The Importance of Corporate Entertainment

Evening Corporate Events Corporate event entertainment – Why it matters and how to get it right Your annual corporate event – it’s taken blood, sweat and tears to get here – many phone calls, even more emails and lots of paperwork. As for the corporate entertainment, you booked them, months ago. Now? It’s a matter of hoping that they’re as good as they said they were. Yet wishing and hoping isn’t quite the approach we’d recommend. Forget holding your breath and crossing your fingers, here’s how to ensure the corporate entertainment you choose is the right type, and of the right quality.  First things first: Corporate entertainment is capable of incredible things… Things such as… Boosting staff morale and breaking the ice between departments that don’t often mix Rewarding staff performance Forging stronger relationships with your existing clientele Introducing new staff intakes to one another and allowing them to bond in an informal atmosphere Bringing a conference to a close – on a high and completing the day’s core messages Celebrating the year’s achievements at the Annual General Meeting Generating footfall into your event – such as your product launch or client party Stirring up new business and winning new contracts Strengthening and communicating your brand values As you can see, your choice of corporate entertainment can make or break an entire event - get it right, and your event could power business growth for the coming 12 months. Get it wrong however and you run the risk of associating your brand with cheesy entertainment that falls flat and causes nothing but an hour’s worth of awkward moments.  A firm foundation: Picking the right type of corporate events entertainment Company Festival Corporate Event The type of event entertainment that’s right for your audience will be determined by four core factors: Age, gender, social background and interests. This is made slightly more complex if you have layer after layer of management – where entry level positions (and the people in them) contrast significantly against those in upper management. If there’s a huge disparity between your audience, go for unfailing winners – such as magicians, comedians or dancers.

Corporate entertainment – Our four top tips

Plan WELL ahead of time: The best of entertainment acts book up well in advance (we’re talking full diaries for 6 months or more). As such, this task should feature right at the top of your list as soon as you’ve set the date. Arranging your entertainment as one of the first tasks also allows you to organise other elements of your event – such as the seating plan, room layout, schedule for the day and so on. Set your budget (and appreciate that, in this industry, you really do get what you pay for)Is your event entertainer promising a price that seems too good to be true? If so deafening warning bells should be sounding. In this line of work, you truly do get what you pay for – for better or for worse. When researching event entertainers you should also confirm what, exactly, is included in their fee – will they want travel expenses, an overnight room, food and drink – these are just some examples of extras that can add onto the final bill. Questions? Ask away: Don’t be afraid to ask questions of any potential entertainer, especially in relation to their experience and ‘typical’ gigs. Here are some key questions you may want to consider: Have you performed at many events such as this one? How long have you been performing? Do you foresee any challenges, and if so is there anything I can do to help? Experience – It’s the simplest way to be certain of a great show: Choosing an entertainer that’s got an excellent track record with your exact type of event is the easiest way of taking the guesswork out of whether your event will be a success. Company Christmas Party Take our Team Generation Game entertainment – that’s always a winner for wrapping up a conference, or The Haka Evening Event, which makes for one exceptional ice breaker. Finally, our diverse party entertainers have worked almost every type of event – from shareholder and VIP evenings, to sparkling Christmas parties. The importance of your corporate event entertainment is not to be underestimated. When you understand the benefits of event entertainment, and you get to grips with your audience and exactly what’s available, you hand yourself the best possible chance of acing your event organisation. Of course, you could just forget about leaving anything to chance, and bring in the professionals. Such as our good selves. So, maybe it was time we talked? 0800 083 1172

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