Four fascinating, fun and fresh corporate event ideas

corporate event ideas Corporate events... it’s a term we’ve been reimagining and redesigning for nearly two decades. Far from your next event being a dancefloor made for dad dancing, totally awks ice breakers and moans and groans at the star speaker’s not so starry jokes, here are four corporate event ideas that rock. Enchanted Forest Party Theme 1. The Enchanted Forest We love evenings of quirky corporate fun – of mad hats and dressing up in our spurs and chaps, yet we equally revel in setting out magical scenes for upmarket evenings. And the enchanted forest is all about magical scenes – with this theme, your guests will step into earthly elegance and a charming ambiance (complete with harpist, flutist, soothing music and all). While forest mist rolls out across the floor, bartenders will be on hand to pass your enchanted guests delicious cocktails over the rustic woodland bar. Perfect for? A corporate evening where elegance and style are in no short supply – the ideal backdrop for a glitzy awards evening or celebratory party. Think red carpet, champagne flutes, black tie and ball gowns. This corporate event idea is also great for evenings where your VIPs are your star clients – leaving a sophisticated lasting impression of your brand. Event at a glance... Group Size: 30 - 2000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Primarily Location: Any UK venue of your choice Head into the enchanted forest Mad Hatters copy 2. The Mad Hatter’s Party Corporate event ideas – it’s a term that conjures up images of super posh table staging and proper formal sit-down dinners. Hmph. Not always. You and your team won’t be late for this date – a night of absolute madness with crazy staging and pure bonkers backdrops. Think quirky flowers, gigantic pocket watches and uplighters in every colour of the rainbow. We’ll put together an itinerary of immersive, Alice in Wonderland inspired entertainment and can even whip up some wonderfully weird cocktails. Perfect for? “We’re all mad here”… is the notion of this night, so this evening is perfect for teams that are more crackers than corporate – those that really know how to work their fancy dress options. This theme is also a great photo op – so they’ll be plenty of chances to grab some material for your social media pages, packed full of personality. Event at a glance... Group Size: 20 - 5000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Both but primarily indoors Location: Any UK venue of your choice Don’t be late – grab a date for your Mad Hatter’s tea party

Not your usual corporate event ideas...

Wild West Party Theme 3. Wild West Festival Hey there Bucko! Run out of corporate event ideas? Done every era you thought possible? From the swinging 60’s to the bright and garish nineties? Time to turn back the clock across the Atlantic, for a Wild Western themed party – one wild night complete with gingham, hay bales, catus, beer barrels and more. As for entertainment? They’ll be quick draw contests, horse shoe slinging, bucking broncos and a hoe down. Yee haaaaa! Perfect for? Teams that have been spun through every decade going – and those who want a fun theme for fancy dress. Pardy on, partner. The range of games are also great for interactivity and ice breaking minus the ice – making this evening a great fit for inviting clients, the public or local VIPs. Event at a glance... Group Size: 20 - 5000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Both Location: Any UK venue of your choice Saddle up, cowboy. Get your hat on, cowgirl. Y’all are in for one wild time. Winter Wonderland Themed Party 4. Winter Wonderland Theme Party Picture it – a magical icy white backdrop, crisp white linen and sparkling blue uplighters. Underfoot there’s a white carpet, overhead, snow that falls down onto your guests as they make their way in. This is the scene that greets you as you enter your Winter Wonderland party. Team this with entertainment such as a big brass band, casino tables, dancers or singers and you’ve got yourself one pretty perfect Christmas corporate event theme. Perfect for? This versatile theme can be tailored to your budget, guest numbers, room size and entertainment ideas. It’s ideal for groups of every size, all ages, every employee level. And this evening isn’t only for winter, either – and can actually be most effective for that glittering awards ceremony hosted in the midst of the summer heat. Event at a glance... Group Size: 20 - 5000 Duration: Flexible Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Primarily Location: Any UK venue of your choice Brrrrrrr, grab your furs, it’s about to get ice cool in here We've got so many great corporate event ideas, really we have, we're literally bursting with creativity and enthusiams and love sharing our ideas with you. So why don't you give us a call on 0800 083 1172, we'd love the chance to talk about your event or email us on our quick contact form and we'll call you back at a time that's perfect for you.