Christmas Party Entertainment

Party VenueLooking for exceptional Christmas Party Entertainment this year? Look no further! We’ve been hosting successful Office Party Entertainment for nearly 20 years now, we know what works and how to combine all the right elements for a great time.DSC_5797We've got a varied range of different party entertainment from gameshows run throughout your evening, to interactive games like simulators, photobooths and magic mirrors to the traditional casino tables and giant scalextric.Wild West Party ThemeA company Christmas party doesn't always have to be Christmas themed, we have many different themes and can transform your dining room into a magical Winter Wonderland, an impressive Fire and Ice experience or even an old fashioned Victorian Christmas. If you want to warm up your guests this year then take them to a tropical island with a beach party or straight to the Wild West! Talk to us about the different themes that we can host for you, we are constantly updating our portfolio of wonderful ideas.BJSS (307)If you would like fun ideas that will really engage and entertain your guests at your company party this year, then take a look at our website or give us a call and we can suggest effective entertainment specifically for your team. Save your time and let us do all the hard work for you, we can arrange everything from the venue to the entertainment or if you've already got a venue then we can provide just the entertainment - it's up to you!BJSS (224)Your guests will love our superb party bands and high quality entertainers. All of our acts are selected because they deliver a fantastic performance, ensuring that your guests are entertained and your evening is well and truly enhanced. With different performers available we have a wide range to suit your group size and budget.

Christmas Party Entertainment

If you’ve been tasked to organise your Office Christmas Party Entertainment, you’ll probably already know it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. It’s important that whatever you decide to host appeals to everyone and that you get a positive reaction from your group. No pressure then!Winter Wonderland Theme PartyLuckily, we’re used to working with organisers who have the responsibility of the entertainment weighing down on them. We can certainly help you, that’s for certain. By asking the right questions about your team, your venue and your budget, we can identify a selection of different entertainment options for your company party.So if you are organising a Christmas party at a venue for 500 people or if you are having an in-house office based Christmas party this year, then call us on 0800 083 1172 and we can start planning to make this year’s party the best you’ve had.

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TV Inspired Events

Corporate events ideasIf you've ever watched the Apprentice and thought you could do better or have been transfixed with the highs and lows of the Great British Bake Off and wish you were right there in the thick of it then we've got the perfect events for you! Sit in the hot seats for our team version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and get ready to put your fingers on the buzzers for a unique version of Family Fortunes - we've got it all at Accolade Corporate Events!Company Gameshow

TV inspired events that engage and motivate your team!

Our TV inspired events harness the power of phenomenally successful TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Apprentice, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Cube, Spooks, It's a Knockout and many, many other shows.  Exciting range of TV inspired team focused events for your company to host!We've taken the nations favourite TV shows and transformed them into fantastic team focused events.

Team Apprentice Boardroom

If you'd like to find out more about how our TV inspired events can help motivate and build your team, then please give our friendly and enthusiastic events team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we can discuss how we can help you and send you a full proposal with different event ideas without any obligation at all.TV Inspired events

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Company Game Shows

Company GameshowOur company game shows have to be one of our favourite corporate entertainment events for the evening. Not only are they highly visual, totally interactive, professionally hosted but they really are great fun!The corporate game shows don’t have to take over your whole evening, they are specifically designed to enhance your evening event. With the action usually taking place between the courses of your evening meal, this means there’s plenty of time to eat, drink and talk with your fellow guests but having the game show means that there is a competitive element that underpins your evening.Company Game ShowsThis is especially ideal if you have a table of guests that don’t know each other; because each table becomes a team in our team game shows, this means they have common ground, something to talk about and it’s amazing to see how quickly the ice is broken and how they become a focused and incredibly competitive team!Some events organisers ask us if it’s possible to host a company gameshow if they are not having dinner or if we can host it after the meal has finished. The simple answer is ‘yes!’ We can certainly host the show as one complete event, that’s no problem at all and we’ve done it many, many, many times before.Company fortunes We get calls from worried clients who would love to host a gameshow for the evening entertainment but think that their group is too big for us. Well, we can host our shows for up to 500 people, so we do have a fairly sizeable scope there but not all of our shows can accommodate these large numbers. The best thing to do is to give us a call and tell us about your groups and what you would like to host, then we can advise you on if it will work effectively for you and if not, don’t worry, we’ll have an effective alternative solution for you. One thing you can be sure of, if we don’t think your ideas will work and produce a successful event, we’ll tell you – we are in it for a long term relationship with you and always want to see the bigger picture and most importantly - see you coming back year after year, just like our many other clients.MarathonWe have many different Gameshow formats that effectively deliver results for different objectives, Team Millionaire and Company Fortunes are just examples of the flexible formats that can provide you with a fantastic unique conference energiser delivering your company message in a fun and unique way, ensuring that it's absorbed and remembered - it's a powerful medium.Our formats are completely inclusive and suitable for International audiences, so you don’t need to worry if you have people attending from all over the world.Take a look at our website or give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we can discuss which Game Show format will best suit your group and your objectives.Fun Christmas party entertainmentNeed Company Game Shows? We are the experts and have the perfect blend to make a wonderful gameshow experience. Need your company message heard in an unusual and engaging way? Our Game Shows can be totally customised, so each question asked is about your company.

