Harmonica Workshop

Harmonica workshopBanish the conference blues! If you’re looking for a conference energiser that’s slightly unusual, that will engage everybody at the same time and will leave your delegates with a real sense of achievement, then our Harmonica workshop is just the event for you!

We have an incredible harmonica expert who will quickly and effectively teach everyone how to play – no previous experience is needed and the results will astound you!


Playing along to a backing track your delegates take part in the finale performance where they amaze themselves with their new found musical skill — and for something even more special, they could play along to a live band!

Harmonica event

If you’d like to banish the blues and would like more information on our superb Harmonica Workshop team building event, then give us a call on 0800 083 1172.

What type of team are Harmonica Workshops good for?

The beauty of the Harmonica Workshop is that it creates a level playing field where job roles and positions don't matter, so this is an ideal event for all different teams from junior to senior level,