There is no question that team building is a very powerful tool that a company can use to help them continue to grow and innovate even in the worst economic climates. As great as the philosophy of team building is, there are companies that have a hard time implementing it. The most limiting factor to the success of many team building efforts on the part of companies today is not whether they should focus on outdoor or indoor team building activities, but rather understanding which is the best approach for your personnel. Every company is different in terms of the actual people that work for them, but very similar in the diversity of people working for them. What this means is that an office, warehouse, volunteer staff, medical department, or retail shop can have a wide mix of ages, races, lifestyles, and interests. Not everyone likes to play high impact sporting events, for example, nor does everyone like eating worms or rappelling down a 50 foot tower (some of the more "extreme" and unrealistic team building ideas). Any company that is incorporating team building for improving many of the valued skills needed in the business world today must take into account the specific people who will be participating.
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Indoor Team Building Activities People Will Like

Outdoor team events can be fun and do have a place within the team building philosophy. However, working with a 70/30 split between both indoor team building activities and those done outside can give your overall efforts a blueprint for success. Team building activities that are done inside are just as creative as those outside, but they tend to be remembered more, skills improve faster, and people are more involved. The reason is that these indoor team building activities are liked more by everyone as they do not feel threatened by the larger outdoor events. Indoor activities are just as fun and informal as their outdoor brethren, and can be tailored to a high degree for a company's overall needs. Issues such as communication breakdowns, inefficient problem solving, failure in leadership, and stalled creativity can all be easily worked on through several different indoor team building activities. Here are a few examples of some powerful events that everyone will love. The Big Picture This indoor event is one that Accolade Corporate Events has received a lot of great feedback on. The premise of the Big Picture event is that individual teams work to complete a separate portion of a bigger painting. After all are completed, the teams bring together their portions to create the Big Picture. This great metaphor for how all the teams work together towards one common goal is highly encouraging to everyone especially when the grand unveiling of the Big Picture is done. Drumming Workshops Another favoured team building event is one where drumming brings people together in cooperation and trust. As each member learns to play the drums they come together to play their part in an overall drumming event. This event is loved by all because everyone loves the drums, but more than that they can laugh and have fun while learning. Junk Funk Another musical event rounds out our little list of powerful game ideas for indoor team building activities. The Junk Funk music event offers an exciting opportunity to engage all of your team at the same time, to build momentum and leave them on an infectious high like you haven't seen before. Through the use of "junk," teams members can come together to create music with old brooms, dustpans, garbage bins, and other miscellaneous items. It's like the symphony -- only different. Indoor team building activities are those moments in the life of a company that are remembered and talked about for a long time to come. In fact, many times these teams continue to re-live the moments through spur of the moment music events or drawing. Give your company the tools for success today by incorporating these wonderful indoor events.
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