A quick look at the corporate world today and it is quickly apparent that the age old philosophies do not work any longer. New innovation requires a new way of looking at the interior structure of the workplace. For this reason, team building activities have become a very popular way to build individual skills which directly attribute to overall company success.Perhaps the largest benefit to team building activities is that they can be tailored to your organization's needs and timetable. Team building is the process by which individuals can come together as a team that works together, using various skills, in order to meet the corporate goals. They do this through working on skills like communications, leadership, and problem solving. Team building activities that are focused on these skills can be done at any time.

Team Building Activities At Any Time

Many who hear about team building activities believe that they have to be these energetic outdoor games, or multi-day activities that require a lot of time and money. However, there are many different team building games that can be done in an hour, indoors, or even in a company lunchroom.This type of activity gives the corporation a great deal of flexibility when it comes to incorporating team building as to its return on investment. Here are 3 great team building activities that can be done anytime to help build up individual and team skills.The Big Picture - A team building activity that can be done with few, easy to find, resources, the Big Picture is also a great metaphor for working together towards larger goals. Working in teams, each team has to paint a different section of a big picture painting, which when put together will reveal the big picture.The Balloon Identity - Who doesn't like making balloon models? This highly creative energizer allows teams to flex their creative muscle with balloons! Teams could recreate famous paintings, balloon sculptures of famous landmarks, balloon hats, film icons, table centres and a whole host of creative options. Once all of these are completed, judging takes place as balloons are identified.Dancing Team - Another very powerful, but short duration, team building activity is called Dancing Team. In this easy to do anywhere activity, your teams come up with a dance routine to different songs and then perform them. This is a great leveler and it relies on individuals willing to learn something new, while working in a team supporting and encouraging each other.As you can see team building activities do not need to be large events that require a lot of time and money. You can do these with just a few hours of time and very few resources, if any. Give your organization a competitive edge by incorporating a team building philosophy into your corporate life. You'll see immediate results.

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