Corporate family fun days that scream ‘YOU MATTER’

Despite what economy broadsheets may tell you, there’s little more important in business than your employees. Sure, customers come first. But, show your employees that they are valued and they will perform above and beyond your expectations. At times, this means organising something special. Demonstrate your appreciation with inclusive corporate family day activities. Want to speak to someone sooner rather than later? Call us 0800 083 1172 or fill in our contact form

At the end of the day, when employees make their way into work, they leave behind their life, the things that matter to them. Let’s think about it. Whatever industry you’re in, when working 40 hours, your full-time employees are offering up around 1850 hours a year of their time, punctuated with any approved leave

Ensuring your employees are content within their role is the company’s responsibility. One of the easiest ways to lift spirits, boost staff morale, and make work an appealing place to be, is to organise corporate family day activities.

Corporate Family Fun Day Activities Ideas


Corporate Family Fun Day Activities Ideas. You know… fun days, festivals. Events that your employees will actually want to attend. What’s more, we’re talking events that encourage employees to bring their nearest and dearest along with them. Corporate family fun days that all the family will love.

Extending invites to those people that matter, such as partners, parents, and children, confirms that you consider delegates as individuals with a life outside of the office. Organise something unique to say thank you, and your team will likely feel more inclined to go that extra mile. After all, coming into work from a happy, encouraging home, can make all the difference.

Any size group, any location, anythings possible! Call our events team for a no obligation quote today!

Making your family fun day work for everyone: You’ve seen the value in organising a family fun day, with whatever theme, and you want to run with it. The problem is, this isn’t a standard corporate day event, is it. It’s not necessarily about honing in on work-orientated skill sets. It’s about cutting loose, rewarding your team and welcoming their families.

The demographic here is huge. You will likely have staff aged in their late teens, and staff members nearer retirement age, perhaps even beyond. Stir into the pot a good mix of genders, and also babies, toddlers, and tweens. You need to think outside of that safe ‘corporate box’. Festivals provide amazing inspiration because they have to have a little bit of everything to please everyone. With our help, you can achieve that too.

Corporate family fun days from Accolade: We’ve spoken plans. We understand your vision. We need to work at making that a reality. First and foremost, after our initial chat, we provide a free ‘find a venue’ service. With a clear picture of your family day in mind, we can set about locating a superlative spot for hosting your event.

Job done. Now the fun stuff. Choosing those corporate family day activities. The main aim of the game here is to arrange activities that appeal to different demographics. It’s pretty impossible to kill all birds with one, big, family-activity stone, so to speak. Here’s what we suggest:

Get the kids covered
Planning for the kids has to be the best bit! Think giant inflatables, face painting, magicians, clowns. You know, all the standard fun of the fair. Maybe offer something different, in addition? Youngsters will love our petting zoo, with its impeccably kept, cared-for animals. Our many make-and-do workshops are always a hit too.

Take a break from business
With kids covered, encourage your delegates to kick back and rejuvenate with our range of relaxation tents. These are incredibly popular amongst adults, women and men alike, offering services such as therapeutic massages, meditation space, and beauty treatments. Don't undervalue the simplicity of time out. These services never fail to get booked up at each and every one of our family fun days.

Entertainment sensations
After the ease of the time out tents, organising entertainment for everyone may sound daunting. It really doesn’t have to be. Our mammoth festival tents can be erected to stage varied entertainers throughout the day. From tribute acts to motivational aerobics sessions and kids dance classes. Games are great, too. Line your venue with hook-a-duck and coconut shy inspired stalls, and provide mega-size lawn games as a laid-back alternative.

Food glorious food
Everything’s good, just don’t forego the grub. Beer tents, burger vans, cocktail shacks, we’ve got what it takes to satisfy stomachs and tantalise those taste buds.

Ready to do this? Let’s go. Pick up the phone, call us on 0800 083 1172 and let's start planning your best ever corporate family fun days. Why not take a look at some more family fun day ideas