Surefire ways to accommodate everyone at large team building events

Once upon a time, team building events were focused largely, wholly, on the needs of the business. Companies approached such sessions, head on, with tens of corporate-centred goals in mind, the primary objective often being to train employees, prepare them, to take their place as cogs in the big machine. You may even remember the days. After all, in the great scheme of things, what's a couple of decades between friends?

Yet, alongside the proliferation of diversity in the workplace, and a heightened awareness of individual need and wellbeing, we are now able to provide nuanced, tailored itineraries. These are team building events which really hit the nail on the head for everyone involved, capable of reaping results across the board. Just think of it as a win-win situ, for individual employees and employers alike.

The makings of a robust and versatile team

Every employee who works within your company has a role. Whether they’re CEO, an administrator, marketing manager, or backroom associate, whatever hat they wear, there are clear cut expectations or duties that are written into their job title.

In addition to this formal job description (ie. stuff you expect them to do when they rock up to the office), in recent years we’ve all got a little more savvy as to the individual strengths each individual holds within the workplace. That is, in a team of tens of customer service experts, it is highly unlikely that more than a few employees share the same way of working.

On the surface, this may strike you as a logistical nightmare! How in heavens is it possible to accommodate umpteen ways of doing things in one professional environment? Bring back the cogs! But, that considered, having a team brimming with brilliant, diverse minds, and complementary professional priorities can make for an exceptionally efficient squad. In fact, it’s pretty unavoidable; according to the book smart boffins over at Harvard Business, you can find the following four types of people busying about in every office:

  • Logical, analytical, and data-oriented
  • Organized, plan-focused, and detail-oriented
  • Supportive, expressive, and emotionally oriented
  • Strategic, integrative, and idea-oriented

The key is to providing team building events that introduce workers to one another’s awesome attributes, encouraging a cohesive fusion of their strengths and skills. It really is that simple. Accolade has your back.

Ice breaker activity

Team building events tailored to the individual

Smashing a team builder is all about finding the balance between business priorities and individual need and interest. What’s that mean? Well, all delegates are there in a professional capacity. They enter the room ready to jump into action and take things on board for the good of the business. As such, corporate events are an ideal opportunity to work your business ethos and aims into the very core of the day’s activities.

With that thought parked in the back of your mind, there’s another aspect that factors. To get the best from everyone in attendance, your day needs to have appeal and capture the imagination of your delegates. Once they are immersed in the action, they will invest, participate and produce some pretty good stuff. With everyone sticking in together, fortes shine through, and your employees get to know their colleagues strengths, quirks, and manner of working.  Along with breaking any stubborn ice amongst staff, delegates develop a tonne of transferrable knowledge about the business, themselves, and those they share an office with, too.

Booking a team builder with Accolade

Want to book one of our magical, happy-tear-inducing, mojo-enhancing team builders? We don’t blame you. We’ve got to be honest. Everyone does. The good news is, we’ve got such a selection of tailor made event ideas that we can guarantee one will be spot on for you and your business.

Accolade are the experts in bespoke team builders, that really get delegates off their seats, involved in what’s going on and eager to participate individually, and as part of a group. It’s what we do. From haka tribal dancing, to company festivals. It's a Knockout outdoor inflatable games, to Cocktail Masterclasses. BBC-inspired Team Apprentice Item Hunt, to Simply Team Dancing. The options are endless. We've done the creative stuff, ready for you to bring the bespoke factor, with your business info.

Let’s get the ball rolling and your team performing. Call Accolade today on 0800 083 1172.

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