Everyone Plays in our Engaging Company Game Shows

Totally team focused, they will entertain, they will engage and they will work. We provide professional, quality and superbly hosted gameshow events that are tried and tested - we know they work and they will be successful. Not all gameshow events are made the same and ours are quality events. Take a look at our wide range of team focused and interactive game shows!

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Evening Events

Corporate Entertainment IdeasCorporate Entertainment Ideas that engage, motivate and reward.If you're Looking for corporate entertainment Ideas that will be hugely successful and that will engage all of your guests, you've found the experts for the job. We've got such a huge range of fun, entertaining and interactive evening events suitable for all sizes of groups. From Gameshows to hugely impacting HAKA events and from Casino table to fully themed party nights - we really of have something for everyone.German Themed PartyEvening Events and Corporate Entertainment that will be LegendaryOffice Party Ideas: We've got a huge range of different fun entertainment ideas for your office party. From themed party nights and bands to gameshows and interactive entertainment, there really is something for every guest to enjoy.Back to School Party ThemeCorporate Party Themes: We love a good party and when we theme a room, we really bring it to life! We've got a huge range of different company party themes to choose from that are fun and interactive; here are just a small selection of our party ideas; German Beer Festival, Back to School, Brazilian Carnival, Football Fever, Winter Wonderland, Speakeasy, Wild West, James Bond and many others, call our events team for a whole host of other ideas.Office Party organisersCompany Gameshows: If you'd like to bring your guests together and kick start the conversations then an ideal way to break the ice is to host a gameshow throughout your evening. The way that we cleverly host each round between the different courses of your evening meal means that there is plenty of time for conversation which flows easily now because they have common ground.Fun Christmas party entertainment ideasPre Dinner Entertainment: If you want to kick start your company party then a great way is to host pre dinner corporate entertainment. There are so many different ideas to choose from, strolling entertainers like stilt walkers, magicians, mind readers, paparazzi, jugglers. Have a little live music to play while your guests enjoy pre dinner drinks or take part in some fantastic interactive games.BJSS (224)After Dinner Entertainment: There's so much to choose from, literally there's a million and one party entertainment ideas. We work with some of the countries finest musicians and bands or you can experience the vibe that a top notch DJ can bring. Take part in traditional fun party games like casino tables and simulators or why not try a photo booth at your next event? Photo booths are hugely popular forms of corporate entertainment these days and leave a lasting reminder of your fun night.facc (361)Christmas Party Ideas: Of course the office Christmas party is one of the highlights of the year and if you're organising it, you want it remembered for all of the right reasons! We've got a stack of Christmas party ideas and our team love to create new and magical themes - so give us a call and let us ignite your imagination.Winter Wonderland Themed PartyFinding a Venue: If your planning on hosting corporate entertainment, you may need a little helping finding a venue that's right for your company, for your dates, numbers and perhaps most importantly, your budget. We know venues, we know what works and doesn't work for the specific entertainment that you would like to host, so you can be certain that when we suggest a venue for you to consider, we're suggesting it because it will work for your corporate event. And what's even better is that it's a completely free service, we really don't even charge a penny for finding it and if that's not enough of a reason to ask us to help, because we're constantly sourcing venues for our clients, we can negotiate better rates for you than if you went direct, and that's why our clients keep coming back to us time and time again.Party VenueWhether you want entertainment with your pre-dinner drinks, something between the courses of your meal or entertainment after dinner, you can be certain that we'll be able to suggest the perfect entertainment for your numbers and your company!Unique Corporate Entertainment ideas to suit all types of groupsWith new events being launched all of the time then why not give our events and entertainment team a call today on 0800 083 1172, we'll take the time to find out about your company, what you are hoping to achieve and then we'll prepare a no obligation proposal which will give you different exciting corporate entertainment ideas. Looking for something different and unique? We've a wide range of fun, interactive entertainment to suit all groups; take a look below at a small selection of our events.We specialise in sensational corporate entertainment. It’s not enough for your guests to have a good time, it’s got to be great, it’s got to be the evening that’s remembered and talked about for months to come. That's what we excel in; creating events to remember.As you can see from our site, we’ve got some cracking corporate entertainment ideas for you. Our most popular ways of entertaining throughout dinner are Game Shows and we’ve got a wide range of different shows to choose from. With professional, slick presenters and show assistants to guide you through the evening, these are quality productions and guaranteed to engage everyone.Take a look around our website to see many of the different ways we can entertain your guests throughout dinner, or give our enthusiastic events team a call on 0800 083 1172, you can be certain that we can help you.

