Basing team building events London means that your team get to see some of London’s famous landmarks whilst improving upon vital business skills needed in any company.

We can host virtually any of our portfolio of indoor or outdoor team building events in London, but some of our favourite treasure hunt activities really do the city justice and allow London to be the perfect backdrop to a challenging and rewarding experience.

Team building events London is the perfect location

Here are our favourite three team building events in London for seeing the sights:

London Funopoly

This is a wonderful way to see the city, work as a team and have a lot of fun at the same time! Based on the classic board game Monopoly, this team building event in London will have your team visit some of the most recognisable streets in the world whilst trying to build up their stash of fun cash before the bank or their competitors take it from them.


Walk the streets of Westminster, see some of the capitals top secret locations and unleash the spy potential in your teams by having them participate in this MI4 inspired team building event in London.  Armed with all the gadgets they’ll need to complete this challenge, Spooks will showcase their organisational, communication and problem solving skills.

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