Treasure hunt team event

If you ever dreamed about working for MI5, then Spooks is right up your street. Superbly cunning, extremely frustrating and totally reliant on team work.

Spy team event

Cracking safe codes, reading invisible messages, making contact with undercover agents, recreating photo fits, Spooks is an exciting, highly interactive, fast paced team building event. Guaranteed to intrigue and excite your team, this challenging MI4 secret agent themed event will really put your teams through their paces!

Treasure Hunts

Racing against time your teams will begin their assignment, with a rucksack of essential tools to help them. We give them an infra red light, binoculars, a camera, a magnifying glass and a map and then it’s down to them to see who will become MI4’s new shining stars.


Teams will have to complete a series of team focused challenges designed to test their communication, observation, logic, determination and sense of humour, have your team got what it takes?

Fun team event

Read how Spooks worked perfectly for a client who hosted it for 100 people with fantastic results and take a look at photos from the event.

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What type of team is Spooks good for?

Spooks works perfectly for all different levels. We’ve evolved this fantastic team event to suit all different personality types and levels. We can adapt Spooks to specifically suit your particular team.

*Spooks is not associated or endorsed by the BBC's Spooks show in any way.