Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme

Don’t be late! Don’t be late for a very important date! “We’re all mad here” said the Mad Hatter and tonight you will host your very own Mad Hatters Tea Party theme! Get ready for an evening of¬†superb entertainment as you enter the world of Alice in Wonderland!¬†

We’ll tell you a secret, all the best parties are entirely bonkers and this crazy tea party is going to be fun, interactive and your guests will love it! As with all of our party themes, you can have a light sprinkling of the theme or you can really go for it and immerse yourself in Wonderland.

No completely bonkers tea party would be complete without the Mad Hatter and his wonky tea sets and mad antics and of course the Cheshire cat! We’ll theme your room with beautifully unusual floral arrangements, giant pocket watches, drapes, uplighters; there will be oversized tea pots, playing cards and ‘drink me’ bottles and of course the Queen will be on her throne!

There’s no end of different theming we can include and of course interactive entertainment and performers, so why not give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and lets talk about how immersive you’d like your Mad Hatters Tea Party theme to be!

What type of team is a Mad Hatter's Tea Party theme suitable for?

OurMad Hatter's Tea Party theme is ideal for groups that want an unusual and quirky evening - it appeals to men and women alike!