Industry Insider Tips: Entertainment for Small Corporate Groups

Corporate party ideas We’ve previously waxed lyrical about tackling the challenge of corporate entertainment*, and you’d probably think that putting together a corporate event for a smaller group of people is a whole lot easier. But you’d be wrong. Very, wrong. You see, that smaller the audience, the even less impressed they sound with lacklustre entertainment. As for atmosphere? Well it takes some careful consideration as to how a party for 10 could rival the hustle, bustle and laughter of an event for eleven hundred. In short, we’d better get to work with the following six industry insider tips if you’re miniature event is going to be mammoth in memories made, ambience and entertainment. * Missed our font of all knowledge advice? No worries, here are the links: Corporate Event Entertainment – Why it Matters and How to Get it Right | Corporate entertainment – Four Top tips for Booking it Just Right.

The perfect corporate event for your group

1. Ask yourself – What’s the point? What are you trying to achieve? A more cohesive team? Impressed clients? A celebration of the company’s progression? Deciding upon the purpose of your event is an essential firm foundation for getting what you want out of the day or evening, whether that be motivated employees, new contracts won, or boosted, company-wide morale. Understanding this core purpose can then guide your choice of entertainment, venue, activity, even your catering choices. 2. Take one step back, and put together a strategy: SMART - it’s the most overused business anagram of all time, but it’s also super relevant when it comes to creating an on-point corporate event. For those who’ve escaped this business concept thus far, this means that your event goal should always be: · Specific (simple, sensible, significant). · Measurable (meaningful, motivating). · Achievable (agreed, attainable). · Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based). · Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive). Examples of focused, SMART event goals could be to connect, better, with clients or potential clients; or it could be to create brand infinity, more motivated managers or establish a better knowledge of your company’s ethos. Corporate Entertainment 3. Remember: Key to killer corporate event entertainment is interaction and engagement: When your delegates are limited in number, it’s critical that your event engages each and every individual – ensuring everyone is involved, and ice is shattered. Events that fall into this category include quiz style entertainment, like our Multi Quiz Show, Million Point Drop, Name that Tune or the Play your Cards Gameshow, and interactive entertainment that includes our Murder Mystery Evening, the Haka Evening Event, Casino Tables and Cocktail Masterclasses. 4. Don’t (whatever you do) overlook the logistics: The seemingly smallest of details could, and often does, prove disastrous for the novice event organiser, so you really need to pay attention to the dull logistics of your big day - think about equipment, staging, public transportation, event content, refreshments, special dietary requirements and so on (and on and on and on). 5. Changed a teeny-weeny detail? Look at your corporate event at a whole: Things get in the way, details can change, providers may let you down - you may get months into the planning and need to change caterers, venues or entertainers. If some rearrangements do pop up, you need to consider how they could railroad other elements of your event – such as whether a new venue can still provide the facilities for the chosen entertainment, or if your new caterers can handle the special dietary requirements of your guests. Corporate event 6. Whether resources, time or budget, always respect your limits: Organising a corporate event for even the smallest of companies can be tough, expensive, hard going, when going it alone. Our top tip? Choose a reputable event company. Failing that however you should always understand your limitations – in resources, budget and time. From playing detective and discovering Whodunit, to playing bond and bonding over the casino table, we know just what it takes to create coherent teams, celebrate successes and entertain small and perfectly formed audiences. So, when you’re ready to talk, you know where we are, call us on 0800 083 1172.

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