Christmas Party Entertainment

Looking for exceptional Christmas Party Entertainment for your party? Look no further! We’ve been hosting successful Office Christmas Party Entertainment for over 15 years now, we know what works and how to combine all the right elements for a great time.If you would like ideas that will really engage and entertain your team at your company party this year, then take a look at our website or give us a call and we can suggest effective entertainment specifically for your team. Save your time and let us do all the hard work for you, we can arrange everything from the venue to the entertainment or if you've already got a venue then we can provide just the entertainment - it's up to you!

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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TV Inspired Events

Our TV inspired events harness the power of phenomenally successful TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Apprentice, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Cube, Spooks, It's a Knockout and many, many other shows.  Exciting range of TV inspired team focused events for your company to host!We've taken the nations favourite TV shows and transformed them into fantastic team focused events.

TV inspired events that engage and motivate your team!

If you'd like to find out more about how our TV inspired events can help motivate and build your team, then please give our friendly and enthusiastic events team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we can discuss how we can help you and send you a full proposal with different event ideas without any obligation at all. 

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Company Game Shows

Need Company Game Shows? We are the experts and have the perfect blend to make a wonderful gameshow experience. Need your company message heard in an unusual and engaging way? Our Game Shows can be totally customised, so each question asked is about your company.

Everyone Plays in our Engaging Company Game Shows

Totally team focused, they will entertain, they will engage and they will work. We provide professional, quality and superbly hosted gameshow events that are tried and tested - we know they work and they will be successful. Not all gameshow events are made the same and ours are quality events. Take a look at our wide range of team focused and interactive game shows!

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Corporate Entertainment

Our Corporate Entertainment events are simply superb! With our professional team and working with high quality entertainers we can ensure that you will have a fabulous evening! Whether you want entertainment with your pre dinner drinks, something between the courses of your meal or entertainment after dinner, you can be certain that we'll be able to suggest the perfect entertainment for your numbers and your company!

Sensational Corporate Entertainment to suit all types of groups

Looking for something different? We've a wide range of fun, interactive entertainment to suit all groups; take a look below at a small selection of our events.

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Team Building

If you need a diverse range of fun, motivational and successful team building focused events, then we've got the perfect slection for you!If you are looking for motivational team events that will get your teams communicating and working as one, then you've come to the right place! We've an exciting range of interactive team focused motivational events. Our events have been specifically designed for companies who want to build their teams, with constant evolution you can be certain that our events are up to date and relevant in todays business environment. With our events, we can get your messages across in minutes and engage your teams perfectly.

Team Building Activities Ideas

Accolade Corporate Events can guide you through the full process of arranging your next team building event, from listening to your objectives and giving you a detailed selection of carefully selective team events, to arranging the perfect venue to host it at. We use professional experienced team members who are wonderfully motivational and effective and our event managers are there on the day to ensure that your event is a resounding success. With our years of experience, you can be sure that when you book your events with Accolade, you are working with an events partner with experience, enthusiasm and a company that wants your event to be hugely successful.

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Conference Energisers

Conference energisers are our speciality - we are experts at creating a hugely motivational atmosphere in a very short time. Professionally hosted events by our experienced energetic and focused team means that you can be sure that your energisers are going to achieve your goals and communicate your messages.

Range of inspirational Conference energisers with incredible results from 10 minutes up!

Conference energisers and ice breakers need to have phenomenal results in a short space of time. Your conference must engage and empower your team, you need your message to be heard, absorbed and remembered. We've got a wide range of energisers that fulfil a spectrum of different objectives, from the 'wake them up' energiser to an energiser that will communicate your company message in an incredibly short space of time - whichever your objective is, we will be able to help you achieve it.Not sure which energiser you should choose for your next conference or event? Give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and tell us what your objectives are and what you are looking to achieve and we'll be able to send over a full proposal packed with of ideas to you today - all completely free of charge and with no obligation!

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Outdoor Events

Looking for outdoor events that are motivational, fun and team focused? We've got a wide range of exciting events to choose from, for large and small groups alike, for a short burst or a full day of activities; whatever your remit, you can be sure that we can help you achieve your goals.

Outdoor events that build your team, engage and motivate

When you contact us, you'll find our motivated team are brimming full of ideas of how to make the most of your next team building event and maximise its potential. One call to us means that you're already well on the way to organising one of the most memorable events you've ever hosted!

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Cooking Team Building

Harness the power of coking TV shows by hosting your very own Bake Off or a cooking event. Our cooking team building events are fun and totally team focused events! With the success of the Great British Bake Off, Master Chef and Hells Kitchen our superb cooking team events have never been so much in demand! Hugely successful with both men and women alike, they focus on creativity, time management and team work. We are constantly updating and creating new and exciting cooking events so why not take a look at the different events that we can offer your company or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Cooking Team Building Activities

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Most Popular Team Events

Interested to know which are our most wanted team building and corporate entertainment events right now? Check out the Top 12 most popular team events that clients are booking this season!Interested to see what's popular with our clients at the moment - it's a constantly changing list as the seasons change and we launch new events but here's 12 team focused events that are popular at the moment!

