How to Hire the Right Event Management Agency, what you should be looking for...

You know what you want out of your event – whether it be clients who are swept off their feet, or teams that work all the better together. You’re searching (and searching) for an Event Management Agency. You might have already been faced with a million+ Google search results, and may have been pitched to by numerous local agencies. Question is, how can you tell one, from the other? Here we take a look at six pointers for not only picking the right event management agency, but also for working alongside them – for a company event that delivers on every last one of those objectives of yours.

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  1. Get those Requirements Written Down on Paper
    Before you pick up a phone or tap out an email enquiry, jot down the goals of your event – this removes the guesswork for both you and your events company (even the best of event management agencies aren’t in the field of mind-reading).
  2. Avoid the Event Management Agency That attempts to Wow with Team Size
    So, the event company before you has 200+ team members – a person for every last task for your event. Great, right? Hmm. Rather than benefiting from a wealth of experience, you’ll likely end up paying for skill sets you won’t even use. Instead of choosing a huge, bloated events company – opt for one that is lean and streamlined, with plenty of connections to talent and entertainers.
  3. Do your Research (and Make Your Short List Short)
    Don’t, whatever you do, fire off a round of emails to 10+ event companies. If you’ve done your research properly, you should have a qualified list of 2 – 3 agencies to speak with (and by research, we mean reading online testimonials, looking through portfolios and exploring the various solutions that could be tailored to your objectives).
  4. Look Out for a Flow of Creative Ideas and a Cast-Iron Focus on Those Requirements of Yours
    If you’ve created a clear, detailed brief, any good event management company should be able to field ideas and suggestions for making the most out of your budget and hitting every last one of your objectives. At this point, it’s critical to pay attention as to whether they’re paying attention. If they make a misstep now, by missing one of your goals or misunderstanding your needs, you can bet your bottom dollar from here on in it’s not going to be smooth sailing.
  5. Never Underestimate Your Gut Feeling
    You may have an excel sheet for weighing up the pros and cons of each event management company. You might even have a score sheet. But whatever system you have in place, never underestimate your gut feeling about the people you meet from each company. Something just not sitting right about their event pitch? Ditch it and move on, no matter the scores on the doors.

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