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Team Building

Team Building There's no disputing that team building works, it can either build, enhance or maintain a team and it's important to be continuously and carefully growing your team. That's why we've developed a range of effective team building events that will deliver and at the same time, be a lot of fun.Indoor team building Indoor team building events: We have so many different indoor team building events to suit your size of group, your time duration and also the space you have to use. When you talk to us, we'll ask some crucial questions so that we can put forward a selection of team building ideas that will work for you.Outdoor Team Building EventsOutdoor team building events: Not everyone wants to stay inside and with a great choice of team activities, there's never been a better time to get a little fresh air. Our fun team events have been designed specifically to build a team spirit, to encourage collaboration and communication. Choices include treasure hunts, Total Wipeout, Country Pursuits, Crystal Maze and School Sports Day.Conference Icebreakers for large groupsConference Icebreakers: It's always astounding to see how quickly and how dramatically we can transform a weary group into an eager and energised audience. We're experts at fun conference icebreakers and it really doesn't matter how much or how little time you have, how much or how little space you have and how small or large your group is, we can help you. Amongst our selection are the HAKA, the Big Picture, Team Animation and the Dragons Den.Bake off team building eventTV Inspired Events: How many times have you watched a TV show and thought 'I'd love to do that' or 'I could do better than that'? Well with these team building events inspired by television, you can do exactly that - but on a team basis. Take part in the Bake Off, the Apprentice or Strictly Come Dancing - there's a range to choose from.Creative team building ideasCreative Team Building Events: This is where we unleash your teams creativity and allow them to try different tasks in a relaxed and supportive environment. Our creative events are based around the need for brainstorming, communication and team work and they are all a very much hands on experience. Team Animation, Ice Cream making, Catwalk Challenge and Movie Making are just a small selection of the fantastic fun creative events that we can host for your company.Fun Christmas party entertainment ideasGameshows: Our gameshow events work perfectly in the day and can often be used by an organiser as a crucial way of ensuring that their message is actually digested by the delegates. With our shows relying on team work and an everybody plays basis, they are not only effective but fun. With familiar formats like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Family Fortunes, Million Point Drop, Countdown, Bullseye, Play Your Cards Right and Have I Got News For You amongst the shows to choose from, you can be certain to engage your delegates.Conference IcebreakersIf you need a diverse range of fun, motivational and successful team building focused events, then we've got the perfect selection for you!If you are looking for motivational team events that will get your teams communicating and working as one, then you've come to the right place! We've an exciting range of interactive team focused motivational events. Our events have been specifically designed for companies who want to build their teams, with constant evolution you can be certain that our events are up to date and relevant in today's business environment. With our events, we can get your messages across in minutes and engage your teams perfectly.Team Building Activities IdeasAccolade Corporate Events can guide you through the full process of arranging your next team building event, from listening to your objectives and giving you a detailed selection of carefully selective team events, to arranging the perfect venue to host it at. We use professional experienced team members who are wonderfully motivational and effective and our event managers are there on the day to ensure that your event is a resounding success. With our years of experience, you can be sure that when you book your events with Accolade, you are working with an events partner with experience, enthusiasm and a company that wants your event to be hugely successful.Experts in team building events, company away days, and conference energisers. Specialists in boosting morale, increasing communication and giving your team an overwhelmingly motivational experience.Contact us today on 0800 083 1172 and let's start working on your most successful event yet.The Top Team Building Events in the UKTeam building events always look easy, the event flows and your team have a great time. But that's always down to the fact that there is precision planning behind the event to ensure that it is 100% perfect on the day. That precision planning starts usually many months before the actual day, with the initial call from the events organiser in search of team building days that will engage and motivate their team.You only have to take a look at our website to see that we have a huge choice of different corporate team building events to choose from and while we have a wide selection, it's obvious that not all events will fit all teams. Different teams and different companies have different objectives. One team may need to improve communication, another may want to break the ice and one team may just want to have a fun rewarding and motivational day - whatever your objectives are, we can guide you to the events that most maximise your time and budget.If you take a look at our success stories, you’ll see that we’ve hosted our team building events for many of the country’s top companies. The quality of our events, the flexibility and creativity that we have and our top notch professional events team makes Accolade Corporate Events a winning choice for clients who want to host effective team building.Do you need help? If you are looking to organise team building for your company and either don’t have the time to browse our site or don’t know where to start, then call us. Team building is our passion, with our extensive experience we know what works, so we’ll be able to give you advice and suggest effective options for you.From groups of 10 right up to 5000, from 10 minutes to a full day, we guarantee we have an event to suit your team and your objectives.What does group team building help your company to achieve? Our events are designed to increase communication, break the ice and break down barriers, enhance leadership skills, promote creativity and thinking outside of the box, help with change management and boost morale back at the work place, amongst many other benefits. Why not give us a call today and let’s make your company team building event our next success story!

