Haka Evening Event

Haka Evening Event

Duration: Flexible from 30 – 60 minutes
Group Size: 8 - 2000
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choice

Haka Company Event is powerful, motivational and completely interactive. We bring this incredibly authentic, traditional and ancient Maori tribal ritual to your evening and guarantee to give your guests an overwhelming and memorable shared experience!

Your evening entertainment will never be the same again once you’ve hosted our authentic, powerful and hugely uplifting Maori event. Our Haka masters are Maori, they have the heritage, the passion and have the ability to truly immerse your group in the traditional activity.

Host an unforgettable Haka company event and entertain and engage your guests!

Your guests will learn about the origins, they’ll hear how focusing on the chant promotes strength of mind, determination and group success. They’ll learn the movements and then they’ll go head to head in a wonderfully uplifting tribal chant off!


A Haka company event is a wonderfully unusual way to entertain your guests and at the same time build a team or break the ice between people, it’s a short burst of energy that will be totally memorable but it doesn’t take over your whole evening, enabling your guests to relax and enjoy each others company but with a new common bond between them.

If you’d like more information on how to host this superb event, then why not give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 or press on the Quick Contact form to send us an email.



"It was a thoroughly enjoyable event.  It's nice to know that we now have an event company we can rely on!  I will make sure I sing your praise!"