Cupcake Creations

Cooking Team Building

Our Cupcake team event is not an event based entirely on cakes, it’s also based around planning, communication, design, marketing and presentation with the added bonus that your teams can eat the end product!

Cupcake team event

Armed with plain cupcakes and then a whole host of different coloured icing, ingredients, cutters and crucial tools, this is a fun, hands on event where teams have to think creatively and produce a unique brand of highly visual cupcakes. Sound simple right? Well it isn’t quite that easy, your team have to agree on a strategy, they have to decide which market they are going to target, what colours to use and then they have to produce cupcakes that look like they all belong to the same set – communication is key!

Cooking Corporate Event

As we all know, a great product is only half of the job, you need good packaging and a great marketing campaign, so teams have to get creative and work on all aspects of their creation. Teams then pitch their product, brand and marketing strategy in a presentation to the judges to see which team gets the most orders for their cupcakes!

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What type of team is Cupcake Creations suitable for?

This is a great fun creative event that is great for junior and mid level teams.