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teambuilding outdoor events Would you like to know how to capture the interest and enthusiasm of each and every staff member? Of course you would. Well, if there’s anything that Accolade’s oodles of experience has taught us, it’s that it’s perfectly possible to design enthralling, exciting team builders. You just have to shake things up. You must dare to be different. Forget stuffy offices – get your delegates moving and motivated with teambuilding outdoor events.

Finding space for teambuilding outdoor events

It might be likely that you don’t even have any outdoor space to call your own. You’re maybe stuck in office blocks or 30-storey skyscrapers. But don’t let that get in the way of you dreaming big. No matter your available space, Accolade will scour the area of your choice to make teambuilding outdoor events a very real reality for your firm. You gaze away the day, lost in a wistful world of Accolade outdoor events. Lovely isn’t it. A breath of fresh air. Well, it’s definitely that. Let’s have a look at what could be when you dare to step outside your offices for teambuilding in the wilderness. 5 outdoor teambuilding favourites Game of Knights Game of KnightsWinter is coming… but that doesn’t mean that your teambuilding events must be banished, to be held indoors eternally. No host should subject their delegates to such cruelty. You must be less Ramsay. Strive to be more Snow. In this Game of Thrones inspired teambuilding outdoor activity, teams must unite and tackle difficult tasks in order to make it into the Night's Watch. Who will triumph? That's totally rhetorical, but you could ask Bran, of course. Event at a glance Group Size: 10 - 100 Duration: Flexible from 2½ – 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Location: Can be hosted nationwide at a venue of your choice Company Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunts : Ahoy! Whether yer delegates be 18 or 88, they'll ne'er grow too ole fer a good ole fashioned loot hunt. Thar are bounties t' be found, but t' find them teams must come together 'n complete tryin’ tasks. Each successful mission be another step towards a chest full o' loot and doubloons. Be yer crew savvy enough? Ooh arrr! Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 250 Duration: Flexible from 2 – 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choice Inflatable Games Inflatable Team GamesLet's blow your team builder up, up, up! Quite literally, actually. Zoom right in, and put your delegates at the heart of the action. Volleyball, pony hop, human table football, whatever your wildest inflatable desires, Accolade can make it happen. You divvy up the delegates into teams, and we'll look at the logistics of your teambuilding outdoor activities. This immersive outdoor event never fails to unite teams as they collaborate to compete against all odds. Prepare to see communication skills soar. Event at a glance Group Size: 20 - 500 Duration: Completely flexible to suit you Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice Football Team Building Games Football FeverForget team building five-a-sides that fail to inspire and evoke excitement. Slip on your kits, don your boots, and get ready for the most fantastic range of football team building games to have ever graced your corporate day agenda. We take the spirit of the glorious game and throw it into all of Accolade's team building activities. Inflatable Football Pool, Beat the Goalie, Radar Speed Football, take your pick, or don't - have it all. Why not? With delegates grouped, which team will work together to finish top of the league? Event at a glance Group Size: 15 - 500 Duration: Flexible - daytime or evening Indoor/Outdoor: Both Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice Outdoor Team Building Events It’s a Knockout Total WipeoutOn search for the ultimate teambuilding outdoor activity? Look no further, the answer is right here. It's fallen into your hands. It's a Knockout Total Wipeout is the king of outdoor team builders. The excitement these activities create is outstanding. Teams will battle it out to be the fastest competitors through inflatable obstacles, water, and foam. We've got to be honest, delegates are often unaware that they're even amidst a corporate training day. And that's just how Accolade likes it. Event at a glance Group Size: 25 - 500 Duration: 2 - 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice Ready to fling open the office door and embrace teambuilding outdoor events? It's never been a better time to start planning your outdoor adventure - call us on 0800 083 1172 or ping us over an email and we'll come straight back to you.

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