Corporate party ideas OK, party time – this little list of corporate party ideas is less David Brent, way more Freddie Mercury. So dig in, rock out and tune up your workforce’s goodwill for the rest of the year. Ideas for Corporate Party Your Very Own Company FestivalForget Reading Festival, Boomtown and Bestival. As for Glasto? Huh, it’s not going to have anything on your very own company festival. You choose the line-up, we source the talent – from solo performers, to bands and onto incredible impersonators. We’ll even create chill out zones, complete with a massage service on tap and performers that could include fire eaters, jugglers, acrobats and stilt walkers. The warm up acts can include harmonica players, acoustic guitarists and drummers, and of course no festival is complete without ponchos and props for selfie sessions. Perfect for? Brands that think corporate parties are a matter of going big or going home. Of all corporate party ideas, a summer festival provides serious flexibility and can include a guest list incorporating your clients, customers and personal VIPs. Event at a glance... Group Size: 50 - 5000 Duration: 2 - 9 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Location: Any UK venue of your choice Your name’s down (on the VIP list, no less) - you coming in? Corporate party ideas German Beer Festival PartyJust when you think you’ve seen it all and experienced every party theme, along comes your CEO in a blonde braided wig and a pair of Lederhosen. Now, just how many corporate party ideas incorporate thigh-slapping, foot-stomping Bavarian-style oompah bands? This is a miniature Deutschland set up wherever you wish - they’ll be inflatable pretzels, mountainous backdrops and plenty of beer (and no German beer party would seem complete without the odd life-sized cow). Prost! (that’s ‘cheers!’ in German – this glugging down beer isn’t just for fun you know - it’s a cultural learning experience!) Perfect for? Standing up, sitting down, linking arms, laughing, then swiftly falling over – it’s the ice breaker of all ice breakers, a perfect way to boost communication and rapport between your workforce. It’s also an event that can be branded from top to toe – see your name and company colours on everything from the beer mats to the bunting. Event at a glance... Group Size: 30 - 2000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoors Location: Any UK venue of your choice Auf Wiedersehen David Brent-style party let downs. Hallooooooooooooooo German Beer Festival Party

Corporate party ideas - dare to be different...Company Party Idea

Back to School Party ThemeRing a ding ding – it’s time to turn the clock back and step into a school not quite like the one you remember. Whether 50’s student or 90’s wild we’ll take your workers right back to their school days. Imagine a packed curriculum of fun, a science lab as a bar and a host for the evening who’s your resident Headmaster (fair to say he’s pretty old school). They’ll be coat pegs, benches and blackboards, flying saucers in the tuck shop, and an end of term party to end all end of terms. Choose from a school DJ, a live band, or mix it up with both. Perfect for? This corporate party idea is ideal for those that like plenty of personality and a little nostalgia to their wild nights out. We can even combine your back to school party with our School Sports Day Team Building event (complete with a skipping race, good ol’ egg and spoon and soft javelin thowing). Event at a glance… Group Size: 30 – 2000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoors Location: Any UK venue of your choice Now write after me: “I will book the ultimate corporate party. I will book the ultimate corporate party”. Speakeasy Company Party The Speakeasy PartyProhibition - a time when alcohol ran dry and the heavy hand of the law would weigh down on you if caught with so much as a shot of brandy. Serious stuff. But it also meant that parties of the infamous 1920’s were wholly more fabulous, raucous and downright wild. The Speakeasy Party celebrates the creativity behind the sneaky underground parties during the times of prohibition – with gin served up in retro tea cups, gangsters and casino games. We’ll welcome you into our clandestine club, complete with jazz band and 1920’s attire for your employees (think trilbys and feather headbands). Perfect for? Lovers of swing, jazz and the casino, as well as those looking for a party that’s slick, sharp and truly entertaining (look out for the Bugsy Malone-style tommy gun showdown!). Event at a glance... Group Size: 30 - 2000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoors Location: Any UK venue of your choice The roaring 20’s are calling. Get your Charleston on and shimmy on over It’s the party of the year, the corporate event of the decade... what’s it to be? Going back to the old school or rolling with Fat Sam’s molls? Maybe you and your team are all about the wellies and ponchos, or perhaps your workforce are primed and ready to step into traditional German dress. Send us a message and we’ll be right back in touch or call us directly on 0800 083 1172.
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