Can you imagine playing football in a stadium that is half the size of a normal field? The goal keep would be able to kick goals form their own box. Mid-fielders would be on top of the defenders! Throw-ins would be a scoring threat! Goal kicks could actually be goals. Team building venues are like a football field. They have contain certain key elements or they are simply not going to work.Americans have taken their love of their brand of football to a whole new level. Arena Football. It is a much shorter field as the game is played in an arena. Not a stadium. For many, this simply is too small and doesn't work. The same concept (not working) can be relayed to team building venues that are too small, do not have the amenities, or are not situated correctly for your needs.

Team Building Venues High Priority

Anytime your corporation wants to hold an event of any kind it is important to host it at a neutral location. This puts everyone at ease and erases a lot of the "work tension" that can be built up over time. As important as this is, finding the right team building venues is even more so. In fact, it should be a high priority.Just like a football field that is only half the normal size will result in much worse game play, a venue that is not right for any team building efforts will have the same dismal results. Anytime you plan a team building experience yourself, or hire a corporate event management company to do it for you, the venue of the event must be chosen first.

Key Elements of Team Building Venues

In choosing team building venues there are key elements which are pivotal in making the decision. Based upon your needs, your corporate size, the time you want to hold the event and what types of entertainment, the venue must fit. The venue must fit your needs rather than your needs fitting into the venue.1. Outdoor and indoor space - Team building games can be either outdoor or indoor events. A combination of both will elevate your engagement ten-fold. For large corporations with a few hundred employees who will be taking part, having enough space - both indoor out outdoor - is important for being more comfortable and able to move freely. Nobody likes to be squeezed into a small space.2. Adequate amenities for entertainment - For anyone who has ever been at a conference, musical performance, or other event where there is music, an emcee, or lighting is not adequate it is not an enjoyable experience. Team building events, corporate conferences and themed nights out demand quality services where people can enjoy themselves while getting the most out of the information or entertainment.This is the same for both indoor and outdoor events. All of the facilities should not only be large enough, but have enough light, ability to amplify sound, access to restrooms and places for shade if in the middle of summer.3. Eating area - Let's face it, food is important. Every event that people are involved in, food is both a demand of attenders and nightmare for those hosting. Team building venues, whether outdoor or indoor, must have a way to either provide catering or have it catered, and a place to dine. Picnic tables, elaborate patio areas, indoor dining rooms or any combination of these are important for a successful event.Venues in which in-house catering is available alleviates several headaches in planning, but it not necessary. However, access for outside caterers is a necessity if there is none available on premises.There is more to team building venues than a sports field or secluded beach. There is the need for space, amenities and dining. These three key elements should be present - to fit your needs - before securing the location. Due diligence in choosing the right team building venue will return in a large profit in terms of employee engagement and improved business skills.

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