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Conference Icebreakers

Conference IcebreakerConference icebreakers are our speciality – we are experts at creating a hugely motivational atmosphere in a very short time. Professionally hosted events by our experienced energetic and focused team means that you can be sure that your energisers are going to achieve your goals and communicate your messages.Creative team building ideasAnimation Team: This is one of our favourite conference icebreakers as it really does get your team working together and breaking down barriers. Teams have to script their animated story, make the lead characters out of plasticine and then shoot their film on Ipads. It's wonderfully creative and fun. We have a special film screening  where all the films are shown and announce which team has won a film award! Suitable for groups of 10 – 250 for 2 – 6 hours.Corporate events ideas Team Apprentice: If you are looking for conference icebreakers ideas that are fun, a huge burst of energy and get your teams out of the conference room for a short space of time, then Team Apprentice Hunt is ideal for you. Just like the TV show we give your teams a list of 'interesting' items that they must track down, negotiate a good price for and then buy - it's always a firm favourite! Suitable for groups of 12 – 250 for 1 - 6 hours.Conference IcebreakersThe HAKA: One of the most powerful and motivational conference icebreakers you could possibly imagine. Our authentic and inspiring HAKA masters take your delegates on a journey as they teach them the HAKA but as the awesome story unfolds, they've very cleverly incorporated your company message. This is guaranteed to leave your delegates on an absolute high, energised and ready to take on any challenge ahead of them - superb.   Suitable for groups of 8 – 2000 for 30 - 90 minutes.Team MillionaireTeam Millionaire: What makes Team Millionaire one of our most popular conference icebreakers is its flexibility and fun; with this wonderfully interactive gameshow, we can totally tailor all of the questions to suit your company objectives making it a powerful tool to reinforce your message. We include all of your delegates so everyone plays at the same time which means that we engage your total audience and as the game progresses you'll see the competition rising within your conference room. Suitable for groups of 12 - 500 for 30 - 90 minutes.Dragons Den Team Building EventDragons Den: Just like the TV show, we ask your teams to pitch to our own panel of dragons. They have to decide on the product, script a pitch and then step into the Dragons Den and give a convincing pitch that will make our dragons want to back them. This conference icebreaker can be completely business focused to your company industry or it can be purely for fun. It's a great icebreaker and gets delegates talking to each other in a relaxed environment. Suitable for groups of 12 - 75 for 90 minutes - 3 hours.Bake off team building eventCupcake Creations: Delicious conference icebreakers always go down a treat! This is like a mini version of our hugely popular Bake Off event and we ask your delegates to work together as teams to produce a range of cupcakes for a specific occasion. Giving them all the tools that they will need, teams have to discuss, decide and then produce their unique cupcakes before presenting them to our chefs for judging. Suitable for groups of 12 - 100 for 1- 2 hours.Conference icebreaker for small groupsThe Big Picture: We often tell our team to see the bigger picture and this conference icebreaker that allows them to do just that! Split into teams we give each team a canvas and part of a picture to recreate but as each team are replicating different sections of the same picture, it's vital that there is communication not only within teams but with the whole group. At the finale your picture is pieced together and unveiled for all to see. Suitable for groups of 5 - 500 for 1- 2 hours.Company fortunes Company Fortunes: 'Our survey says' a motivational and team focused conference icebreaker that's a huge amount of fun! Playing as teams this is a gameshow that everyone takes part in which means that all of your delegates are engaged. We can tailor any of our Company Fortunes to be your company questions, making this a very useful and impacting way of communicating with your team. Suitable for groups of 10 - 100 for 40 - 90 minutes.Cocktail Corporate EventCocktail Masterclass: It's safe to say that this is one of those conference icebreakers that always goes down a storm. This team event is all about creating a unique blend, a brand new cocktail and then presenting it to our experts. Our professional and engaging mixologists will give a demonstration and then it's over to the teams in their fully stocked bar to work their newly found magic. Suitable for groups of 15 - 250 for 90 minutes - 3 hours.Team Build IdeasRight Track: This is very much a hands on conference icebreaker as we task your teams to create a track that our sports cars can perform some special tricks on. With challenges to complete, construction, problem solving and team work is essential if they are going to succeed. An ideal icebreaker for those who need their teams to overcome obstacles in a fun format. Suitable for groups of 15 - 250 for 90 minutes - 3 hours.Conference IcebreakersRange of inspirational Conference icebreakers with incredible results from 10 minutes up!Conference icebreakers need to have phenomenal results in a short space of time. Your conference must engage and empower your team, you need your message to be heard, absorbed and remembered. We’ve got a wide range of energisers that fulfil a spectrum of different objectives, from the ‘wake them up’ energiser to an energiser that will communicate your company message in an incredibly short space of time – whichever your objective is, we will be able to help you achieve it.Not sure which icebreaker you should choose for your next conference or event? Give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and tell us what your objectives are and what you are looking to achieve and we’ll be able to send over a full proposal packed with of ideas to you today – all completely free of charge and with no obligation!Need some help in planning your event? We can most definitely help you. Call 0800 083 1172 and speak to one of our friendly events team today.