Most popular team events that our clients are choosing right now!

Its good to know what other companies are booking for their teams at the moment, with so many different and exciting options, it's reassuring to see that other event bookers are choosing us as their team building providers.

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Accolade Corporate Events

Experts in team building, corporate entertainment and events, hospitality and conferences, Accolade Corporate Events will help you to build your team, motivate and inspire them, and leave them ready to achieve company success.

You’ve come to the right place, as we know we can help your next corporate event be your most successful event ever. Call us today on 0800 083 1172 and let’s talk about hosting your successful event.

Spooks Corporate EventWhen you are organising corporate events, it’s easy to feel the pressure, you need to host an event that’s not only hugely successful, it’s got to be motivational and ensure that each and every one of your team members are engaged. Each company that we host events for is different, each team within the company is different – even the same team from the same company can be different six months along the line, with people coming and going and shifts on the company objectives. That’s why we are always first call for many events organisers, we don’t stand still, we have a thirst for developing new creative events that both predict and respond to our clients needs. Just look at our website and you’ll see that there’s a constant stream of brand new team building and corporate entertainment events released on a monthly basis.

Do you feel your group is too small or too large for team building events? This will never be the case! Working with 5 or 5000 people, we have the skills, the resources and the corporate event ideas to ensure that we can deliver an exceptional event for you.

Outdoor Team BuildingTeam building is an essential and necessary part of business and it’s important not to neglect it. The old saying that a team that plays hard together will work hard together is actually very true. The playing part doesn’t need to be play that doesn’t add value though, it can be managed carefully whether its team building, corporate entertainment or corporate hospitality, if you plan it right, you will reap the rewards. We can help with all of these, we’ll either have a lengthy call with you or arranged a meeting where we can get a real feel for your company, your team dynamics and your objectives; it’s only by understanding these, that we will be able to put together a proposal that is tailored to your specific requirements, your budget and your company objectives, meaning that you will have some very exciting, effective and vialble team events to consider.

Take a look at our success stories and you’ll quickly see that we’ve worked with the nation’s leading companies, planning, hosting and managing many of their events. With a hugely successful track record, we are proven experts in the field of events for corporate clients, team building and entertainment and have hosted our events for over 15 fantastic years. In that time we have successfully delivered thousands of events to our satisfied clients. With many years of relevant experience behind our committed and passionate events team, Accolade Corporate Events is the events and hospitality company that you can trust and rely on to host your next successful corporate event.

Need help? If you are looking to host a team building event, corporate entertainment, corporate event or to arrange a conference and don’t know where to start, then give us a call. Tell us your objectives, what you are hoping to achieve from your event, tell us about your team and company and we’ll be able to suggest a range of effective solutions and corporate hospitality for you.

Haka Team Building EventWhich are the most popular daytime team building events? You can click on the Most Popular Team Events box above in the options. You’ll see events like Team Apprentice of which we’ve just launched a very special charity version where your teams get to help community charities; you’ll see our Game of Thrones style of event where you get to compete in teams for control of castles and joust like knights. Then there’s Company Bake Off which is hugely popular thanks to the Great British Bake Off – men and women alike love this fantastic hands on creative team building event. There’s never been a better time to host the HAKA at the moment with Rugby world cup fever gripping the country and looks likely to hold throughout the year – we host the HAKA with genuine Maori HAKA masters and promise a phenomenal event!

Fantastic choice of corporate events

We’ve got creative team building events such as the Big Picture, Movie Making and Sculpture Workshop,; we’ve got  conference energisers such as Beat the Cube, Gum Boot Dancing and Team Millionaire; We’ve many indoor team building events such as Dragons Den, Million Point Drop and Company Canapé Making; then there’s our outdoor team building events like School Sports Day. It’s a Knockout and Treasure hunts; back indoors with cooking team building events which include Company Bake Off, Cupcake Creations and Ice Cream Making; then firm favourites with our company game shows, Company Fortunes, Play Your Cards and Team Game Show Marathon and then for the evening corporate entertainment ideas, such as Cocktail masterclass, News for You and Company Festival – you name it and we probably do it!

What can our events help you achieve? We can help you with the delivery of your message, our events build communication between your people, they break down barriers, they improve the way your company message is received and they leave your teams with an incredibly motivated frame of mind.

With your company firmly in mind, you’ll find that we are extremely flexible and adaptable. We can take any of our existing corporate events and adapt and tailor it to suit your company culture and objectives. We love creating completely bespoke event solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Give our professional, friendly and enthusiastic events team a call today and let your company be our next success story!