Unique team building activitiesAre your regular team building activities looking a little rusty? Perhaps they’re a bit of the same-old-same-old? Uninspiring to say the least? Accolade Corporate Events is the industry expert in unique team building activities. We’ve got oodles of ideas for fine-tuning those team cogs. All it takes is a little bit of originality, a smidgen of oomph, and a good dollop of creative thinking. Luckily, we’ve done all that for you. You just have to choose which of our unique team building activities tickles your fancy. Here’s just seven of the best to get you started.

7 pretty spectacular unique team building activities from Accolade

Bake OffTeam Bake OffIt may have a new home this autumn, but GBBO remains firmly in our hearts. Aprons, rolling pins, and cookie cutters at the ready, it’s our Bake Off inspired team builder. With Accolade judges to impress, your teams will need to produce their very best showstoppers to ensure they come out on top. Just a word of advice… best to avoid those soggy bottoms!Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 100 Duration: 1 - 4 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choiceIce Cream Making Team EventIce Cream Making Flake? Raspberry sauce? Tub or cone? Who doesn’t love a scoop or two of ice cream? With everyone’s love for iced goodness established, it's time for your team to master the skills required to make their own distinct dessert. Branding established, flavours must be balanced beautifully before your team pitch their sweet treat to our panel of judges. Hands-on, and entirely immersive, teams will be lost in a world of ice cream, determined to wow the judges with their creations.Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 100 Duration: 1 - 3 Hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted nationwide at a venue of your choiceCompany Game ShowsMillion Point DropYou've seen the show, but how will your delegates fare at the Million Point Drop? Playing in groups rather than individuals, teams must work together to retain the highest amount of points, in this tantalisingly tense game show. Complete with all the right music, lighting, and equipment, Million Point Drop creates a corporate event atmosphere, like no other. This is a team building activity that your delegates will never forget.Event at a glance Group Size: 20 - 150 Duration: In between the courses of your meal or as a 90 minute show Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choiceLondon team buildingLondon FunopolyReal life Monopoly on the streets of London, anyone? Of course. Let's go. In fact, let’s pass go, and collect £200 on the way! If you're based in the Big Smoke or want to treat your team to a taste of the capital, London Funopoly is right up your street. Racing against the clock, if teams are to stand a chance of earning as much fun money as possible, teamwork and communication are integral.Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 500 Duration: Flexible from 2 – 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor Location: London Big PictureThe Big PictureThe Big Picture is, in itself, an outstanding oeuvre. But beyond this arty-farty chit-chat, it’s a cracker of a team builder too. Working in small groups, delegates work on small segments of a large piece of art, it can even be a custom piece of art of your choice making this one of the most unique team building activities yet! Teamwork is certainly essential to producing their own section, but they must also coordinate their work to fit with the other teams’ bits to create ‘the big picture’. The result? A  bonded team and an exceptional, original attempt at reproducing a famous work of art. I do say. Splendid!Event at a glance Group Size: 5 - 500 Duration: Flexible from 1 – 2 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choiceSinging team building eventYour songSinging in public? Eeeek! Your Song encourages your delegates to address this common fear, head on. Well and truly outside of their comfort zone, together with our talented voice coaches, your team will produce a phenomenal vocal arrangement, peppered with positive vibes. Use this unique team building opportunity to demonstrate to your delegates just how extraordinary they are.Event at a glance Group Size: 10 - 1000 Duration: Flexible from 45 - 60 minutes Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choiceMovie makingMovie making: Lights! Camera! Action! Movie Maker ensures your team's right in the limelight. Whether they shine as a scriptwriter, an actor, or a film director, they must create a cinematic sensation that our judges will love. Armed with iPads, props, and microphone booms, this is a team builder that demands planning, creativity, communication and time management. That’s a cut!Event at a glance Group Size: 12 - 100 Duration: 2 - 4 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Both Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choiceLike what you've seen and want to organise some pretty spectacular unique team building activities for your company? Fantastic! Give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and let's talk and plan the perfect day for you.

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