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Outdoor Event

Away day ideasOutdoor team building activities are a lot of fun, we love hosting them. There's such a wide variety of different team events to choose from, from purely fun and rewarding to focused and objective based; whichever type of outdoor team event you'd like to host for your company, you can be sure that we'll be able to help you. Contact us now for a PDF proposal of different ideas along with full costs or call on 0800 083 1172.School sports Day Team BuildingSchool Sports Day: It's safe to say that we absolutely love our School Sports Day! It's a perfect combination of competition, collaboration, team spirit and fun. Egg and spoon races, sack races, javelin throwing, space hopper race and the all important tug of war means that there are games that everyone can take part in. Hosted by our very own headmaster and headmistress this is a top class company School Sports Day!  We ensure that it's a huge boost to your company morale. Suitable for groups of 25 - 200 for 2 - 3 hours.Most popular team eventsTotal Wipeout: This is a wonderful fusion of Total Wipeout and It’s a Knockout, both team focused, both inflatable and both with a vast quantity of foam! With a series of highly visual outdoor exciting inflatable challenges to complete, this will test your groups determination, team work and team spirit. We have a completely dry version for indoor events if you would like to host this team building event in the winter. Suitable for groups of 25 - 500 for 90 minutes - 4 hours.Company Festival Corporate EventCompany Festival: Think of Glastonbury on a smaller scale, think tents and strolling entertainers; think outdoor food carts and massage tents; think VW camper van photo booths and henna tattoos and of course think bands! This simply is the best company fun day which won't fail to impress, always highly visual and always highly successful, we can even brand it to be totally company orientated. We've got a stack of ideas and outdoor team building activities to make sure you're Company Festival is legendary. Suitable for groups of 50 - 2000 for 2 - 9 hours.Game of Thrones Corporate EventGame of Knights: Immerse yourself in a Game of Thrones themed team building event as we set a series of noble challenges for your team to complete. Find out if your team are worthy of the throne and see if you have what it takes to survive the winter. An outdoor event that heavily relies on team work, communication and time management while at the same time being great fun. Suitable for groups of 10- 100 for 2 1/2 - 3 hours.Crystal maze team building eventsCrystal Maze: This is an ingeniously cunning take on the hit TV series The Crystal Maze. Teams have to work incredibly close together if they are going to successfully complete each of the zones. With different types of challenges and different levels of difficulty, this is most definitely an event for the organiser who wants teams to increase communication, focus on time management and also lateral thinking. Can be hosted indoors or outdoors Suitable for groups of 10 - 150 for 2 1/2 - 3 hours.Country pursuits corporate eventsCountry Pursuits:  This is a popular corporate event choice for company's who want to either reward their teams or entertain clients. It can be hosted purely on a 'try me' basis or on a