With all of our Apprentice Corporate Events, we've got a keen eye for reviewing the programme and here's what we thought of this weeks episode... Well would you? Have paid forty pounds for a yeuchy yellow candle that smelled confusingly of lemongrass, green tea and aloe vera, that is? For that’s what Tenacity project leader and Sarah Millican sound/look-alike Katie insisted she’d do. No wonder she’s having to come on board The Apprentice to try and make millions by getting signed up by Lord Sugar lump if that’s how she’s spending her hard-earned cash. And as her for project leader skills… the team in charge of market research reported back the findings that a subtle neutral-coloured candle made of soy was the best route to go down. Right… that’s why Katie opted for yellow and overpowering. Then there was the sniping at poor former hypnotherapist and match-maker Sarah. When the tall willowy blond dared venture her opinion on the pricing of the candles (which she thought was too high), catty Katie told the others down the phone: “Tell Sarah to shut up – she’s making no sense.” Or in other words, how not to make a member of your team mate feel valued. On this note we reckon poor Sarah is probably being bullied by the others back home at the House of Hell. For a start, we’re still trying to work out who her pals are in the series. No-one seemed particularly chummy with her when they all sat in the hot tub drinking champagne and toasting their success we couldn’t help noticing. And that brings us to Summit – the losing team. Run by the pretty porcelain-doll like account Roisin who has a head for figures (she just forgot to put it on this time), they seemed the more organized and go-ahead initially. Not only that but Roisin’s teams’ candles, diffusers and packaging was so much nicer than the gaudy Tenacity’s offering. Decisions on product and branding were made smoothly and, unlike Summit, with hardly any squabbling. A professional approach that we here at Accolade Corporate Events applaud. We were also very impressed at Roisin’s project leader skills. It’s just a shame she had to put up with wide-boy and motor mouth James on her team. For, despite being told not to sell the products at less than £8 (and only then when desperate) the bold James went ahead and sold ‘two for a tenner’ at one point and just went his merry way, forgetting there was a pricing policy to begin with. Someone who needs reined in a bit maybe? Last week the person we wanted to punch most on the series was arrogant sergeant major jock Scott. This week it’s James. Does the boy never shut-up? He seems to have a reflex action that whenever Lord Sugar talks he can’t help replying, even when it’s to tell him to “shut up.” The latest episode provided a real turn up for the books though – a piece of genuine honesty. Swimming coach Lindsay (who admittedly was rubbish throughout the task), admitted she wasn’t cut out for the career that the rest of her back-biting, knife-wielding housemates seem to covet so much. So she more or less fired herself. Finally, last night’s loser was multi-tasking small business owner Nurun. Actually we saw that one coming a mile away. Last week’s task proved she just didn’t cut it when it came to the main thrust of the programme – telling the others where to get off. Meanwhile, you can boost your own company’s team building skills by taking part in one of our popular Team Apprentice Events. Check out our website or call for more details call 0800 083 1172.
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