3 Team Building Event Ideas to Enhance Creativity

Do you want your people to be more creative?  Think outside of the box more?  Be looking for ways they can do their own job better and more productively?  If so, then why not choose one of our creative team building event ideas.

We have a range of fantastic team building event ideas which focus on various creative genres from music and art to entrepreneurial events.  Here are three of our most popular creative team building event ideas which cater for 10 to 150 people.

Investors Den

Working as a team, your people need to come up with an innovative business model and present it to our panel of industry experts with all your facts and figures straight.  Whilst no actual money will change hands, the investors’ den will be just as frightening as the Dragons’ Den on the TV.

You can task your teams to come up with something general or have it related to your own company and business area.

Team Apprentice Manufacturing Task

Can your people design, make and sell – all for a profit?  This task will challenge every aspect of modern-day business skills and really give your people the chance to show off their own skills.

Leadership, delegation, communication, business acumen, creative flare and a gift for selling will all be tested in this popular team building event.


We all read the newspapers, but could we write and produce one – against the clock? Deadline will challenge your team to do just that.  Your people be transformed into tabloid hacks for the day and the first team to get the big scoop on the local ‘celebrity’ and get it to print is the winner.