.

We think of the questions that would never have crossed your mind, we’ll ask potential venues about the things that could make or break your event, and we’ll handle the boring stuff, like reading the small print and checking up on health and safety.

We are…
… here to provide on-site management

In the lead up to the event, this means that we’re here to handle the forms, the registrations, the phone calls and confirmations.

As for the night itself, you can think of us as logistical whiz kids, here to signpost those who arrive, organise the entertainment, the chefs, the waiting staff and everyone in-between.

Corporate party ideas

We are…
…great listeners

OK, it’s the Monday before the Friday of the event that you’ve been planning for months. The entertainment has cancelled, there’s a problem with the caterers, and you’re still waiting for 100+ RSVPs.

Sometimes you simply need to offload, other times, you need to delegate the tasks that crop up and threaten to derail your event. In either case, we’re great listeners – tell us your troubles, then leave it to us.

One of the best, friendliest and fun event management companies you'll find...

We are…
… modest

and we don’t like to boast, but hey, your choice between event management companies is a pretty important one. You see, we’ve created quite the reputation for ourselves, and we count the likes of Argos, 3M, Auto Trader, HSBC and The Body Shop amongst our illustrious clientele.

After two decades in the industry, we’re pretty proud of this list of red carpet clients. Here’s what a few of them have had to say about what we do, and the way we do it.

'It was a thoroughly enjoyable event. It's nice to know that we now have an event company we can rely on! I will make sure I sing your praise!'

'I have received nothing but compliments everyone had a really good time, and I very much appreciate how much hard work went into the planning to make it all run so well.'

'Without doubt, Team Apprentice is the best team building event I’ve hosted – thank you!'

'Your company came highly recommended. It was a hassle free day. I’ve recommended you to a colleague and you are already organising their next annual conference. Thank you.’

'A very friendly and professional service, you handled the logistics of a large conference split over three days superbly.'

We are…
… capable professional hands from venue booking to conference set design

Bright lights and bold backdrops. Mics on hand, concert-level sound system set up and ready to go. Conference set design is somewhat of an art form. Luckily enough, we’ve been designing unique sets, developed from client briefs, for more than twenty years (here’s a few highlights from our glittering portfolio of past events).

Office Party organisers

 We are…
… shapers of conference messages

The key to an effective conference that acts as a genuine asset, and not just a corporate jolly, is clarity of message – one that can be taken back to the office come Monday morning and drawn upon. We get it. And we can translate your challenges and goals, into a profitable day of activities with a unified message.

And relax… Feeling confident? Considering whizzing that event itinerary right on over? Then we should talk – send our team a message and we’ll be right back in touch within the hour. You can also call us 0800 083 1172 to hear, first-hand, all about how we can help. Breathe easy, you're going to be working with one of the best event management companies in the land...

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