Fun team building activities to get those creative juices flowing

Have you considered creative, fun team building activities a viable option for your next event? Out of the office, away from the humdrum of the daily routine, these fun team building activities can inject a much needed dose of mindfulness into team meetings.

In the past, long ago, in times gone by, creative team builders, which incorporate painting, sculpting, and animation-centred tasks, for example, were solely reserved for a certain arts-focused industries. But, as insight into how individuals develop, communicate, and collaborate with others progressed, it became pretty darn clear that such fun team building activities aren’t solely reserved for arty farty types.

Now, zooming into 2018 and beyond, creative team building events are held by companies of all kinds, across the globe. Valued for their ability to capture delegates imagination in immersive, free-thinking activity, which subtly reinforces your business ethos and key conference messages, they’re a top choice amongst employers.

In the mind-set to invest

Whether carving away in one of our Sculpture Workshops or creating fantastical designed bakes in our Company Bake Off, creative workshops are a little out of the ordinary.

When delegates are allowed time to focus in on tasks that are a little out of the ordinary, to say the least, the mind switches on, and creative juices start to flow. Fully immersed fun team building activities, your delegates invest in the project at hand.

And you bet ‘cha, this investment is transferable. Corporate messages are built into your team builders, and when team members actively engage with these objectives, you see the results back in the office too. Your ROI shoots through the roof, with informed, motivated, interested individuals, who are driven by their contribution to the bigger picture.

Creative events

Pictures speak louder than words

Way before words, we were using symbols and drawings to communicate with each other. Believe it or not, despite having all the words in the world to articulate our every opinion and inner desire, we are still drawn to drawings.

In today’s corporate world, where investing in the individual is an absolute essential, it is definitely worth chalking this one up and giving it a go. Accolade’s Big Picture event is a brilliant way of bringing teams together through art, as they each contribute a small area of a large masterpiece.

Utilise these fun team building activities to give your team’s communication skills a boost, using visual means to stimulate creative, collaborative thinking.

Building teams mindfully

When was the last time you allowed your team some time out, specifically to calm the ambience of the office and improve overall well being? Let’s be honest, despite the progressive steps companies have made to forge compassionate workplaces, employee well being still has a long way to go.

Our creative team builders are an innovative, alternative option for businesses hoping to hold events which holistically tackle targets, team skills, and mental well being. It’s a hole in one, it’s a win-win situation, it’s having your cake and eating it. Quite literally, as well, if you opt for the Company Bake Off.

We spend a whole lot of our waking hours at work. Nurturing a content, calm, and cooperative team is absolutely essential if you want to reel in those results. Whether you opt for Sculpturing Workshops, Cake Decorating, or Team Animation, give your delegates the chance to channel their creativity and reinvigorate their minds.

Creative teambuilding

Celebrating individuality

The key with all Accolade corporate events is the fun factor. We work with you to build bespoke, one-off company days, truly tailored to capture your aims, and your team’s imagination. Creative fun team building activities only accentuate these benefits, allowing for the individual to shine through, whatever their skills and strengths.

Of course, not all peeps are artistic types, but that’s really by the by. There’s more to it than that! Simply giving delegates the space to play with their creativity is liberating in itself. Providing the time for them to collaboratively indulge in immersive original tasks, can send staff confidence soaring.

After all, it’s all about what they can contribute to the mix. The part they play in creating something wonderful, and innovative as part of team. Whatever they can offer, no matter how big or small, everyone’s individual influence and vision is important. And there’s no better message for the office mind-set. We’re not wrong.

So, all ready for some fun that will really make a difference? Ok, then, lets talk about how we can build your team and give them a really fantastic day - call the fun team on 0800 083 1172!



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