Summit Take Their First Win - As Three Taxis Are Called For Tenacity We just loved the shock ending in the Apprentice last night. That's the part where Lord Sugar Lump (LSL) fired not one, not two, but ALL THREE of the 'naughty apprentices' brought back into the room to get a dressing down. And we must say we weren't sorry to see any of them go. Well, maybe Sarah because we feel the other girls had been picking on her in recent weeks (due, they claim, to Sarah's sales 'technique' of wearing high heels and short skirts). Even LSL asked her last night why no-one ever listened to her. No-one ever listened to Steven either. But that's because the US evictee took so long to get to the point that everyone ran out of patience and found it easier just to ignore him. Or, as Ella Jade described her team member's style: "rambling, theatrical and over the top." So that was Steven told. Ella Jade meanwhile, the third apprentice to go, definitely had an over-bearing manner. Also bit too posh for her own good, LSL hinted, adding that she was someone he suspected that had never done a day's work outside the family business. But getting to the team work (our favourite part), we thought Summit performed brilliantly as a group last night. And the credit for that goes to team leader and digital marketing guru Solomon. He managed to both enthuse and motivate the bunch to the extent that they actually looked as if they were enjoying the challenge. In fact there were lots of (team) laughs when it came to creating their cookery video Dare to Dine. Loudmouth James played off Rhiannon as the clown in a skit which involved flying rubber chickens and face flannelling (the cake not the cloth variety). And that was all very well - had it been aimed at 8 to 10 year-olds rather than 18 to 30-year-olds - explained executives from digital entertainment channel Buzzfeed. The professionals then took the smile of the team's collective faces when they refused to show Dare to Dine. Tenancity too were knocked back by the digital experts who found their fitness video Fat Daddy Fitness Hell a tad cruel. This was despite being reassured by Steven during his pitch that they'd find it so funny they would "rolling around on the floor." Hmm... the only thing rolling around on the floor was an imaginary tumbleweed or two. Meanwhile,  poor Columbian lawyer Felipe was given the starring role of Fat Daddy and we reckon probably lost around half a stone over two days in the making of the video. Still at least he got to sleep in the house another night - in fact we bet he went out like a light the minute his head hit the pillow thanks to all that running through fields that he had to do. Unfortunately for Felipe he's now going to be known as Fat Dad for the rest of his life - unless, of course, he wins The Apprentice and in which case he'll simply be known as 'Millionaire Dad.' Fancy getting staff from your company to take part in your own Apprentice Show? Then why not give us a call here at Accolade Corporate Events? We'd be happy to chat over our Apprentice team building event or you could take a look at our website here.  
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