Read how our corporate event ideas can enhance your next event. An event such as a dinner, retreat, or special holiday celebration can be meaningful, as well as productive times. During these events, however, there is some apprehension and tension within the attendees. This is typically attributed to stretching comfort zones and meeting new people. Incorporating special times of team building, fun, and engagement within the corporate event can bring some life to the event, was well as helping others unwind and de-stress.As you take a look at the entire event, whether it is a dinner, rewards presentation or Christmas party, there are special moments where fun and engaging "games" and some terrific corporate event ideas, that can be used to break down barriers and pave the way for a much livelier time. During these times people get to know others and form stronger relationships. A large corporation can start to feel smaller as there is more familiarity among the employees and volunteers.DSC_6004

Start Corporate Event with Icebreakers

The beginning of a corporate event can be nerve wracking for anyone who is not use to large crowds. This is true of any corporation that has large functions and have 100 to 500 attendees all in one place. The beginning of the event is a perfect time to start with some easy, but fun, icebreaker type games. Games that are fashioned after popular game shows will draw more engagement as people are more familiar with the concepts.

Use Mid-Event Entertainment for Change of Pace

A corporate event is more than just a time to dress up or eat fancy foods. These times should be memorable moments where the attendees are able to take memories, shared experiences and valuable lessons with them. That does not mean that the dinner has to be team building event. However, some simple mid-event entertainment can instill simple concepts while having fun.Game shows are always a great way to provide a fun change of pace that have both a participant and spectator characteristic. While not everyone is actually a part of the "game show" they are a part of the experience. Games like Team Millionaire and Company Fortunes are fun, lively, and have a "thinking" aspect to them that pulls audience and participant into the thrill of answering the question correctly.DSC_5670

After Dinner Games

Leaving a corporate event on a high note is something that is highly beneficial for everyone involved. Not only do people leave the event satisfied, they will be willing to attend more in the future. Simple games like the Casino Tables can be done after each course in the meal or at the end of a dinner. These games are fun little races that involve eating jello with chopsticks, spinning plates and other crazy, but fun, races. A great way to laugh and unwind after a dinner or conference that does not have to involve everyone.During a major corporate event, there are specific times in which the organisation can use games, entertainment and a bit of craziness so attendees leave feeling more comfortable with the people they work with, stronger relational skills and great appreciation for the organisation as a whole.If you are looking for corporate event ideas, then why not browse our website or give our friendly team a call on 0800 083 1172 for further details.

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