competitive level. Choose from activities like laser clay pigeon shooting, geese herding, quad biking and even axe and welly throwing, There's something for everyone and all ages and capabilities. We've got lots of ideas, so contact us today. Suitable for groups of 10 - 300 for 90 minutes - full day.Company Treasure HuntsTreasure Hunts: Our company treasure hunts are great fun. We always write a specific treasure hunt for your company, so you know its bang up to date. We can tailor to your company objectives and we can host it virtually anywhere in the world. With different sections to complete, there is definitely something for everyone which ensures everyone is engaged throughout. Treasure hunts are great for increasing communication between your delegates and breaking down barriers in a relaxed environment. Suitable for groups of 10 - 300 for 90 minutes - full day.Quad Bikes Drive and Shoot: Our driving and shooting days are great fun and a real boost to your team spirit. With lots of great team activity ideas to choose from including quad bikes, powerturns, land hovercrafts and segways. Then there's crossbow, archery, laser clay shooting and axe throwing, you can be certain that there is an activity that will appeal to everybody. We can host it as a competitive event or just for fun.  Suitable for groups of 12 - 250 for 2 - 6 hours.Games that build teamsGames that Build Teams: We've put together a series of different outdoor team building activities that are specifically designed to build teams. With the focus very much on team dynamics, team work and problem solving, this is an event for an organiser who wants to be able to select their specific activities to suit their team and objectives. This team event is always a lot of fun and leaves everyone with a sense of achievement and team spirit. Suitable for groups of 15 - 150 for 1 - 4 hours.Human Table FootballInflatable Team Games: There's no escaping that our inflatable team building activities are a lot of fun and guaranteed to put a bounce in your teams step! With a wide range of games to choose from including human table football, sweeper, gladiator joust and a huge climbing wall, there's going to be a game for every person taking part. We can host our inflatable’s on a fun 'try me' basis or for some series fun we can run it as a team competition. Suitable for groups of 12 - 250 for 2 - 6 hours.Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building

We’ve got so many other outdoor team building activities to choose from so why not pick up the phone and let’s talk about your next event and how we can help you.

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Cooking Team Building

Bake off team building eventHarness the power of coking TV shows by hosting your very own Bake Off or a cooking event. Our cooking team building events are fun and totally team focused events! With the success of the Great British Bake Off, Master Chef and Hells Kitchen our superb cooking team events have never been so much in demand! Hugely successful with both men and women alike, they focus on creativity, time management and team work. We are constantly updating and creating new and exciting cooking events so why not take a look at the different events that we can offer your company or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.Cooking Team Building

