Leadership activities are great for uncovering a wealth of hidden talent in your team, as well as helping teams to galvanise and increase confidence and motivation in individuals.

Team building events that have leadership activities included are challenging and testing, but are conducted in a fun and informal manner so that nobody feels any pressure or anxiety.

When compiling your teams to attend a team building event, it is often best to mix up the team so different management levels are represented.  It is an opportunity for those who usually lead to sit back and allow others to take the reigns (while working on their own listening skills) and show what they can achieve.

Leadership activities rely on vital workplace skills such as communication, time management, decision making, and the ability to bring the whole team together to pull in the same direction.

Someone with good leadership skills will inspire and spur on their team, whilst showing themselves to be a good example of how to conduct themselves in business. They inspire trust and confidence, which means that people will enjoy working with them and want to succeed for them.

Team building events that are problem solving based are the best for leadership activities.  They allow people to delegate roles within the event, but to accept overall responsibility for the completion of the task.   Becoming the project manager in one of our Team Apprentice team building events means that you need to oversee all aspects of the task.

Leadership activities are designed to bring out the very best in your team and encourage them to build on what they have learnt when back in the workplace.

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