Ice breaker activities At Accolade Corporate Events, conference ice breaker activities are our speciality. We know what works. If you were thinking of starting with, ‘Let’s go around the room. Say your name, and something interesting about yourself,’ chuck that idea out of the office window, right now. We can do far better than that. Ice breaker activities are all about bringing the room together, getting delegates involved, enthusiastic about the day ahead. Do the ice breaker right, and you’re likely to have a really successful conference. Why? Because your room will be filled with motivated, engaged individuals, who have been geared-up from the get-go. They’re ready to contribute to your conference. We don’t want to claim anything too wild, but ice breakers really are an art. An art that Accolade has perfected. Say ‘no more’ to cringe-worthy, awkward ice breakers. You’ve got this. team Building Icebreakers Ice breakers that are built for your business To get delegates involved and excited, you have to do something original. Surprise them. That’s the only rule. Organise some innovative ice breaker activities. With Accolade ice breaker activities, there’s no set format. We like to keep things flexible to fit around your business needs. We vary themes and content to ensure your objectives are incorporated. You’ve got some serious stuff to cover, we know. We can cut down activities to an amount of time, specified by you. We slip smoothly into your itinerary.

5 of our very favourite ice breaker activities

On to the fun stuff. Let’s take a closer look at just five of our absolute favourite Accolade ice breakers. We’ve tonnes more to offer, so if there’s nothing here that strikes your fancy, call us on 0800 083 1172. We’ll sort it. UK corporate events company Animation TeamMake lasting, moving memories of your conference. Literally. Memories that move. Moving movie memories. Never mind... Get those creative juices flowing through the room with an Animation Team ice breaker. Working with plasticine, your team will script, direct, and produce their very own animation film. Sadly, BAFTAs aren't guaranteed. Event at a glance Group Size: 10 - 250 Duration: 2 - 6 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted Worldwide at a venue of your choice Cupcake teambuilding Cupcake CreationsLet them eat cake! Undoubtedly, the tastiest of our ice breakers, Cupcake Creations is a firm favourite. Armed with plain cupcakes and a whole host of cake decorating delights, your delegates are tasked with the brief of creating a unique brand of highly-visual cupcakes. They'll have to design and deliver a marketing strategy too, incorporating demographics, sales strategies and branding. Make them work for it. They can’t have their cake AND eat it. P.S. Please book, purely so we can eat cake. Please with a cherry on top. Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 100 Duration: 1 - 2 Hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted Worldwide at a venue of your choice Cocktail corporate events Cocktail MasterclassShake it up! That’s shaken, not stirred. Who knew conferences could be so enticing! With your delegates divvied up into teams, they'll step behind the bar and learn all the tricks of the cocktail trade from our experts. With new skills mastered, teams then concoct their own cocktail recipe, before presenting and selling their tipple to our mixologists. Tom Cruise eat your heart out. Event at a glance Group Size: 15 - 250 Duration: 90 minutes - 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted throughout the UK at a venue of your choice Thriller dance event Thriller DanceIt’s thriller night… and no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike! You got the bums on seats to fill the conference room. Now it’s time to undo all that entirely, and get bums well and truly off seats with our Thriller Dance ice breaker. Perfect the moves, see your staff do their best zombie strut, all in prep for an almighty, terrifying – some may say… thrilling – final performance. mUahahahaha! Event at a glance Group Size: 10 - 1000 Duration: Flexible from 1 – 4 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted Worldwide at a venue of your choice Dragons Den Dragons Dens: I’m in! Do your delegates have what it takes to secure that seal that famously desired deal? Together, in groups, they’ll pick a product, script a pitch, then step into the Dragons Den. Team work is essential. Do it well, and our panel is sure to say those goosebump-worthy words, ‘I’d like to make you an offer…’ Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 75 Duration: Flexible from 90 minutes – 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice So are you ready to break that ice at your next conference? Perfect, let's go! Call 0800 083 1172 or if you want to keep it all hush, hush, then zip on over a message to us using our contact form and we'll communicate however you would prefer.
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