Cooking Team Building Activities

Our Cooking Team Building events are hands on and team focused, it doesn't matter if you are a complete beginning or a competent cook, our events have something for everyone, each person will feel like they've contributed to the team effort. Through creativity, communication, time management and team work your team can create something special - and they can eat it!Cooking team building eventYou only have to look at the television listings to see how popular cooking has become in the recent years. With celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Paul Hollywood becoming household names, this is certainly a craze that's captivated men and women alike throughout the nation!DSC_7022We've got a tasty election of food based events for you to choose from and most excitingly, we've got further one's in the pipeline too. Always very popular is our wonderful Company Bake Off, based around the hit TV show Great British Bake Off, we put your teams to the test as they complete three different tasks against the clock. They have to successfully complete their Signature Bake which is always fantastic to watch as individuals discuss, plan and then execute their methods, they have a Technical Challenge which certainly puts them to test as they bake, re bake and then bake again to get it perfect and then of course the Show Stopper! It's always incredible to see what lengths teams go to and ensure that they are star bakers and produce the best show stopping creation! Each team always throws themselves into the event, the concentration in the room is incredible and the competitive spirit is high!Cooking Corporate EventIn summer our Ice Cream Making cooking event is always refreshingly popular! With ingredients at the ready, your teams dream up, taste, manufacture and advertise a new flavour in ice cream - it's always great fun, although we can't always guarantee that we'll like the flavours some teams produce!DSC_6884Everybody loves cupcakes and our cupcake team building event is ideal for those wanting to let their imagination run wild! If there's time, your team will mix the ingredients and bake their own cupcakes, if time doesn't allow then we will provide plain already baked cup cakes and then its up to your teams to create the theme for their range. These always produce stunningly fun results and the best bit is that your teams can either take their creations home or eat them themselves!DSC_6949You can even combine your team building activity with your pre dinner drinks by hosting our canape making event. Each team will receive some top notch advice and tips by our trained chefs before planning, devising and then creating their very own range of canapes. Once they've presented it to our panel of palette conscious chefs, the winning range of canapes will be announced and then all that's left to do is to eat them! This is a fun and unique way of blending your team building activity with your evening dinner.DSC_7000Are you looking to arrange a cooking team building event and don't know where to start? Don't worry, we can help you - just give our events team a call or drop us an email and we can talk you through all of the different events that are available to your company.That's why there's never been a better time to host a cooking team building event. Our cooking corporate events embrace team work, each our carefully designed events  focus on team work, creativity and communication.DSC_7013If you'd like to find out more about our cooking events then please call 0800 083 1172 for further details.

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Most Popular Team Events

Most popular team eventsInterested to know which are our most wanted team building and corporate entertainment events right now? Check out the Top 12 most popular team events that clients are booking this season!Total Wipeout eventsInterested to see what's popular with our clients at the moment - it's a constantly changing list as the seasons change and we launch new events but here's 12 team focused events that are popular at the moment!Corporate events ideas

Most popular team events that our clients are choosing right now!

Conference Icebreakers for large groups

Its good to know what other companies are booking for their teams at the moment, with so many different and exciting options, it's reassuring to see that other event bookers are choosing us as their team building providers.

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Accolade Corporate Events

Corporate Events that work. Hugely successful team building corporate events that focus strongly on team collaboration, communication, energising and boosting morale. Call 0800 083 1172 or contact us and we’ll give you free of charge advice on your event and a full PDF proposal of different suggestions and no obligation quote today.

Indoor Team Building Events
With a wide range to choose from, you can be certain our indoor team building events will maximise your company objectives, we have team building activities that last just 15 minutes right up to a full day and literally any size of group – no group is too small or too large.

Bake Off

Outdoor Team Building Activities
Completely away from the office or the conference room, our outdoor team building events are legendary. We have activities to suit all types of groups and demographics and did we mention that our activities are a huge amount of fun?

Outdoor Team Building Events

Conference Icebreakers
You wouldn’t believe how quickly we can transform a tired conference weary group into an energised fully motivated team and if time is really an issue it can be successfully done in as little as 15 minutes – the results are astounding!

Conference Icebreakers

Corporate Entertainment
When you’re choosing your corporate entertainment it’s crucial you choose an event that’s going to be professionally hosted and well received by all of your guests and that’s exactly why our clients come back to us year after year – see our ideas for yourself.

Corporate Entertainment

Christmas Party Ideas
It’s easy to feel the pressure when you are arranging your Christmas party as it’s the highlight of your office or company’s social calendar – let us organise it for you, with our free venue finding service and a multitude of entertaining ideas, we know we can help.

Christmas Party Ideas

Office Party
If you’re looking to host an office party then you’ve come to the right place. With great ideas for party entertainment the whole year round, let us help you organise the best office party yet!

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Company Fun Day
Rewarding your team and their families for all of their hard work and loyalty is incredibly important. We create memorable family fun days that everyone can enjoy and the boost to office morale is extraordinary!

