There is no mistaking the power of executive team building activities within an organization. Drastic changes in the overall performance and productivity are common results when a team building philosophy is initiated within an organization. Games, challenges, weekend retreats and other team building events are all a great investment in the overall health and success of a corporation or organization. Team building simply works.Two of the biggest misconceptions about executive team building activities is that they have to cost a lot of money and need to be done in a remote, exotic location. Team building is more than just over the top "Survivor" type games. Team building is, in essence, activities that are used to strengthen and improving team performance. To do this, several different types of games, challenges and events are used to build skills including communications, leadership, problem solving and creativity. Rather than being done in some tropical jungle, or mountain hideaway, team building activities can be easily done during company wide conferences.Either as simple icebreakers, conference long challenges, or breaks between speakers, conference team building - most notably known as energizers - help to bring together then entire audience rather than individuals who are waiting for the time to go. These team building activities do not have to cost much, but can be very effective.

Executive Team Building Activities to Energize Conferences and Build Stronger Organizations through Music

1. Boomwhacker Energiser - This simple, 10 minute team building challenge is full of fun, sound and laughter. Boomwhackers are a favourite with organisers as they are so easy, highly visual, and create a wonderful sound but aren’t too loud and the way we use them lends itself perfectly for team work metaphors that incorporate the organization's overall goal. With this simple instrument teams can make music while becoming a highly tuned orchestra.2. Drumming Workshop - Another quick energiser for your conference involves a lot of drumming and 45 minutes of all out fun. One of the benefits of using Drumming as an activity with emerging leaders on leadership events is that within the format, there are many interactive sections where selected members of the group will have the opportunity to lead the group.This is a perfect activity as there are no barriers to overcome. You simply work within a team to produce a cool beat, have fun and compete in a musical symphony.3. Clap Happy - Another favorite among team building activities is this simple, 10 minute, conference energiser that uses no other equipment except for hands and feet. In a very short span of time, facilitators of this activity can completely harness the energy in a room and release it in a fun, engaging and musical way. Clapping and stomping out a musical beat quickly engages everyone in the room for a great way to improve leaders, listening skills and creativity.As you can see, there are team building activities that can quickly transform a company conference into a fun, engaging and energetic time. With little in the way of extra expense, or specialized equipment, these musical energisers can be quickly done, but have long lasting improvements.

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