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As an events company, we’re forever speaking with clients who’ve been left disappointed and disillusioned about team building events. All too often the investment is made, and teams return to the office with little more than fun memories of a day of laughs. Of course, fun should form part of the focus (who wants to go back to the bad old days of trust exercises and tent building, hey?), but more than this, team building should deliver real, tangible ROI. And that can only be secured if you start with the end game in mind – your corporate goal. Let’s dig into four common aims for businesses, when it comes to their teams.

Corporate Goal Number One: A Sparkling Team Reputation for Doing Good for Great Causes
Want to showcase your team as one with a heart? Combining your team building event with a charity fundraiser is the answer. One challenge with this type of event is how to successfully bond individuals, whilst also raising funds. Think about team head to head activities – such as a football match, school sports day, treasure hunt or game show-style quiz, and make a night of it. Invite friends and family, who’ll donate, and clients, who could sponsor the night and have their name involved too.

 The Result? A fuzzy, feel-good factor for your team, money raised for a good cause, and boosted credibility as a corporation with a heart.

The Perfect Match? The Charity Team Building Apprentice Event

Corporate Goal Number Two: A Team That Should Work Better, Together, with what they Have to Hand
Where a team must be united in their goals and make use of company resources in the most efficient way possible, your team event can hand them tools to solve a problem or complete a challenge. Take our Junk Funk Energiser event – we hand teams brooms, dustbins and pipes, and mentor them onwards to creating beautiful music as a united front.

The Result? A team united in sound on the day, and that returns to the office with a fresh perspective on being resourceful, together.

 The Perfect Match? The Junk Funk Energiser

Junk Funk Energiser

Corporate Goal Number Three: Nurturing Creativity, Presentation Skills and Team Work
This goal could apply to a whole host of businesses and team types, although perhaps most often we find that this trilogy of skills are needed by sales teams that must pitch to clients, and be creative in doing so. When attempting to tackle these three goals, team building events must involve a challenge that takes a team out of their comfort zone – whether designing a fashion range from limited resources, or creating an animation from play dough. At the end of the day, each team must then present their solution to the audience of other teams, sharing the workload so that each individual takes a turn.

The Result? An energised team that are better presenters, more effective at channelling creativity and working as one.

 The Perfect Match? Let your team get their strut on, with the Catwalk Challenge or unleash the Nick Parks amongst your workforce, with the Animation Team Event.

 Corporate Goal Number Four: A Team that Works at Optimal Efficiency under Masses of Pressure
Helping a group of individuals become a better, more efficient team doesn’t necessarily require team building events that are work related. Truth be told successful, productive team work simply requires the right approach between individuals who know how each other work, and what one another’s strengths are. Uncovering these strengths does, however, require a diverse collection of tasks, so team building events that incorporate many games or challenges work well with this in mind.

The Result? A team equipped with fresh strategies for working together towards a successful result with an eye on the clock.

 The Perfect Match? Tick, tock, tick, tock – pit your team Against the Clock with 100 fun challenges.

 A super shiny corporate reputation? Check. A team more united and better at using limited company resources? Done. Work groups that bounce off each other with creative ideas? Check, check, check. Now go forth and put together a team building event that works, or get in touch for off-the-scale event organisation that ticks every last one of your goals off.

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