If you're looking for ideas for team building events then we can help you. We have team events for any size group, any location, anything's possible!

Brilliant. You've just landed on the page of the team building experts, that's exactly what we do, we build teams. With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what we are doing and your company will be in safe hands. On this page, we're going to give you nine ideas for team building events, just a tiny glimpse into what's possible for your team event; if you'd like more event ideas then take a look at our indoor, outdoor and evening events teambuilding events ideas or even better, just call us on 0800 083 1172, it's always better to talk to an expert and we can guide you towards the right events for your objectives but if you prefer to email us then that's fine, we're here and ready to answer all of your team building questions.

Ideas for team building events

Before we look at nine ideas for team building events, let's just tell you what type of clients we work with; we work with all sizes of business and all types of industries; from Blue Chip to small business, from Pharmaceutical to manufacturing. These are just some of the companies that have trusted Accolade Corporate Events with their team building activities Shell, Norgine, Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Pfizer, BJSS, British Gas, John Lewis, Abbott, BPLC, 3M, AkzoNobel and the list goes on...Now on to the team building ideas!

Team Animation: We love this fun team event. It's got all of the right ingredients for team building, time management, communication, planning and creativity in bucket loads! Who would think that being handed packets of plasticine, paints and an iPad would create a wonderful team building experience and my goodness it delivers. Your teams script a short animation film together and then it's time for some hands on fun as they make the stars of the show. Naturally, we have creative experts on hand for advice and technicians to ensure that everyone can produce a film to be proud of. Call 0800 083 1172 for more details.

Game of Knights: Winter is here.If your team want to get anywhere near the iron throne then they are going to have to prove they have got what it takes with this fantastic Game of Knights come Medieval team building activity. Name your team and design a flag that's fit for the throne, build a castle, knock a castle down, joust the other teams right off their bouncy 'horse', construct a life-size suit of armour and dance around the maypole, simple. A great team building event that can be hosted for up to 100 people.

Drumming: Calling this event a 'drumming workshop' never seems to do it justice. We can't encapsulate the energy and the levels of heightened communication by its name. If you've got a specific message to communicate to your team, no matter how complex or how difficult you think it'll be to convey in a team building event, then this is the event for you. Our expert drum facilitators don't just teach drumming skills, the drumming is the icing and your company message is most certainly the cake.

Total Wipeout: We couldn't resist including this in our 10 ideas for team building events because it's fun on a huge scale. Just the sight of our giant inflatables brings smiles to faces and yes, there are a few nervous looking faces but there are games that everyone can enjoy. This is definitely a great team event if you want to nurture team spirit, cheering your team members on and encouraging them is high on the list for Total Wipeout. Email us if you'd like more details.

Big Picture: No one person can take care of everything, if you're going to succeed then you need a collaborative effort and Big Picture team building activity illustrates that perfectly. Think of a picture, a Picasso and imagine it split into small squares, then imagine your group being split into teams and handed a square and paints and a section of the Picasso to recreate. Easy? Well no, not as easy as you may think because the lines have got to match up, the colour has got to match and so each team needs to communicate with the others. Perfect. Once all of the squares have been finished our team will busily construct the giant masterpiece ready for the grand reveal. You can take your art work back to the office with you and display it for all to see. What a great idea.

Graffiti Workshop: Unleash the inner Banksy's within your team! Our graffiti artist will give some insider tips on how to create vivid and impacting designs and then it's up to your teams to pop on their disposable boiler suits and create a stunning team masterpiece!

9 different and fun ideas for team building events

Not all team building happens in the daytime, so what are the options for you in the evening? Here are just three ideas for team building events in the evening.

Haka: Oh yes, this is definitely a huge and powerful team building activity. Never underestimate the power of this magnificent event that features genuine, real deal, Maori Haka masters who are so good that even Prince Harry chose them to open the Invictus Games with him, yes, they're that good. Just like the drumming in the daytime, we are able to expertly blend into the Haka your company message in a strong, focused and successful way. Stunning.

Gameshow Marathon: Bruce Forstyth, Chris Tarrent and Roy Walker eat your heart out because we take our favourite rounds from our favourite shows and put them all together to create the larger than life Gameshow Marathon. And if you're looking for ideas of how to make it just that little more special, that little bit more memorable then why not have a celebrity like Roy Walker host your show...now that really is a great idea!

Antiques Teamshow: Is that really a Picasso or did we just paint that with our eyes closed? Is that plate a wedgewood or from Tesco's? Would you know? Could you spot a fake? Well that's exactly what we ask your teams to do tonight. Our auction house will be open for viewing and your teams get the chance to study the brochure and see the items on sale; then armed with their team money they have to decide what to bid for and what to bin. Will they make the right choices? Will they spin a profit or will they be totally broke!

Intrigued? Want to know more? We certainly hope so and we'd love to speak to you about our fabulous ideas for team building events. Give us a call and speak with our team building experts on 0800 083 1172 and let's make your next team building activity the best ever!

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