Company Fun Days

Corporate Events Ideas that are fun and motivating

Experts in team building, corporate entertainment and events, hospitality and conferences, Accolade Corporate Events will help you to build your team, motivate and inspire them, and leave them ready to achieve company success.

You’ve come to the right place, as we know we can help your next corporate event be your most successful event ever. Call us today on 0800 083 1172 and let’s talk about hosting your successful event.

Spooks Corporate EventWhen you are organising corporate events, it’s easy to feel the pressure, you need to host an event that’s not only hugely successful, it’s got to be motivational and ensure that each and every one of your team members are engaged. Each company that we host events for is different, each team within the company is different – even the same team from the same company can be different six months along the line, with people coming and going and shifts on the company objectives. That’s why we are always first call for many events organisers, we don’t stand still, we have a thirst for developing new creative events that both predict and respond to our clients needs. Just look at our website and you’ll see that there’s a constant stream of brand new team building and fun corporate entertainment events released on a monthly basis.

Do you feel your group is too small or too large for team building events? This will never be the case! Working with 5 or 5000 people, we have the skills, the resources and the corporate event ideas to ensure that we can deliver an exceptional event for you.

Outdoor Team BuildingTeam building is an essential and necessary part of business and it’s important not to neglect it. The old saying that a team that plays hard together will work hard together is actually very true. The playing part doesn’t need to be play that doesn’t add value though, it can be managed carefully whether its team building, corporate entertainment or corporate hospitality, if you plan it right, you will reap the rewards. We can help with all of these, we’ll either have a lengthy call with you or arranged a meeting where we can get a real feel for your company, your team dynamics and your objectives; it’s only by understanding these, that we will be able to put together a proposal that is tailored to your specific requirements, your budget and your company objectives, meaning that you will have some very exciting, effective and viable team events to consider.

Take a look at our success stories and you’ll quickly see that we’ve worked with the nation’s leading companies, planning, hosting and managing many of their events. With a hugely successful track record, we are proven experts in the field of events for corporate clients, team building and entertainment and have hosted our events for nearly 20 fantastic years. In that time we have successfully delivered thousands of fun and quality events to our satisfied clients. With many years of relevant experience behind our committed and passionate events team, Accolade Corporate Events is the events and hospitality company that you can trust and rely on to host your next successful corporate event.

Need help? If you are looking to host a team building event, corporate entertainment, fun corporate event or to arrange a conference, need ideas and don’t know where to start, then give us a call. Tell us your objectives, what you are hoping to achieve from your event, tell us about your team and company and we’ll be able to suggest a range of effective solutions and corporate hospitality for you.

Haka Team Building EventWhich are the most popular daytime team building events? You can click on the Most Popular Team Events box above in the options. You’ll see events like Team Apprentice of which we’ve just launched a very special charity version where your teams get to help community charities; you’ll see our Game of Thrones style of event where you get to compete in teams for control of castles and joust like knights. Then there’s Company Bake Off which is hugely popular thanks to the Great British Bake Off – men and women alike love this fantastic fun hands on creative team building event. There’s never been a better time to host the HAKA and we host the HAKA with genuine Maori HAKA masters and promise a phenomenal event!

Fantastic choice of corporate events

We’ve got fun creative team building events such as the Big Picture, Movie Making and Sculpture Workshop,; we’ve got  conference energisers such as Beat the Cube, Gum Boot Dancing and Team Millionaire; We’ve many indoor team building events such as Dragons Den, Million Point Drop and Company Canapé Making; then there’s our outdoor team building events like School Sports Day. It’s a Knockout and Treasure hunts; back indoors with cooking team building events which include Company Bake Off, Cupcake Creations and Ice Cream Making; then firm favourites with our company game shows, Company Fortunes, Play Your Cards and Team Game Show Marathon and then for the evening corporate entertainment ideas, such as Cocktail masterclass, News for You and Company Festival – you name it and we probably do it!

What can our events help you achieve? We can help you with the delivery of your message, our events build communication between your people, they break down barriers, they improve the way your company message is received and they leave your teams with an incredibly motivated frame of mind.

With your company firmly in mind, you’ll find that we are extremely flexible and adaptable. We can take any of our existing corporate events and adapt and tailor it to suit your company culture and objectives. We love creating completely bespoke event solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Give our professional, friendly and enthusiastic events team a call today and let your company be our next success story!