News for You

Duration: In between the courses of your meal or as a 90 minute show
Group Size: 12 - 150
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice

Totally topical, bang up to date and with a special team focused edition, move over Paul and Ian, we’ve got some new contestants!

Think your team is up on news, entertainment and current affairs? Have We Got News For You Gameshow is a topical interactive quiz. This news quiz is all about fun and light entertainment not cutting edge news, so really delivers an entertaining punch!

This is an up to the moment show that gets everybody fired and working together, delivering a top page headline every time! The quick-fire rounds are presenter led by our professional quiz show host and his assistants. Just like a TV quiz show, questions are shown on a giant screen and the whole event can be tailored to your own company requirements.

We bring all our equipment to you, everything we need to host this brilliant event, to the venue you choose.

Have We Got News For You is a great way of entertaining your guests throughout dinner. Each round lasts approximately 20 minutes in-between the courses of your meal and is designed specifically to enhance your evening and not to over take it completely.

If you would like to find out how our Have We Got News For You Gameshow can enhance your evening, then please give our professional and friendly team a call on 0800 083 1172; our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions and to advise on the best way of hosting this fabulous event.

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"It was a thoroughly enjoyable event.  It's nice to know that we now have an event company we can rely on!  I will make sure I sing your praise!"

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