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Corporate Team Events UK In the everyday of your business, your teams must be creative, resourceful and ready to react to rapidly changing circumstances. Each individual in your workforce has been chosen especially for their natural talents in each of these areas, yet continually nurturing and developing these individuals is often what defines your company, from your competitors. It’s no easy feat, but that’s not to say that training must be dull and devoid of fun. Let’s take a look at how creative events can be put together, and what you should think about. Creative Events – Six Core Elements Team building could and should be fun. Full stop. Yet in order to also be productive you need to ensure the following six elements are woven into the fabric of your team day.
  1. The event is fun for all: This first pointer can be a tricky one to get right if you’re organising the event yourself – after all, everyone’s idea of fun differs, and whist the CEO may think that old school trust exercises are a belly-rumbler, others may consider them a tear-jerker. Your see, ‘fun’ is nothing short of an art form in this industry of ours. If you are set on organising it yourself, undertake plenty of research – explore our fun team building activities as a great starting point.
  1. The activity is something completely new to everyone: Creative events must push your teams and challenge them in new ways to work out fresh ideas and solutions. So you can forget about going bowling, ice skating or anything else that’s been done before and has no focus on creativity.
  1. The task encourages communication and problem solving under pressure: Pressure is a critical ingredient to developing creative thinking, without it your team could just sit back with all the time in the world to test and trial bog-standard solutions to the challenge before them.
  1. The fun team building activity is seriously challenging, a little competitive and truly rewarding: Just because you’re aiming for ‘fun’, doesn’t mean that the task at hand shouldn’t challenge your teams and pit them against one another or against the clock. The best team building activities balance fun with adrenaline and pressure – so don’t be afraid to challenge your professionals with a task that tests them to their limit. In doing so, they’ll be forced to find new ways of working, or admit defeat to their co-worker counterparts.
  1. The challenge must involve everyone: A team is only truly a team when every last individual is involved – so make sure you consider skill sets and roles, and create a challenge that is interesting enough to engage and inspire an entire room, not just a select few motivated individuals.
  1. The team building activity must ensure that success is felt by everyone: Experiencing success is a great morale booster – and success, to some extent, should be experienced by every member of every team. While there may well be an ultimate team that wins the illustrious prize of top dog, smaller awards are helpful in recognising the unique strengths and differences between your staff and your teams.Creative events

Lets get those creative juices flowing with our ever so fun, ever so productive creative events

Fun Team Building Activities – Accolade Style Those six mission-critical pointers above may have you thinking that fun team building activities that also nurture creativity are tough to get right. We get it. We’ve been in this business for two decades, and over those years we’ve sought to perfect this corner of the company events market. Here’s the fruits of our labour… Sculpture WorkshopThis event is ALL about creativity, as your team is challenged to create a totally unique sculpture that fulfils our brief. The Sculpture Workshop can even be entwined with your company’s vision, values, goals or target market. FunopolyFrom destination to destination, donning police hats to jail bird jumpers, Funopoly encourages your team to be as creative as possible for photo ops around the local area – for which they’ll receive points (and what do points make?!). Team ApprenticeEver watched the latest hapless intake of apprentices on TV and thought that you could do better? Now you can hand your teams this chance with the Team Apprentice day - an event that’s totally customisable. You could even create viable business ideas that are ready to be taken straight back to the boardroom come Monday morning. The real Sir Alan Sugar hasn’t got anything on our Alan Sugar Rush. Company Bake Off!Mary Berry? Pah! Who needs her when you’ve got teams who are encouraged to channel their creativity into baked creations? This event is perhaps the least pressurised of our line-up, yet it’s no less demanding when it comes to your team having to brainstorm, develop and design their very own cake. At Accolade Events, we know just what it takes to get your teams thinking laterally and helping them pool their creative input. From Play Dough to Big Pictures, we bond teams and boost productivity. Let’s get those creative juices flowing, let’s talk about organising your creative event.
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