Finally the waiting is over.  Britain has a new heir to the throne and the new Prince has arrived safely into the world.  Both Kate and baby are said to be doing well and they expected to be allowed home from the hospital today and the world will hopefully get its first glimpse of the youngster. Whilst we now know the weight (8lb 6oz) and sex of the future monarch, we are still to find out the boy’s name.  Whether this is because Wills and Kate are simply teasing with us and making everybody wait for the announcement, or the fact that they are still stewing over which moniker is best befitting a King and waiting for the royal seal of approval from Her Majesty. Getting a name right is paramount for any child.  One has to ensure that it works well with the surname, the initials don’t spell out something bizarre and random that will haunt the child forever, and that hopefully all the extended family will come to love.  However, when your child is the future King of England it is even more important to choose the right name, to almost brand it into the royal family. King’s names tend to be very solid, traditional names that are steeped in history.  Will the new Prince take on a previous King’s name or will Wills and Kate come up with something new and more modern for their first born? James and George are currently the bookie’s favourites, which would make the Prince become James VIII or George VII when he takes the throne.   Other favourites include Henry, Arthur, Louis and Alexander. It is unlikely that the couple will choose a more fashionable name such as ‘Tyler’, much to the delight ex-Apprentice candidate Katie Hopkins, but you could imagine that at least one of the boy’s names might be something less regal and formal, a reflection on the modern couple that they are.  They might also opt for a name that is prevalent in Kate’s family history such as Francis. Whatever name the young Prince is bestowed with, the name will almost certainly become one of the top 10 names for boys born later this year and next as throughout history royal names have quickly been adopted by the general public for their own offspring.
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